Tuesday, May 19, 2020

These Furry Cats Are Veggie Lovers Too?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"It appears to be a domestic shorthair variety with what looks like heterochromia. Can be trained to not mess with nearby foliage and is an excellent deterrent for avian invaders that target seedlings."

Describing a cat as a threat to our seedlings is a struggle between being both pets and plant lovers. When I caught my cats eating my seedlings, I was torn between screaming at the furries or repositioning my plants at places where they can't reach them. But we all know our cats are so agile that they can reach every corner of everything around us.

Last time they were pooping on the pots, now the plants are part of their diet?

When I was already successful in keeping them from pooping, they now consume the plants as food?

"I just talk to my cat. If it’s not your cat, barriers and a distraction (sandy area where they can go) works. Nothing sharp. When you see them approach, hiss at them."

Well, talking to them dies not work. I even tried to scare them with a broom but they still continued to poop.

Sticks poking out of the ground, coffee grounds, soap and water, grounded egg shells, spraying vinegar, etc. I tried them all just to discourage them to poop. I don't think cat poop is fertilizer so I always clean up after them.

When they finally left my seedlings alone, they are now eating the plants!!!

"Cats are highly intelligent beings. You can train them by providing other place to poop like a cat litter. Then train them. Kami kasi, we have a specific place sa garden na dun lang sila nagpopoop as I trained their parents (then sila na nagtrain sa mga anak nila. Then we sprinkling it with vigormin para hindi mangamoy."

Unfortunately, our cats are not that malambing. They only approach is during meal time when they smell food we cooked, and that is the only time they become sweet.

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