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6 Best Attires for All the “IT Girls” Out There

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Certain outfits will look out of place if worn elsewhere than they are meant to be worn.

Being an It Girl, you can’t afford to look less than your fab self. That goes for when spending a day at the beach or going out for a formal dinner in the evening.

We have selected a few attires for various occasions, so you may wield your fashionista title proudly for many years to come!

Here’s what to wear when…

Going to the beach

Are you the kind of “It Girl” who loves reading on the beach? Sipping a margarita while a mystery unfolds amongst the pages sounds heavenly. Or, you could be someone who is into the excursion, so you can splash around in the water looking like a water nymph.

Either way, the outfit that we have chosen for your beach visit will be perfect for you. You’ll be ready for the camera without looking overdressed. Moreover, it also seems perfectly glam when attending pool parties. So, root around for a pair of high-waist shorts. Pair it with a bikini top for an Insta-worthy look. Then complete it with a visor and a straw bag. We’d say forego the classic straw hat for a visor because it looks so much sportier and unexpected. Check out other beach essentials here.

Stepping into the workplace

For this look, we have kept in mind two things. Firstly, we wanted to modernize the iconic looks of the classic Audrey Hepburn. Secondly, we wanted an outfit that would be perfect for the fall season. Mixing those concepts led us to an inspired 70s best choice ever! For your fall work outfit, we see you dressed in an equestrian style. That means a light blue midi skirt and a black blouse. Then clinch your waist in a brown belt and slip into chunky knee-high boots.

A Formal Dinner

Even if you count yourself amongst the most confident of dressers, fancy dinners may leave you in a tizzy. Should you wear trousers, or would that be gauche? How about a good skirt? But what if it looked too casual? Where on earth should you look for inspiration? Well, we have your fashionable back in this case as well!

For starters, keep in mind that not every restaurant will have the same rules. So, you may have to dress accordingly. However, you’d already know enough not to go waltzing around in your trainers to most posh establishments. The same rule removes casual sweatshirts and anything that comes with a sports logo or in leather. Avoid wearing jeans and sneakers too, even though some Michelin-star restaurants will allow them.

For the prime attire – and the right spot which isn’t by the door or the bathroom – go for a flowy, silk dress. The satiny material will look like royalty and draw all eyes to you. But let your inner rebel out to play by pairing it with not plain but printed heels. While you arrive at the restaurant dressed in a luxe satin number, you can deck your feet in snake-printed heels or something similarly outrageously modern. This unholy pairing may sound unusual but trust us; it will look great!

Breaking out the sneakers

This look is more about how to pull off wearing sneakers and less about where to flaunt them. Sure, the marriage between dresses and sneakers is an unlikely one. It had to fight its way up slowly to the suitcases of fashion influencers and It Girls. Once it had made itself known there, it ended up on the ramps and graced many fashion shows.

But what is it about the look that attracts so many wearers? For one, it is just so darn comfortable. Secondly, it works great as an alternative to the classic stilettos paired with a dress combo. So, you too can pull off this cool, travel-friendly ensemble. Pick a flowy dress with bold '70s prints on it. We’d recommend going for one that has a vintage shirt collar. For extra comfort and a great fit, pick a dress that also has an elastic drawstring-adjustable waist. Complete your attire with a pair of white Valentino trainers. Our opinion? Opt for ones with chunky rubber soles! Finish with a Custom Leather Jacket.

Girl’s night out

What kind of fashionista would you be if you don’t own a pair of black leggings? You likely have a pair in your wardrobe even now. But you may have stopped wearing them even if you continue to buy them and store them. We understand how sad you must feel when you look at them and fail to come up with new ways to flaunt those black leggings of yours.

Don’t want to risk wearing them anywhere formal? We understand, which is why we have come up with a look for when partying out with your girlfriends. Once you fall in love with your leggings again, you can wear them to other events. So, after trying millions of outfits – as we do when going out with friends – head to the spot where your black leggings currently reside. Put them on and then pull on a nice top over your head. For the complete look, you can add some boots to your outfit. Wear your leggings and do it with pride!

From summer into fall

Fall usually brings to mind cozy outfits that look spectacular too. But it can be sad to say goodbye to the summer trends. Maybe you aren’t ready to do that just yet, though. Why should you stow all your latest purchases until next year just because the season changed?

We get that you may not yet be ready to walk away from summer designs just yet. So, we decided to inject the fall fashion into a very a summery look. Have you been parading around wearing shorts with tights in the hotter months? Take them out – it doesn’t matter whether they are lace, silk, or even denim. Wear them over fleece-lined tights.

Did we miss out an important occasion? Let us know, and we’ll throw together other glam attires for you. In the meantime, keep looking fabulous

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