Sunday, September 24, 2017

Blessed Are Those Who Play Fair

Ang akala ko noon everyone is just busy promoting themselves, but when I got into media, that includes blogging, I found out that many are also busy destroying others, especially their competitors. Nakakahiya na yun pang top at senior ang pasimuno sa siraan. They will do everything to maintain their standing even if it means fabricating or exaggerating issues against others.

If they are really outstanding, they don't need to bring down others just to uplift themselves.

As an example, I submitted a complaint against an online publication for practicing unfair competition by indirectly but deliberately forcing its clients to choose them instead of other online publications.

This arrogant online publication (itago na lang natin sa initials na WIM) sends emails to its clients saying they belong to the Top 100 of the Alexa ranking and they do not want to be co-media partners with other "low-ranking sites" and threatens to get out of the media partnership. It also requests its clients to give them a list of their other media partners before they would agree to accept the role of media partner.

Apparently, their ranking has gone to their heads. But we all know why they are on top.... simply because they put out refurbished content they get from trending or viral sources. They put out memes, controversial and exploit the other talked about issues that do not really contribute to the betterment of their readers. They just contribute to the dumbing of the masses. People go to their site to be entertained by trivial content that are fit for the garbage dump rather than for intellectual nourishment.

It is now up to this government agency if they will pursue the case against them or shrug it off as not among their priorities.

But what can we expect from a government that promotes violence rather than harmonious living? I may be expecting so much.

However, I believe dirty deeds never go unpunished. Karma is real! They will soon be enlightened ofvtheir wrongdoings. They just need to believe and realize that the opportunities for everone are plenty. There is no need to be greedy.

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