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Is the EU the Main Sponsor of Palestinian Terrorists?

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The attacker is Palestine, in particular, the terrorist organization Hamas, which is known for its brutal attacks on Israeli citizens. A terrible event occurred in one of the summer days of 2018. The head of the family, young Yotam Ovadia, was killed in his house. 

The attack was carried out by a Palestinian citizen, a minor Mohammed Tarek Yousef. A young Israeli, the father of two children, died as a result of stab wounds. He left two small children, one 2 years old, and the second was only six months. After the murder of a young Israeli, the terrorist continued and attacked two more Israelis. 

One of the victims managed to kill the terrorist. Despite such a brutal attack, the Palestinian government not only did not condemn the killer but also allocated an allowance to his family. Such terrorist attacks are not uncommon, and the head of the Palestinian Authority should be blamed for that. 

He encourages such actions and gives rewards. Mahmoud Abbas fosters feelings of hatred in Palestinians, including young people, and that cause dire consequences. Moreover: after the murder, Abbas allocated a one-time allowance to the killer's family (its size exceeds $1500), and then a monthly allowance from the Palestinian Authority. 

Such allowances are given to the families of those terrorists who are imprisoned in Israel for committing crimes. The head of the Israeli-Jewish Congress, a well-known politician Vladimir Sloutsker, emphasizes that the size of these allowances is much higher than the average salary of a Palestinian citizen ( 

Thus, the population is encouraged to commit terrorist attacks, inciting hatred towards Israel. The size of the reward depends on the number of Israelis killed, and this is a terrifying fact. In the Palestinian Authority, terrorists are called martyrs, while allowances to support violence are called social payments. 

In 2018 alone, the Palestinian Authority (PA) allocated over $350 million in payments to terrorist families. This is a huge amount of money to support killers and criminals. Therefore, all foreign aid, which is allocated with good intentions to support the Palestinian people, is spent on financing terrorists. 

According to Vladimir Sloutsker, the international community should not stay silent to such events and should stop paying the terrorists as soon as possible. Europe must follow the example of the United States, which stopped providing PA aid. 

In the US, they analyzed the situation and stopped making payments as long as criminals and terrorists are being paid. According to the US government, violence should not be rewarded. Australia followed the example of the United States. It refused to transfer $10 million in cash to PA account. 

And this is the right attitude that other PA financing countries should adopt. Despite the PA actions, the European Union continues to give financial aid to the administration. Moreover, the EU states that they will remain the main donor of this country. The EU has already given more than $230 million to PA. 

Vladimir Sloutsker emphasizes: while being a donor of such a country, it is necessary to control where the allocated funds go. If they are used to encourage terrorists, then such aid should be stopped. 

Clearly, a large number of Palestinian citizens need financial help, but this money should be sent to support civilians, and not to pay the criminals and terrorists.

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