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Karla Estrada's lowkey victim blaming on Xyriel Manabat irks Netizens

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"Netizens react to Karla Estrada's view that girls should be responsible for what they post and not initiate anything in  an interview with Xyriel Manabat."

Did Karla Estrada just made a whoopsie towards their guest former child star Xyriel Manabat during an episode of Magandang Buhay?

So who's gonna tell her? Parang sinampal ni Karla si Xyriel sa show na ito. Kainis.  

Anong initiate? Xyriel literally wasn't doing anything to "initiate" - she literally just posed in front of the camera and posted her pictures! Stop victim blaming. Anak ng Teteng naman oh!

Why is she saying something like, Xyriel was not responsible enough about her posted picture? NOTHING WAS SEXUAL ABOUT IT. Call out the ones who sexualized the photos of the MINOR instead.

First of, 'di naman nakaka-"oh, ano?" yung suot ni Xyriel—actually, that's not an issue, Miss Karla. The issue is how you view the photo. You keep on saying that there are a lot of bastos na lalaki, but I feel like you have a dirty mind as well. Lowkey victim blaming?

Xyriel was not wearing provocative clothes on her photos. Walang ginawa yung bata but the pervs still sexualized her and karla thought that it was still about that? Bakit parang kasalanan pa ni Xy? Why did she talk like it’s women’s responsibility pa instead of calling out men? 

The fact that she’s speaking with a 14 year old girl who was unfairly sexualized by grown men and she’s talking about women needing to be more responsible....No, men need to learn about consent and respect towards women. This mindset is so toxic!

If we take a look at Xyriel Manabat's photos, they were all decent looking. So why would she even be responsible for what she was posting. Ano yan mga Momshies? Ano pa gusto niyong gawin niya?!

I know what she meant, but not too many people will agree to it....since it defeats what we've been fighting for, that anybody can choose to wear whatever to express themselves, and that the idea of being lusted upon or sexualized is but a thought from men with the ravings of a maniac.

So sorry for Xyriel forced to nod her head and bow down to age hierarchy so she won't be branded as bastos pero she's a sensible lady who knows her rights. Just because y'all think having big boobs does not look decent on fitted clothing. Unsa? Baggy lang iya iwear to hide her figure?

So Xyriel is being "educated" for not being "responsible" in posting her pictures? WTF? What she was wearing in the pictures doesn't even show her chest out yet a lot of guys commented about it. So it's still Xyriel's fault? It's their choice, bruh!

Again, kahit paulit-ulit, the way we dress will never be a statement of consent. We are not dressing like a slut to be sexualized and molested, you’re just thinking rapist. I feel so sorry for Xyriel.

Grabe, imagine what Xyriel was feeling during the show. She’s led to believe that she is responsible for what OTHER people think about her posts. TEACH people about RESPECT, not bring the victim down for their confidence. 


It becomes a slippery slope especially with the rise of OF. Underaged  girls should not be encouraged to send and post nudes  or other sexual photos and have that be branded as feminism bc of the dangers of exploitation. 

However.... we also need to talk about men who sexualize anything about women. Xyriel’s case, it was just a photo. Nothing sexual, but grown men sexualized her still. Not even caring she’s underaged, it’s fucked up. Like they saw a regular photo and still made such comments.

A lot of young girls who do have larger hips, busts, etc. are being unfairly sexualized regardless of the photo / what they wear. That’s not their fault, and even in the above case it still isn’t their fault.

It’s really fucked up to bring up responsibility considering Xyriel was a victim of being unfairly sexualized. Like she’s blaming her for what happened.

Karla Estrada telling Xyriel Manabat to wear "proper" clothes and to be careful on posting on social media is an example of how ignorant boomers are. I can't even imagine how Xyriel felt at that moment. THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH HER CLOTHES!!! SHE WAS FUCKING WEARING A T-SHIRT!!! 

Xyriel's reaction be like "Yes, keep talking, I dont agree but go on, out of respect."

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