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Exploring the Less Travelled Roads of Indore (Madhya Pradesh, India)

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This world is indeed a beautiful place. There are different places in this world that would offer enough exciting spots and areas to explore; it just depends on your own adventurous spirits and guts to explore the region. In this article, we are going to provide you details of the beautiful city of Indore.

The climate of the city

The city. Indore is located in Central India in the state of Madhya Pradesh. It comes into the Malwa plateau which gives it a very pleasing climate. If you have travelled different parts of India and of the world and you are accustomed with different kinds of climatic conditions and their adversities, then most of the travelers are going to find the climate of Malwa plateau very standard and acceptable. It would become hot and humid in summer, as per European and American standards, but overall, region has a very pleasing climate and is safe from any unexpected and unfortunate climatic calamities like floods, earthquake, cyclone etc.

How to reach Indore?

Indore is one of the popular cities of Madhya Pradesh and India and it is well connected with road, train and air. Depending on your present location, you can get direct flight to Indore and you can also easily reach it by road or train from different places of India. If you are a foreigner and landing in capital city or any other metro city, then you could get direct flight to Indore. Do remember to book your tickets in advance to avoid any price fluctuation in flight or train tickets.

When to visit Indore?

The temperature in the city can go quite hot and humid in summer that lasts from March to mid June. Winter is quite pleasing and it is recommended that you either visit the city wither in winter or during monsoon. In the later case, you would be able to enjoy the greenery and the natural places that are nearby the city as well. If you are fine with temperature of 40° and plus, then you can simply visit it at any time.

Places to visit

Some of the chief places to look out from Indore is the Khajrana temple, which is one of the Ancient temples, primarily made for Lord Ganesha, who is considered as an auspicious God in the Indian Mythology. The temple has expanded in recent years and has and if you're looking for a single temple, where you can greet and take blessing from most of the popular Indian gods and Goddesses, then this temple is going to be one such spot.

You got to beware of the beggars, that are always going to haunt you, especially, if you are a foreigner. Do not get persuaded by their misery because we are going to get hundreds of them across and around begging for alms at all the time. It would be better to play online roulette in a UK casino than to waste your money on them! So just avoid them and do your own deeds.

If you visit a city in rainy season, there are different interesting place that are within 50 km range from Indore from where you can enjoy the natural beauty. These includes, Pataal Paani, Tincha Fall, Mandu, and many more,

If you are more into spiritualism then you can visit Mahakaleshwar temple in Ujjain that is around 60 Km away from Indore and Omkareshwar that is within 100 Kms away from the city. Apart from it, if you are looking for meditation, then do you a visit to the Patanjali Vidyapeeth located at Dr. Verma Farm House at Annapurna road. It is one of the best places from where you can get an experience of real yoga and a taste of yogic lifestyle.

The city of Foodies!

If you are a foodie then Indore is the place to be in. You can find different varieties of food including snacks, sweets, beverages and much more. Indore is famous for its Poha Jalebi breakfast. You should taste as much as variety of food as possible as your digestive system permits. Do remember, that Indian food can get spicy at times and therefore if you are not that accustomed with spices, then either avoid it or order less spicy food separately.

You can always enjoy lots of other breakfast like Samosa, Kachori, Khaman, different kinds of sweets and much more. Places to visit to get the taste of Indore’s foodie lifestyle are 56 shop located in Palasia and Sarafa located in the traditional Indore city near Rajwada. Apart from it, you if you like to explore the history of the city, then simply visit Rajwada, which would give you enough insights in to the lifestyle of the Holkars, who mostly dominated Indore.

What else to do?

Apart from it, there are enough places from where you can shop including shopping malls as well as local street side shops. Do you remember to bargain smartly and be street smart because most of the foreigners are soft targets gate of roadside shops. If you like to avoid them, and simply shop at the malls and which have fixed price and an automated billing system which does not leave much scope for bargaining and being spoofed.

Apart from it, do remember to follow all normal safety norms of a Traveler and try to avoid Walking Alone or even with a group to an unknown place. Although, Indore is one of the safest cities of India and is also cleanest one around, yet, you are expected to follow the rules regulations and precautions of a Traveler to avoid any misfortune and minimize any chance of any kind of unfortunate incident to happen.

If you like to get something specific information regarding the hotels, flights, or Railways, then you always use internet and get exact details of the hotels as well as fight and trains timings.

All and all, Indore is nice and clean city which has got all the necessary ingredients that a traveler would look out for. You can find great food, enough places to visit in and around the city and people of Indore are very friendly and jolly and they are always going to help you around as and when needed. If you can visit the city at the right time of the season, then you are most likely to enjoy the essence of the city.

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