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How To Do Curl With a Straightener?

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The hair of a woman most times is defined as her crowing glory. It comes in different colours, lengths and thickness. It also comes in different textures. Hair is so versatile as it can be changed into different styles and different ways. You can choose to cut your hair into a short bob, a pixie cut or just even a buzz cut. These styles though simple to achieve can be more tasking to maintain. For a short bob or pixie cut or a buzz cut, you would have to maintain a constant timetable for trims so as to keep your hair in proper style.

For longer hair, it is more versatile and the options available to you are endless. If you have naturally curly hair, with the use of a spray bottle filed with a mixture of water and leave-in conditioner, you can get your curls popping. All you need do is part your hair into sections and spray each section with the mixture. Or you could just spray the whole hair, use a wide tooth comb and get your curls out. See ghd platinum hair straightener.

For straight hair, it is a bit more difficult. Most people complain that straight hair is boring. Your hair styles are kind of limited to just packing it at the nape of your neck or parting it down the middle or side and placing behind your ears. After a while you would want to up your hair style game and one of such ways is to get yourself some curls.

So, most people have straighteners at home but most times no curler. Do not fret as you can use your straightener as a curler and get some hot curls or waves on your head. Here is a step by step process by which you can get some curls with a straightener.

Wash your hair.

The first step in the process is to have clean hair. Using different products on your hair can cause a build-up which would make your hair heavy. So, use a good shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair first.

Clean and dry your hair.

After washing your hair, use a nice fibre towel to clean your hair. Using a towel helps get most of the moisture out of your hair. Using a good fibre towel is also mild on your strands and would not cause them to break. You can also go further by using a good hair dryer to get your hair completely dry. Using heat on your hair isn’t the most advisable but you can use mild heat. Use of high heat on your hair would cause excessive dryness and breakage.

Have a straightener.

The best kind of straightener is one with a thin flat iron. This way your grip is easier and your can straighten you hair with it but most importantly, you can curl with it. The reason is a thin flat iron would be easier to twist around to achieve your desired curls.

Apply a good heat protectant on your dry hair.

This is crucial. You know your straightener uses heat to get your hair straightened. So, like we said earlier, heat hurts your strands. If your use too much heat on your hair, you would most likely suffer from hair breakage. Negative effect of heat is not only hair breakage but also loss of moisture which in turn leads to dry, flaky hair. Use a heat protectant before you use your straightener. A heat protectant can be sprayed or rubbed on the hair. Apply it all over your hair.

Divide your hair into sections.

After applying your heat protectant, divide your hair into sections to make it easier to curl. It is best to divide your hair into four parts. Use rubber hair clips to hold your hair in place in the four parts.

While following this process, make sure your straightener is turn on to maximum heat or it is heated up.

Once you have parted your hair into four parts, take a small section of the parted hair. Using your straightener, take a small path of your hair, just as if you want to straighten your hair. Instead, wrap your hair around the straightener. Then slowly drag your hair through the straightener following the wrap round pattern.

Following the wrap round pattern, make sure you twist your hands as you move along, as this further adds to making your hair curl. This twisting of your hands to making your hair curl should be applied to every section of your parted hair.

Another easier way to get some curls is using a 2 in 1 curl and straightener. Now, this kind of straightener is designed to be a curler also. It’s shape is round instead of flat. This way it is easier to wrap your hair around it. It is designed to straighten your hair and curl it at the same time.

You can also use your straightener to make some waves on your hair. Taking a small part of your hair, you flick and twist as you move along the length of your hair. If you do not have a heat protectant, you can easily use a good hair spray. Part your hair into different sections and spray all over, divide it into smaller parts and use your straightener to curl it.

So, you do not have to stick with just boring hair styles anymore. With the use of your hair straightener, you can achieve some nice wavy hair or some loose bouncy curls. Remember the texture of your hair plays a huge role in how your curls will come out. If you have thick hair which is heavy, it is best to use a hair spray to make your hair lighter, make the sections small, and take even smaller sections and straighten.

Follow the steps above, one by one and be on your way to some great hairstyles which will have heads turning as you walk down the road.

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