Sunday, September 24, 2017

Unwritten Contract to Hate and Destroy

When I started out as a blogger, a PR agency for one of the top telcos recruited me to write and share news and info about them. But they also encouraged me to write the negative stuff about the telcos biggest competitor. In exchange, they gave me perks like new smartphones or loads.

Though they just wanted me to share what I already have in mind... meaning my real experience, still the thought of getting hired because they wanted me to be vocal about my hate towards the other telco, kinda irked me to believe that many other brands have the same budget to do the same towards their competitors.

Instead of just promoting their edge and offering promos, some brands allocate resources to discredit their competitors. Regardless if what they expose is true or not, these brands are not really admirable. I don't need to explain why.

My unwritten contract with the brand ended when I got involved in an issue raised by erring bloggers whose greed tried to consume decency. This PR agency did not want their client's reputation to be tainted, so they stopped working with me without giving any notice. Needless to say, they just wanted me during my best times.

With the proliferation of news sites aimed to specifically campaign for certain individuals or groups, we could no longer distinguish if the news shared on our social media timeline is still true. When even journalists make mistakes, we start to doubt our capacity to discern a fake from the real credible ones. When even the supposedly credible ones are being accused of spreading fake news, we again could not help but feel frustrated of what is happening to our country.

But many would argue that they simply made the bitter coffee sweeter by adding milk, cream or sugar. But in reality, they opened up a coffee shop where they could add in all kinds of stuff in our coffee.

The real essence of coffee disappears when a big percentage goes to the other stuff.

Kahit gaano karaming good deeds tayong nagawa, haters would always point out what they perceive as our shortcomings. Gagawa pa sila ng thread exclusive for us. Then magtatawag ng kakampi, and kapag wala ng maibato dahil na-prove natin na mali accusations nila against us, hahalungkatin nila even our past issues. Ganyan sila ka-desperate to bring us down.

We are ready to face anybody who would dare talk dirty about us. We are not afraid to expose the many deplorable activities we've personally witnessed within the blogging community.

We have nothing to fear when we are on the side of truth. We are at peace with ourselves because we do not hide behind a masquerade of falsehood. Mas ginaganahan kaming magsulat whenever we are challenged.

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