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5 Predictions for Artificial Intelligence in 2020

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AI has been here for a while and the potential of technology has made it achieve a great spot in terms of “Technology of Future”. As scientists and engineers work relentlessly to shape the technology in its best form and resultantly we now have for our products like self-driving cars, Nest, and many more. 

An unmistakable case of this is the Artificial Intelligence upgraded silicon chip which can be embedded into any compact gadget. In this manner, organizations and associations are putting significantly in Artificial Intelligence to quicken the up and coming age of uses. To gain expertise and certification in this AI tool, you can join Intellipaat's Artificial Intelligence course.

Let’s change the frame of reference and dig deeper to find out significant development that the AI realm is definitely going to see in the year 2020.

#1. AI Assistant will Grip Closely with the Enterprises

Artificial intelligence, for now, has associated itself closely with our lives, without even we realize that it’s there. Being it shooting up a query on Google, or shopping for your favorites on Amazon, -AI is there to transform our experience for better and make it more personalized.

Users are getting inclined towards comfortable and conversational interactions. Consequently, giants like Apple, Samsung, Google, Amazon, along with several other ventures are making it big with their product releases.

While 2018 marked a year of consumer voice assistant, 2020 is expected to be a year marking the entry of voice assistant into enterprise processes. Enterprises have begun realizing the importance of conversational technologies and making their best use to upgrade and advance a wide range of day-to-day business operations.

With advancements in the field of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning, AI assistants are expected to grow more efficient. The end of 2020 is expected to witness an era of sophisticated AI assistants who are capable of anticipating our behavior, read facial expressions, and analyze habits.

#2. AI to Create More Jobs than it Eliminates

Downplaying the expected trait of AI to wipe out the jobs, Garter’s research rather claims that more jobs will be created by AI rather than being lost to it. It further emphasizes that AI is expected to take a toll on over 1.8 million jobs by the year 2020. However, it will also pave ways for the creation of 2.3 million new jobs.

For instance, consider a machine operator working in a garment factory. AI can automate some portion of his job, but there will always be some other roles like inventory management, overseeing other workers, or anything else that machines cannot supervise. On the other hand, imagine a factory with its headquarters in the USA and counterpart in Vietnam. While the American unit is more likely to technologically advanced, the other one is not expected to be as sound as the former. Thus, a typical worker’s day would comprise of non-routine tasks that cannot be automated.

Consequently, it is fair enough to say that while many of the non-manual jobs are likely to be lost to AI, it is also more like to generate new scopes. Moreover, repetitive tasks wouldn’t need to be performed by humans, and rather they can invest more time to enhance creative thinking while performing tangible tasks.

#3. AI to Leap Beyond Tech Companies

Well, AI and its capabilities are not just limited to technology. It has a much wider scope. According to McKinsey’s report, AI is expected to generate revenue of more than $10 trillion by the year 2030. Multiple industries are recognizing the potential of AI and leveraging it to bring in big disruptions. Ome of the early adopters, e-commerce and retail, is using AI to deliver customers with a better shopping experience while increasing the engagement rate. Users can now have the preferred items curated under the search results without even having to apply filters manually. Not only this, AI-powered digital assistants are now making their way to help users enjoy continuous customer support at the tip of their fingers.

Some of the other industries being disrupted by AI include:

And many others.

#4. A Move Towards Transparent AI

“Black box problem” really proved to be a hindrance in wider acceptance of AI. The arcane and unfathomable working boggles the mind of innovators.

To exploit AI to its full potential it is very crucial for AI to attain great trust. Users need to know how their data is being extracted and how it is being put to use. How is data utilized to make decisions? Not only this, surveys have concluded that the fear of facing liabilities in the future (in case the technology turns our unethical in future) really hold them back from deploying it is the business processes.

These reasons make it necessary for the AI experts to decode the science behind this black box and to design measures to increase the transparency of AI. The year 2020 will see more emphasis being laid on this very need with giants coming to the rescue. To take the lead, IBM has unleashed the technology developed to enhance the traceablity of the decisions into its AI OpenScale technology. It aims to provide users with real-time insights into what decisions are being taken, how are they being made how is data connected, and a lot more.

#5. Demands for AI Skills to Increase

Just like every technology in its infancy, AI faces the dramatic issue of lack of technical skills that foster out-of-the-box and exception AI application development.

In other words, the AI realm is going through the short supply of manpower in the areas like machine learning.

However, with the democratization of AI expected to pace up in the upcoming years, tech giants, as well as small and medium-sized businesses, will be able to find and recruit talent in Ai very easily. Not only this, 2021 is also expected to witness tech giants like Amazon and Google are expected to have a global investment in expanding their talent pool.

Wrapping Up

AI’s application and use cases are now encompassing wider businesses and becoming a more vital part of our daily lives. As mentioned before, the potential of AI and machine learning is not just limited to certain industries but expands far beyond that. Enterprises are already harnessing the potential of AI to stay ahead of the competition curve. With that, we can really look forward to disruption the technology with more and more innovations coming up.

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