Sunday, September 24, 2017

Ready for Our Big Day with Berocca Performance Multi-Vitamins and Minerals

#BigsDaysWithBerocca is the official hashtag for the event and it seems very appropriate since who wouldn't be ready for the big day ahead if you are indeed equipped with mental sharpness and physical energy that you'll get from all that essential vitamins and minerals brought to us by Berocca.

With celebrities like Gretchen Ho, Richard Juan, Daniel Marsh, Kryz Uy and Nicolo Bolzico, promoting the brand who wouldn't be persuaded to try out Berocca. These peeps are highly active with their everyday as seen from all their TV appearances and vlogs, so there would be fans out there that would follow the examples of their idols.

Add the discussion on stage with a real-life doctor who is equally active with his lifestyle, Berocca is well on its way to become popular among people with active lifestyles - from fun run enthusiasts to marathoners, from showbiz or online media celebrities to players or acrobatic cheerleaders of different sports, Berocca is added assurance that you'll be able to face the big days ahead fully energized and mentally sharp.

The Berocca event was held at the Eastwood Open Park on September 22, 2017 where the public also got free samples of the product as rep[resentatives handed over Berocca tablets already dissolving in a cup of cold refreshing water. Within just a few minutes, the people got to taste Berocca in three different flavors like mixed berries, orange and citrus.

There is also no danger in taking in too much of these multi-vitamins and minerals since the body would excrete out the excessive intake. Just like any faulty equipment, some disorders could also prevent us from getting what we need so we need an extra source of energy to fully utilize our body and mind functions.

Though having the proper diet and enough exercise would assure us of enough energy, not too many of us have the time and convenience to get all the necessary nutrients to keep our body well-replenished of the energy to do our daily activities at its utmost efficiency, thus products like Berocca provides what would lack from our daily nourishment.

Thank you Berocca for having Wazzup Pilipinas. Please do check out our official Facebook and YouTube pages for more photos and videos.

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