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What Are The Chances of Success of IVF in The First Attempt?

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When a patient plans to undergo an IVF treatment procedure, he or she should be sure of one thing; that there is nothing fixed for an IVF treatment.

You have to mould yourself as per the
situations, and the response of your body towards the treatment.

You shall end your expectations and improve your patience when you are preparing for an IVF procedure.

It is not that you cannot conceive in the first round of IVF cycle, but it is equally valid that the first cycle may fail.
So, never think about:

● The number of IVF cycles, and
● IVF Procedure Cost.

It is because the cost automatically increases, with the number of cycles. Thinking more about such things can only create stress which is not at all advisable during IVF treatment.

Relation in the First IVF Cycle and Result:
Different researches and data show different conclusions for IVF treatment.

Some reveal that the success of IVF is higher after the five cycles. While some others say, you get the results within the first three cycles.

Some reports connect the data of achieving results within the first IVF cycle with age. It says:

● Over 70% of the couple who undergo the IVF treatment before the age of 35 years
avail the success in the first cycle
● Now, couples who proceed with the treatment between the age of 35 to 40 years have
40% chances to get the results in the first IVF cycle
● For those who delay in the treatment, and plan for it after the age of 40 years, have
only 25% of chances to receive the good news by the end of the first cycle.

Well, there is no denying the fact that there is a significant relation between IVF treatment results and the age of the couple.

At the same time, we cannot say that only age is the factor that determines the success of the treatment. Several other factors need to be considered for the treatment results.

Some of the most common reasons that alter the results of an IVF treatment includes:

● The cause of infertility in the couple
● Who is sterile, the male or the female partner
● Experience of the doctor in dealing with the condition of the patient
● Procedure planned for the treatment
● Proper analysis of the condition of the patient, and deciding on the treatment plan

So, we can say there is no guarantee to get the results in the first cycle. The assurance can only be of getting the results.

You might avail the results in the very first attempt or might go for multiple cycles with the heartbreaking outcome every time.

You need to be strong to accept the result, and further proceed with the treatment.

In a Nutshell:
You can get a recommendation of IVF from the doctor, and he can also make an IVF 
Treatment Package for the first cycle, but he can never guarantee the number of cycles.

No doctor or surgeon, irrespective of their experience and expertise can answer the same. So, live with the fact before you decide to undergo an IVF treatment.

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