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How to Gain Positive Results from Contest Marketing?

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Contest marketing is one of the essential marketing channels for online business running companies. We can see lots of contests on social media sites when we surf. To get right results for any business, we need to know the exact direction to start. So today we are going to analyze about how to run flawless contest marketing on online platforms to expand businesses.

1. Choose right design for your contest

As you want to create a powerful contest on online platforms, you need to have perfect design for your business. The fan page image and company logo should look attractive to the audience to get their attention.

When you have high quality images and logo, the trust score of your business will increase to maximum. We are in 2019 and we have lot of choices to get wonderful design for our business. It’s time to apply the right new strategies to your business to get noticed from variety of audience.

Social media is the right place to target your right mobile audience in your niche. So, it is necessary to have great quality fan page to start your contest online.

2. Post valuable articles consistently on your fan page

You have to read your audience mind to create new articles on your niche. Regularly post right and necessary articles on your fan page. When you answer right for the queries of your customers on fan page, it surly helps you to market your contest online.

If you have fan page, business page or company profile page on any platforms like facebook, twitter and instagram, you need to make them perfect by filling relevant content on it. To post content consistently, you need to collect wide range of details for your business. You can often check your competitor’s activities to get new idea to post on your page.

When you consistently post contents on your page, you can get more fans and subscribers. The will become your repeated visitors. So whenever you share your new contest link, you can get super fast response from your fans.

Bonus tip: Remember to add your all contact details on your fan page and business page. It will help to increase the trust score with your audience. Also they can contact you instantly whenever they need your support.

3. Unique Images give great results

Many marketers simply use stock images for their brands. This is not a good idea to follow for your contest marketing. Unique images always get lot of views and it will get more shares too. Are you a fan of stock images? It’s time to switch to use unique images for your content marketing. Stock images are using everywhere. The viewers when repeatedly see the same images on different places and they will think as spam and skip those images. To get good click through rate for your all posts, you need to use unique images.

In this digital marketing world, freelancer designers are available on all the platforms you surf. Few notable platforms are freelancer dot com and fiverr dot com. On these two places you can get images designed newly at very competitive price.

4. Clearly announce your updates

Your every new post should have clear points to tell audience about the service you do or the product you release. Visitors should have clear idea after seeing your new post. Posting timing is very important factor. What country clients you are targeting? Some online businesses have office at other country and they need to target their audience in other countries.

For example, web design companies and social media marketing service providers need to target USA based clients. In this case, you need to post your new update on the right timing while your viewers are active.

Social media applications greatly help to create new contest online. Prepare well before you create any contest. To prepare right, you need to follow right strategies. You can easily find the right strategies you want when you closely watch your competitor’s every move. Only 3 out 10 marketers work smartly before they start contest online. All this study and preparation help the marketers to create a great contest to get more likes, votes and sales for their businesses.

5. Create simple rules for your contestants

Facebook contests are very simple and you can easily filter fake votes using smart applications. Few great examples are wooboox contest and wavo contest. Do you have interest to create very effective contest? If your answer is YES! And you need to set your contest rules to simple.

For a simple online contest, the form filling time should be under 10 minutes. The short time duration improves the interest of contestants. You will get lot of contestants for your contests because you have great simple steps to join for the contest.

From our recent case study, we found that, when a contest has complicated rules and the contestants count comes around 10 to 20 only. This is happy news for contestants but not for contest creators. Contest creators need more traffic to market their product. As a ideal contest creator, it is necessary to create simple rules for contestants.

6. Security against fast votes

If a contest runs online with easy coding and the votes count will go up to 100,000 in 24 hours. Is the contestant a popular celebrity? NO! The smart contestant simply got that much votes using any hack software. Security is very essential for your contests.

Some contestants use voting agencies to get votes fast for their contests. In this case, the contest creator should find the ways to filter the fake fast votes. On the other hand, few votes exchange sites also give support to the contestants to get some real votes. You can see this source is from vapulsemedia voting agency.

Contest marketing is easy when you apply all the right strategies for your contest. You can get numerous benefits when you run a smart contest for your business. All you need is analyze and test before you start contest online. Follow this all the ideas given above and rock your contest to get more traffic for your business.

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