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How to Strengthen Brittle and Stratified Nails?

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Every woman wants her nails to be healthy and strong. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Read the article to learn how to strengthen brittle and stratified nails.

Healthy nails are a pink, hard, and smooth surface. Unfortunately, not everyone can boast of this. You may have stratified and brittle nails because of the following:
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Hormonal failure
  • Regular use of alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Frequent contact with detergents, acids, and alkalis
All household chemicals, paints, solvents badly affect the hands and nails. It is harmful to hold hands in water for a long time and use a poor-quality nail polish. What can you do to restore your nails’ health and beauty?

Washing Dishes and Moisturizing

Wear rubber gloves when washing dishes or doing any other housework. Before going outside, use sunscreen, which is applied not only to the hands, but also to the nails.

Do not forget about the moisture, without which the nails cannot do. Always keep a moisturizer close at hand. For example, you can put cream near the sink in the kitchen, then you certainly will not forget about it.

It is not recommended to constantly polish nails, you need to regularly take a break, giving your nails an opportunity to rest.

Proper Nutrition

To keep your nails healthy, you should eat right. Nutritionists advise to eat fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, and other foods rich in protein. Also, you need to drink plenty of water. Bananas, green beans, currants, and parsley will help replenish the deficit of silicon. There is not enough calcium (the building material of nails), you can easily lean on cabbage and nuts. If you suffer from the iron deficit, eat dried fruits, greens, eggs, and liver. From time to time it is necessary to take a complex of vitamins and minerals for growth and strengthening of nails.

If you suffer from stratification of nails, use olive oil. It is recommended to apply it to the nails several times a week at night, putting on cotton gloves. If you add a drop of lemon juice to the oil, it will help strengthen and brighten the nail plates. On you will find more information about the proper nutrition that will help improve the health of your nails.


It is useful to make baths of sea salt. Keep fingertips for 20 minutes in such a solution several times a week. A bath of vegetable oil with a few drops of iodine and lemon juice will help you strengthen the brittle nails. Today, you can find a lot of hand care products. Any woman can easily pick something for herself.

Important Rules of Manicure

When having a manicure, follow these rules:

Use a nail file with a special coating, as the metal nail file exfoliates the nails and causes cracks.
  • File your nails only in one direction, from edge to center. If you do it the other way around, the nails will weaken, which will lead to cracks and breaks. The edges must be polished to avoid sharp edges.
  • Oval or semi-square shape will help avoid excessive brittleness.
  • The liquid for removing nail polish should be without acetone, since it dries the nail plate.
  • If you suffer from nail stratification, choose a polish with fibers of silk or nylon. There are also special nail polishes for strongly exfoliated nails, which contain minerals, vitamins, proteins, and moisturizers.
  • It is recommended to give your nails a rest from polish every five days.

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