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A Tourist’s Quick Guide to Surviving Philippine Travel

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Visiting a new region for the first time is one of the most fun and exciting experiences a traveler can have. People who enjoy seeing the world live for the sights, sounds, smells, culture, and overall atmosphere of a new place. With that being said, it is also important to know exactly what you can expect from a vacation to one of these unfamiliar territories as well, as laws, customs, and guidelines can vary greatly even from one local destination to the other.

So for those who are getting ready to embark on their first trip to the Philippines (or even if it is your home away from home) here are a few must-know tips to make sure you get the most enjoyment possible out of your experience:

Research and Obtain Proper Travel Documentation

While this is true of any getaway you might be taking to a foreign destination, it is especially important when visiting the Philippines or any other country in Southeast Asia. The reason is because the paperwork and documentation requirements change very frequently and what was necessary to have six months ago may no longer be required, or something that wasn’t needed previously may now be non-negotiable.

Try to Adjust to the Time Difference Beforehand

This is crucial to enjoying as much of your trip as possible, especially the first few days. This flight can be as long as 19 hours from certain parts of North America, and it can wreak havoc on a person’s body in the form of jet lag or a lingering travel hangover. If you have the luxury of lounging around for a few days before your plane leaves, try to get on local time so when you actually get there the shock to your system will be greatly diminished.

Pack Accordingly

This includes making sure you have plenty of travel toiletries and stomach medicines. While it isn’t uncommon for people to experience intestinal discomfort from eating bad food, often times the food is just fine and it’s the tourists who simply aren’t accustomed to exotic foods and spices. Either way, you will want to make sure you have plenty of the main medicines covered such as Pepto, Imodium, and Tums.

Additionally, make sure you bring the proper clothing. Many areas in this region are very conservative, especially the religious locations where temples, mosques, and churches are located. Make sure you have attire that covers the shoulders and knees when visiting these places.

Purchase Travel Insurance

This is one mistake a lot of first-time travelers make. But the fact is that medical care and hospitals aren’t around every corner like they may be in other places. If you have an issue in a jungle or remote area, you could be facing a several hundred-mile airlift to a medical facility. You aren’t simply swiping your credit card for that bill.

Plan a Diverse Itinerary

Make sure you give yourself the opportunity to really soak up and enjoy all that this unique location has to offer. Get around to the different regions in the area. Some people end up focusing all their attention on one type of attraction and end up missing out on a variety of wonderful experiences. Make sure that you get a little taste of everything this beautiful country has to offer.

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