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When Is The Right Time To Introduce Bra To Your Adolescent Girl?

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Moms of small school going girls who are just transforming into their teenage and developing a shape at their breasts often are searching eagerly for the answer to one question. They want to know the right time for their girls to start wearing a bra. Now, this is a tricky question, but with a very scientific explanation, which you must understand to get to the answer. For this, you first need to understand why exactly women need a bra. Then you may get to the factual explanation.

Why is it important to wear a bra?

Women wear a bra to support their breast tissues. The breasts are lumps of fat with some muscle tissues, which are held by a pouch of skin at the place. They are the softest part of the body because there is no bone to protect them or to give them any firm shape. Breasts are full and firm by appearance when they are maintained well with the support of a bra. The fabric in the bra gives a cage or pouch to the breasts to support their weight, and keep the lumps of fat and tissues in a shape throughout while maintaining the elasticity of the skin over them. Therefore, it's imperative that women must start wearing a bra as soon as their breasts start to develop, and should continue wearing one till they are healthy and deem it important to care for their breast shape and body proportion, appearance, and sexuality.

If the breasts do not get that support from a bra, then they are going to lose their elasticity and shape with time. The weight of the fat and tissue in each breast would make it droop downwards, which is a common natural reaction to the earth’s gravitational pull. Over time, an uncared pair of breasts which don’t get their support from well-fitting bra would droop and lose shape. Naturally, due to shapeless drooping breasts, the overall feminine look and appeal would get impacted to an extent. That’s why, to keep breasts firm and shapely, and also the tissues elastic, it’s very important to wear a bra. And the decision to wear the bra at the right age is even more important so that you can start caring for the breasts as they start forming and taking shape.

When a young girl does start developing her breasts

A young girl may start developing her breasts at any age between 8 and 14. Every girl grows at a different pace, and every girl's body is different. That's why some girls mature a little early at around 8, and some mature a little late at around 14. The average age of maturity when the girl starts needing bra support is 1. At around age 11, most girls need bra support. Now how as the guardian or mother, you would determine if this age is the right one depends on your observation and judgment. Here are some important points to look for as you try to understand the developmental phase of the young girl:

Look for signs of breast buds. Breast buds are the early developing breast tissues, which gives a little lumpy appearance to the breasts. The area around the breast looks little lumpy or heavy.

When beast buds develop, then the nipples get prominent. Often they get visible over the shirt or dress. Naturally, they would get visible over the school uniform too, which is a sign that the girl is ready for a bra.

Lumps of fat get deposited at various places in the body to give a little feminine shape. When your young girl gets this kind of little fat deposition along with a little feminine heaviness or curves, then it may be the time.

When the girl gets her periods, then it’s a sure sign of puberty.

All of the signs mentioned above are signs of puberty and secondary sexual characteristics getting prominent in a girl. And this is the right stage for you to introduce a bra to her.

The right time to get a bra for a developing young girl

The right time to get your young girl a bra is when her breasts start to mature and take shape. You must not wait too late to get her breasts mature. This may bring on a big gap in the support system, thereby permanently affecting and partially damaging the developing breasts and her feminine shape. Therefore, the right and ripe time is the initial stage of formation of the breasts. To get her ready, you may initially introduce a teenage bra or preparatory bra. As she accepts the concept and feel, you can get accurate measurements of her developing breasts to get her the right bra size. You may have to start with the smallest bra size, and then with time, you will have to update the size with the continuous periodic measurement and buy bra o the updated sizes.

It is very important to keep in mind that you will have to teach your young girl to learn to check her on bra size, while you also help her measure the right size for her bra. This size must be noted every few months as the breast keeps developing, and the girl never has to wear the wrong sized bra and affect her growing breast tissues the wrong way.

How to prepare her mind to carry her bra?

Some girls mature faster mentally. They like it when their friends at school also wear bras and want to get one for them too. Their way of showing interest to this would be by telling her mom about how their friends have started wearing one. But some girls feel shy about it or may feel embarrassed to wear a bra initially. Hence, you must help the young girl get accustomed to the concept, and explain her the importance of this underwear.

Finally - Choosing the right bra size

It's very important that you choose the right sized bra for your growing young adolescent. The size has a key role in further supporting the development of a firm, healthy breast shape. Too loose or too tight bras have to be strictly avoided by adhering to the right area specific size calculator.

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