Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Classes to remain suspended until Covid-19 vaccine

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“Para sa akin, bakuna muna.”

In a public address aired late Monday night, May 25, President Rodrigo Duterte says classes will remain suspended until a vaccine against COVID-19 is made available. #COVID19PH

Are you in favor of postponing the resumption of school year until a vaccine has been developed?

The president or the government must based any of their pronouncement on science and facts. To make a pronouncement  like that without a basis is not the kind of leadership we expect.  My question is how the government doing with test and tracing program? Do they have a reliable figure? If the current figures are correct and reliable then I believed there's a lot of provinces that now can go back to normal as long as they have risk assessment done to control the social distancing as so many provinces still have no or very minimal infections.

A year of not going to school will not hurt the children. There are alot of means to learn from home. Health and safety first for the kids because they are more vulnerable from this virus. Education is for all, not for those who are privileged! DepEd should consider those students in public who don't have laptops/mobile phones and access to the internet connection.

Hindi titigil ang pag aaral kung hindi man pumasok sa school pero ang buhay, iisa lang yan. Kapag online schooling ok sa akin as parent, pero pag physical schooling a big NO. sorry. I cannot put the life of my kid at risk. A year of skipping school is not a big deal.

Walang pumipigil sa online schooling. Pwede naman yan. Pero ang accreditation nyan ang problema kung hindi iaaprub ni Tatay Digong ang SY 2020-2021. Pwede nman online tutorials, homeschooling, or any means na walang physical appearance o contact para naman may pagkaabalahan mga bata. Pero yung formal school year wag na muna.

Online schooling or nothing, a year of absence from school will not hurt the future of my children, but covid can, even worse.

From the President's speech, it’s clear na he’s pertaining to face to face class as impossible without the vaccine BUT the DepEd has already presented the setting which most to all of the schools will be different modalities such ad blended learning or online learning.

We can ensure safety to our students but we also need to assure knowledge and education amidst this pandemic. Sayang ang matuto, hindi lang naman sa apt na sulok ng classroom matatagpuan ang pagkatuto.

Pero para fair sa lahat mahirap man o mayaman, i-postpone ang klase ng buong school year, kasi kawawa naman ang mga batang maleleft behind. But we cannot stop those who have the means to acquire online schooling. Kung ako walang capability na magpaaral online, tigil anak ko. Pero Hindi ko pilitin na yung iba din patigilin kahit may means sila. Selfish naman yun.

DepED is in the process of  developing the learning continuity plan.  It is a contingency plan for the delivery while the pandemic is still there. There are modalities planned such as online teaching,  homeschooling,  distance learning,  face to face or blended learning. training cost for developing for these plans too high, it seems the DepEd is always caught unprepared for this kind of situations, meetings and conferences everywhere yet they they still produce the highest percentage of can hardly read and right after finishing elem. or even secondary compared to other countries.

With the way how the evolution of people and its learning technology right now, schools is getting obsolete.

For us to understand and realize that the world had to change its way of evolving, to be able to respond and protect human challenge dealing to modern technology as well as the importance of saving the planet Earth. We have witnessed the reduction of carbon emissions damaging the ozone layer. We have learned saving the lives of others and preserving family values. See the positive impact not the negative results of Covid19. Everything happened for a reason.

There were positive changes for the environment, but I think it’s unsympathetic of us to tell people (frontliners and those who lost families and friends to COVID) to “see the positive impact not the negative results of Covid19.”

Never compromise health as to the level of learning to accomplished. Education starts at home and it is where learning can be developed into skill.  To stop in school or university because of force majeure should be understood for a while. The rule prevails, “Prevention is better than Cure.” For safety against COVID 19 is to follow World Health Organization (WHO) scientific instructions  and advice for that is the only way to control the spread of the deadly infectious disease until the arrival of the appropriate vaccine being developed. Remember, all medical scientist are working hard for the vaccine and now on trials  to assess its effectiveness. LEARN TO BE PATIENT.

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