Sunday, September 13, 2020

Chris Evans Accidentally Shares a Dick Pic on Instagram

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"Actor Chris Evans sent social media into a tizzy when he posted an Instagram story that apparently showed an image of a penis from his camera roll." - New York Daily New

I wondered early this morning why Chris Evans is trending? Is it because Cap was the best Avenger? Did he do some awesome charity work? Is the doggo okay?

Apparently every avenger is well endowed, or at least Captain America is.

The picture that is allegedly of Chris Evans' d!ck could be of his brother's. Maybe it's Scott's, maybe it's his (although it would be weird to have d!ck pics of your brother on your phone).

It's probably someone else's dick, he's a Gemini, so he swings both ways by nature, but he'll let people believe it's his because it suits him since he will never admit to like both men and women.

But are we showing you the dick pic? How can a news site report such news without the pic? For all we know this can be fake news to draw views but disappoint the viewers. Like where are the pics? That’s what people want to see. I'm sorry but you just have to use your imagination.

Also stop searching for the pictures at other social media networks. It is very disrespectful and invasion of privacy.

People should not share his leaks its an invasion of his privacy. He took it down for a reason and it's important to be respectful.

But wait, instagram accident? Isn't there a five step process involved in putting a picture up there? I once accidentally almost posted a picture of my icky ass toe on there because my phone slipped. Never came close to happening because it didn't even get to the filter options step.

Half my timeline is a mix of government fascism, the pandemic apocalypse, and celebrities of the showbiz world, while the other half is everyone yelling about Chris Evans’ nudes and honestly this is kind of how I pictured humans going extinct.

Here's the Marvel cast watching Chris Evans’ Instagram story this morning:

Unrealistic, Tom Holland would have been much more excited.

Lizzie showing it to Robbie:

I just know Mackie called Chris exactly like this:

You need this captain:

Great! Are people TRYING to get Chris to deactivate?  Because what’ll happen if this shit doesn’t stop?

People wanted him on Instagram and now people are making fun of him. What else would someone with anxiety do but deactivate? It’s breaking my heart.

They have ZERO respect and think it's all a big joke. Yet if a woman accidentally leaked her privates and men came flocking to make all these edits, memes, and jokes they would all be canceled because *gasp* men. I hate it here.

These double standards are nasty. I’m tired of people thinking they’re entitled to see the private photo of him that he didn’t not give consent to anybody seeing, even if it was posted. Because it was an accident and removed right away.

Chris Evans may have accidentally leaked his dick pic but he also accidentally leaked a picture of himself that says GUARD THAT PUSSY solidifying his #1 Chris spot for life.

Seriously, there's an ethical difference between stolen images and dumbass accidental posts.  If he put it out there himself it's not an invasion of privacy, if anything it was him flashing the world.  If he's embarassed by it and is asking people to please not look then it would be polite to comply with his wishes but still not strictly unethical to sneak a peak.  If he had been hacked and someone else put them out there against his will it would be a very different matter.

Chris Evans has done so many wonderful and kind things for our community. Today he mistakenly posted a personal image for a brief moment before taking it down. Chris has struggled with depression and panic attacks. Please respect him and his family delete that photo. 

You know Chris Evans is a goat when Twitter is showing him so much love after what he accidentally showed on his IG Story. Chris evans is trending with noone hating because he's the sweetest person on Earth.

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