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Top 5 Mobile AppsTo Simplify the Mortgage for Loan Officers

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As a Loan Officer, you often have your work cut out for you. From evaluating and recommending approval of credit loans to advising borrowers on their financial status and the different loan payment methods available to them.

Thankfully with the rise of more e-Commerce platforms, there are Mobile applications that can help make the mortgage process more straightforward for the loan officer and borrower. These mobile apps also make communication and engagement with borrowers much more accessible and automatically documented.

In this article, I have listed out the top 5 mobile apps that can help simplify the mortgage process for loan officers on the go:
  1. Floify
This app is designed for loan originators and mortgage loan officers in mind. Floify is one of the top mobile apps in the industry because of its streamlined and secure process in communication and secure web-based document portal for all mortgage stakeholders. The portal also allows your customers to complete their loan application and sign their consent or agreement electronically. They can also track their application status and receive regular updates in their mail.
Loan officers can use Floify to collect and verify any borrower documentation, including translated documents from top writing service review websites such as Best Writers Online. Stakeholders in each transaction can also track loan progress, communicate with ease so they can close more loans faster. Floify also can be used to keep everyone in the office in the loop, so there is transparency and a smoother turning over of tasks within the organization.
Floify comes with third-party integration such as Slack, Dropbox, Google Drive, DocMagic, DocuSign, Hippo Insurance, Alliance2020, etc. Though there isn't much room for you to customize the app, it has most of the features you would need, so that isn't such a big problem.
        Business Plan: $59 per month
        Team Plan: $225 per month
        Enterprise Plan: Contact the vendor

Available on both Android and iOS

  1. Loanzify
Loanzify is an excellent mortgage app that deals only with home mortgages. This app allows you to customize it to suit your mortgage needs, and provides other features to explore loan options, calculate your future mortgage as it takes you through the whole mortgage process. 
This app is particularly great for calculating monthly mortgage payments accurately. Loanzify walks you through the entire number process using different mortgage calculators, gives you mortgage content that is both educational and interactive, and also gives you instant access to your loan officer. Other features on Loanzify include; Private Mortgage Insurance, HomeOwners Association taxes, Hazard Insurance, and Property Tax components.  
You can also get professional advice and updates from your loan officer via direct messages and quick notifications. There is an interactive Checklist that helps stay on track with the loan, keeps you informed on Mortgage News and trends. You can also scan and upload your loan documents securely to your loan officer.
Loanzify comes with a seven days free trial period.
        Basic: $19.99 per month
        Deluxe: $29.99 per month (Billed Annually or $39.95 monthly)
        Enterprise: $29.99 per month (Inquire for Pricing)
Available on both Android and iOS
  1. My Mortgage: Mobile
 Academy Mortgage designed this mobile app as a tool to simplify the home buying and lending process. Whether you are a potential home buyer, a loan officer or a current homeowner hoping to speed up the process for your clients, this app comes with a ton of features that will make
 your mortgage processing is secure.
This app comes with a loan comparison feature that uses multiple lending scenarios and loan programs to help determine which product is the best for you. It also calculates the possible savings (or cost) of refinancing your mortgage and determines if homeownership is an affordable option for you based on your current income and monthly expenses.
My Mortgage: Mobile gives you the option to scan all your mortgage documents to your mobile device and upload them with ease for a quick loan approval process. You can access your contact information of your Loan Officer and real estate agent and share this information with your family and friends with ease. You can also ask your loan Officer any questions concerning your loan and the approval process.
Pricing: free
Available on iOS
  1.  Key Mortgage Loan Tracker
Key Mortgage Loan Tracker app is designed by Key Mortgage, and it offers mortgage customers an easy way of interfacing with their realtor and loan officer. The app can provide loan information and status, send notification reminders for important dates, set up a chat, provide all the essential details of the loan process. It has a Mobile Capture Technology that enables you to securely upload documents, view, and download them with ease.
Using the app, loan officers and realtors will stay connected to their clients, starting from the initial loan application through closing. The app will also be able to provide immediate loan process updates through their mobile device. Every important detail of the transaction will be available on the go to all parties involved.
Another great benefit of the app is that it alerts the entire team when the closing disclosure is made to the homebuyer. The app also alerts you when you reach crucial benchmarks on a mortgage procedure.
When a potential homebuyer applies for a loan with Key Mortgage, a personalized and secure link to the app is sent to them. The link has all the contact information and communication channels for their entire real estate team. From the transaction of the loan to the closing stage, all parties involved will receive notifications for due dates and benchmark events. These benchmark events include:  
        when the application starts;
        when the order for an appraisal given;
        when it is assigned for underwriting;
        when it has been approved with conditions;
        when it has been given final approval;
        the date for commitment;
        estimated closing date;
        closing disclosure, and;
        the loan funded.
Pricing: free
Available on both Android and iOS
  1. Karl's Mortgage Calculator
This app is a great mortgage app for calculating mortgage payments, principal, interest, and term. You can key in a down payment amount or percentage, and then the calculator works up how much mortgage you require.
It has a simple interface that is user-friendly and shows you the progression for your monthly payment. The progress is based on factors such as the additional monthly or annual loan costs of your Private Mortgage Insurance, HomeOwners Association taxes, and insurance. The calculator gives you a Fixed and Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM) loan with multiple interest rates.
You can pay off your mortgage early with extra payments, with the customized option of a one-off, monthly, or extra annual fees. You also enter multiple additional payment amounts and payment periods, and then the calculator will give you an estimate that you can save on the loan.
The calculator also allows you key in multiple currencies and displays results in the keyed in currency.
Pricing: free
Available on both Android and iOS
Aside from these mobile apps listed, there are a ton of other great mobile apps you can find on Google Play Store or the App store, to help make your job as a mortgage loan officer a lot easier.

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