Sunday, September 24, 2017

Act Now Before It's All Too Late

The present government initiated EJKs, or whatever you want to call it, in the country. No less than the President himself is encouraging everyone, especially the police, to kill.

We do not want a government whose only way to cleanse the society is by mass murder. No matter how much they defend it, this stupid War on Drugs, is wrong.

Drug addiction is a sickness that needs to be cured. You cannot eliminate this addiction if you do not attack the source of these drugs. You cannot eliminate this addiction if you kill the victim.

Yes, drug addicts are victims. The real criminals are not the pushers but those who finance, manufacture and supply these drugs.

But the President is only brave enough to fight the defenseless which majority is the poor.... And the fanatics refuse to believe they have been duped by another trapo who thought the country is as easy to fool as the city where his family governs as a dynasty.

Everything about our President is wrong. Yet the few also thought that because the previous supposedly good leaders turned out to be crooks, they assumed there may be a chance that the crook turns into a hero.

No matter who we vote into position, they will all turn out to be wrong because our election system is wrong. The people who are running would always be those who are equally capable to spend a fortune because the voters would always vote for the most prominent and popular which could only be possible if they have enough resources or financiers to promote themselves. All of them are crooks. We just hoped for the lesser crooks.

Now that it has been proven that we got worst than a villain. We now live in a nightmare hoping we wake up soon. No one feels safe anymore, only those who think they could easily be distinguished among the suspects.

This is not an exaggerated declaration. We have put into power someone who believes life is not precious....and those belonging to the lesser class deserves no opportunity to live. He befriends the suspected affluents and gives them a chance to flee or pay up instead, while the poor gets killed immediately.

We should all send that madman out of the country just like what we did to the dictator and his equally corrupt family before this madman tries to put them, or their allies, back into power and revise history. We should act now before its too late.

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