Monday, September 14, 2020

WTF is the IATF thinking? STFU and let experts lead

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Decreasing the physical distancing in public transport? Ohmygad IATF, hindi ninyo alam na wala na ngang masyadong social distancing sa public transportation. IATF should conduct studies first before providing guidelines, o IATF officials should try commuting via public transportation for a week para malaman nila!

Rather than  reducing to the WHO standard no less < 1 meter physical distancing , IATF should provide more public transport units while maintaining strict health standards. DOTr should consult DOH and medical experts before implementing a highly flawed & risky measure.

Social distancing is key to control covid virus spread. Keep everyone safe. Let’s base our decisions on science and medicine. Let us not advocate the new IATF and DOTr guidelines in public transport. It’s definitely counterintuitive to our basic plan of action.

What’s happening? High cases lately and then the sudden relaxed IATF and DOTR guidelines on physical distancing on public transport. We can’t be confused in our plan of action. We need clarity of thoughts!

"Nakabase ba siya sa siyensiya?"

Vice Pres. Robredo also questions the government's decision to reduce the required distance among passengers in public transport starting September 14.

Authorities, however, have said that such was made with the backing of medical experts within the IATF. Transportation Usec. Artemio Tuazon defends IATF policy and says the measure is supported by studies abroad.

It just doesn’t make sense, does it? Parang hairbrain idea nang barrier sa motor.

Decreasing distances between passengers but not allowing more jeepneys back on the road.

We can increase capacity without compromising safety by allowing more public transport. But government needs to subsidize otherwise they operate at a loss.

They probably just wanted to generate more money for MRT operations at the expense of violating the WHO recommended social distancing. Ano ba kasi qualification ng mga IATF na to?

The IATF also confirmed that staycation is allowed if the hotel is near your area.

So halimbawa you're from Valenzuela, pwede ka mag "staycation" pero sa hotel lang din sa Valenzuela??? What????"

Alam na ninyo ibig sabihin ng the best & the brightest sa Duterte administration.

Dear IATF, for as long as you insist on doing things your way and not including the medical associations and scientists in your consultations, blunders will keep happening. Bakit nga ba parang ayaw ninyo sila konsultahin?

Para more utang? More pera?! More Kurakot?! They wont let outsiders para walang kulong?. Look at what happened to Doc Tony Leachon.

I swear IATF's stubbornness and blatant disregard of science & transport planning have been the major cause of our economic collapse. Nakakapagod silang intindihin.

Baka it's time for all doctors, scientists and epidemiologists to speak up again. IATF only decides based on what’s good for business. If you guys don’t speak up now, kayo rin ang maaapekto kapag mag surge uli ang mga kaso.

Let's also do a petition to have IATF officials take public transportation for 30 straight days and maintain 0.3 meter distance from the next person.

Former Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) Adviser Dr. Tony Leachon said that President Rodrigo Duterte should consider hiring a data analyst czar after the Department of Health (DOH) released figures of COVID-19 recoveries which later turned out to be deaths.

Thus, also make Duque resign and let the actual doctors and scientists take over IATF to make evidence based policies.

We all want to perk up our economy -but not this way. DOTr and the IATF should reconsider new guidelines before we all experience a mighty surge of new cases in NCR. Let’s propagate guidelines based on sound scientific evidences.

Our economy will continue to fall when there will be a constant surge of infected. IATF keeps blatantly deciding without the support of Science and Strong Health Protocols + manor consultations from our health workers. Kung may tama man silang nagawa, nabibilang lang sa sampu kong mga daliri sa kamay.

A poll is going on now at PH Coronavirus Updates. Over 90% of respondents (currently over 4K and counting) think that reducing the distance between passengers  in public transport increases the risk of contracting COVID-19. Mas alam pa ng mga tao kaysa sa IATF.

Never mind also that in proportion to the OVP, the national government and the OP has trillions and billions, respectively, with emergency powers to boot, and all that personnel at its disposal.

But yeah, I am comparing. Wouldn't you?

It's the VP managing the OVP vs. the President presiding over the IATF meetings every Monday...or whenever they feel like it.

New physical distancing measures of IATF and DOTr - we understand economic needs to increase public transport to support workers. But it should be based on SCIENCE, DOABILITY, and lastly UNIVERSALITY of application that would oppose existing principles.

I don't understand. DOTrPH made everything even worse when the return to work started. They left our workers even more exposed to the virus on the road because of lack of transportation. and now this!!

I think we need to challenge the status quo. Though we need to help IATF, their policies should be holistically challenged and reviewed with stakeholders.

We need extra space of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual space in dealing with, not only with the virus but with this government also.

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