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Wazzup Pilipinas Radio x Manila Wrestling Federation

Wazzup Pilipinas!

What's the latest about the Philippine Wrestling scene? Well, we have the Manila Wrestling Federation (MWF) that aims to be the top Philippine wrestling organization in Asia.

That may be a very optimistic vision for their future, but who knows? We Filipinos are known to exert extra effort to achieve our ultimate goals, thus many of us are determined to reach the top no matter how hard it is.

Since we are also very talented and creative, the only thing stopping us from leveling up is ourselves. If we are keen enough to pursue our wishes, we will be a very formidable force to reckon with.

The Manila Wrestling Federation, specifically Mr. Lucha, Gigz Stryker, Gus Queens, Rex Lawin and Tala Haliya, guested recently on Wazzup Pilipinas Radio at their usual time slot of 6 to 7 am on June 4, 2017. The Wazzup Pilipinas Radio show is on air at DZRJ 810 AM and livestreaming on 8Trimedia Network's social media accounts every Sunday.

The wrestling group discussed their presence as a form of entertainment for all ages. There may be some form of violence on their show, but they do their fights with style and drama which they term as story-telling. Thus, they could easily say that even kids can watch their fights.

Though some would say that wrestling may be fake because the fights are scripted or planned ahead, the preparation to execute and end up with the desired outcome would require physical prowess to achieve. Thus, aside from fighting skills which requires you to be fit and able, wrestling could also require being emotionally or mentally stable.

One of them, Mr. Lucha, was wearing a mask to hide his identity. His appearance is familiar to how some wrestlers looked at the old school wrestling groups. I'm sure one or more comes into mind because masks were used similarly by previous wrestlers. Another one, Gigz Stryker, compares his looks to like that of a video game console fighter. He is slim, but underneath those clothes may be six-pack abs that would make you think twice about going against him.

Meanwhile, Rex Lawin has extensive MMA fighting background and trains other wrestlers as well. With that huge body build, just like Mr. Lucha, he could probably lift you up and throw you into the air. Tala Haliya is more likely to seduce you in the ring, rather than make you tremble in fear. This is because her looks could already distract you from concentrating on the fight, especially when she wears a body fit outfit. Meanwhile, the tall, dark and geeky Gus Queen is more than meets the eye. He is the Chief Finance Officer of the MWF, but he did say he has some fighting background too. Why not? You'll most probably fear him once he looks down on you with those glaring eyes.


But there are more of them members of MWF, and you may meet more of them soon at their June 10 event happening at Makati Cinema Square at around 3 pm.

We've also talked about what makes them expose themselves to possible injury or even death. Well, you could check their answer on the livestreaming video of 8Trimedia.

On the same episode of Wazzup Pilipinas Radio, we mention about our community outreach cum travel experience at Bontoc, Mindanao  Province, specifically at barangays Maligcong and Mainit.  We also mention our power dinner at Rufo's Famous Tapa before we headed of to a 10-hour bus trip to our destination. We also talked about the winners of Lakambini ng Las Casas beauty pageant, as well as the Santacruzan held the day after, at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bataan. Also mentioned was the Documentary Filmmaking workshop conducted by Griffin Hammond and sponsored by Panasonic.

Below is our script so you may imagine how the discussion went during the radio show (this is just a guide so the script may vary from the actual on air and online discussions):

Wazzup Pilipinas Radio Episode 4 – Manila Wrestling Federation
June 4 2017 Sunday 6 to 7 am
8Trimedia Networks


Wazzup Pilipinas!!!!

Gising na po mga kababayan! Oras na naman para sa Pambansang Radio Show ng Pilipinas!
Welcome mga kabarkada, katropa, kakwentuhan at kaibigan sa isang oras ng kaalaman, pop culture exploration at empowerment dito sa Wazzup Pilipinas Radio.

Ang programang ito ay hatid sa inyo ng Creativoices Production at ng Pochology Academy. Sa ngalan po ng aming founder at producer, ang nag-iisang VoiceMaster ng Pilipinas, Pocholo de Leon Gonzales, ito po ang inyong nag-iisang Pambansang Blogger, Ross Del Rosario, ang makakasama ninyo para sa Wazzup Pilipinas Radio!!!

Si kasamang David D’Angelo, ang ating Master Pogi, ay Nueva Ecija pa rin hanggang sa ngayon para sa isang camp. Ipinararating pa rin po niya ang kanyang pagbati sa lahat ng mga nakikinig sa DZRJ 810 AM at nanonood sa mga livestream social media networks ng 8TriMedia.

I’m sure na sa pagbalik ni Master Pogi next week ay marami na naman siyang kuwento na kukulangin na naman ang isang oras nating show.

David! Kamusta ka na diyan?! Pasalubong ha.

Last week ay ako po ang wala dahil nakasama ako sa isang Community Outreach Program cum Travel sa Mountain Province for several days, from May 25 to 28, together with Meaningful Travel PH. Nagpunta po kami sa barangay ng Maligcong at Mainit sa Bontoc, Mountain Province, para mamigay ng mga school supplies sa mga paaralan doon. Syempre, kasama na rin ang pagtuklas sa mga magagandang tanawin at kultura doon. Katulad ng pag-akyat namin ng Mt. Kopapei sa barangay Maligcong na kapag taga-roon ang aakyat ay aabutin lang ng 30 minutes pero inabot po ako ng 2 oras. Pag-ikot sa kanilang rice terraces na ang ikinaiba sa makikita sa Banaue ay mas malapad lang para siguro mas maraming matanim na palay. Meron din pong na-witness kami na seremonyas ng pagluluto ng manok na Pinikpikan …. At nabinyagan din po ako ng Igorot name na “Makneg” na ang ibig sabihin ay “tough” matipuno…hehehe..dahil siguro mataba ako…yung kasama ko nga na photographer na si Collin Yap ay tinawah na “Shakshaker” na ang ibig sabihin ay Malaking Tao.

Sa barangay Mainit naman ay kaya sila tinawag na mainit ay hindi lang because mainit o warm welcome ang pagtanggap nila sa amin, ito ay dahil sa kanilang mga hot springs na kung saan saan mo matatagpuan. May roon nga sila doong mga public pools na hiwalay ang mga babae sa lalaki, at noong unang panahon daw ay hubo’t-hubad silang magkakasamang maligo. Pero ngayon daw kasi ay nagkakahiyaan na kaya may mag suot na silang mga underwear. Pero yung mga bata ay nakita ko pa ring mga hubot-hubad doon. Doon kami nag-stay sa isang bahay ng nanay ng number one idol ko na ngayon dahil panay sigaw niya ng Wazzup Pilipinas mula pa noong nasa barangay Maligcong kami…hahaha

Pero you will get to know more about our Bontoc, Mountain Province stories by checking our blog and social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Doon kop o ikukuwento ang mga details ng aming adventure.

Ngayong umaga ay kasama po nating ang aming mga pilig-piling bisita from the MWF o Manila Wrestling Federation, pag-uusapan natin ang tungkol sa kanilang organizaton at ang kanilang mga karanasan sa wrestling.

Ipinakikilala po natin si ………………………...

(Greetings of guests should be "Wazzup Pilipinas!" after introducing each guest.) (Then ask them to shout out "Wazzup Pilipinas!" all at the same time.. )

Manila Wrestling Federation (MWF)

Mr. Lucha
-In love with the Philippine Islands, Anything Filipino, exploring the Philippines, Filipino food, Filipino people, born and raised in the country. -Hates injustice and bullies. -Will get carried away and heat up sometimes, but will try to maintain level-headed. -Big but agile. -Has a motorcycle.

Fabio Makisig
- a Street-smart street fighter who brawls AND grapples (according to him, he's never lost a fight) - likes working out, being strong & athletic and, of course, showing off. He thinks if you're not strong or athletic, you aren't really living. - Hates the bourgeoisie with passion because he had to learn his skills on the streets. - Wrestles because it's easy for him and he wants the money.

Tala Haliya
-Very energetic, very curious and very explorative. -Traversed around the world, but not much in the philippines, that's why she's always island hopping. -Hailing from Cebu, the queen city of the south, she's always been facinated with philippine mythology, folklore, theology and deities. -Currently managing the creative arts department of MWF. -Can speak Tagalog, English and Bisaya whereas most of the roster can only speak english and tagalog.

Robin Sane
-Robin always likes to move forward. Running, Jogging, Sprinting, as long as it keeps him going from point A to point Z -Aside running he is also a shuffler, dancing the melbourne shuffle to the beats of rave music. -On par with shuffling, He is a DJ in his spare time, often spinning records and creating music that keeps the party going in makati or timog, wherever he gets invited to. -The very first filipino wrestler to perform a 450 splash in the history of local wrestling. -He is currently the Head Trainer of MWF's House of Wrestling.

Gigz Stryker
- Martial Artist trained in various forms, specifically Jeetkundo and Savate kicboxing. -Loves 90's old school style in culture, games, movies, music, and fashion. -(As per Stryker)he has an english kalabaw grammar but loves action stars of the wonder years. -Hates kontrabidas and people who take advantage of kindness. -Amateur action star starring in pinoy indie films.

Para magising ang mga nakikinig sa atin, sabay-abay tayong sumigaw ng ….Wazzup Pilipinas!


- Ano ang MWF?
- Kailan natatag and bakit?
- Anu mga activities nyo?
- May market ba sa pinas ang wrestling?

Cliffhanger question: - Totoo ba ang wrestling na nagkakasakitan o scripted to make it more exciting?

======= BREAK AFTER 20 MINUTES =======

Muli po ay nagbabalik tayo sa ating Pambansang Programa sa Radyo tuwing LInggo ng umaga ang - WAZZUP PILIPINAS RADIO. Ito po muli ang inyong Pambansang Blogger na ngayon ay pwede na rin muling tawaging Pambansag Blogcaster dahil aside from blogging ay nasa radio na muli.

Bago po natin balikan ang ating cliffhanger question ay batiin ko muna ang mga sumusunod

Congratulations to the very first Lakambini ng Las Casas - Candidate No. 2 - Diana Velasco of Balanga
Candidate No. 10 Dianne April Pangilinan of Mariveles is 1st Runner-Up
and Candidate No. 18 Donna Velasco (sister of Candidate No. 2) also of Balanga is 2nd runner-up
Si Donna ay sister ni Dianne kaya they must be celebrating for winning two recognitions  for their family and their city of Balanga

Na-witness po naming personally ang kanilang pagkapanalo during the grand coronation night na ginawa sa Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar sa Bataan noong May 30 and 31. Nagkaroon din po ng Santacruzan kung saan yung three winners ang gumanap na mga Reyna…of course yung Lakamibini ng Las Casas ang Reyna Elena.

Thank you also to photo and videographer and Panasonic Philippines brand ambassador Alex Ruelo for bringing to the Philippines multi-awarded Griffin Hammond from New York. Nag-share po si Griffin ng kanyang mga knowledge on Documentary Filmmaking for almost an entire day last Thursday, June 1 at Teatrino Promenade. Sana ay magamit ko ang mga natutunan ko sa filmmaking para ma-level-up naman ang mga videos ko sa Wazzup Pilipinas.
We have video and photo documentations of all the events I mentioned so do watch out for it soon at Wazzup blog and also on our social media pages on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Cliffhanger question: - Why would you want to expose yourselves to all the hurt and pain and possible death? Malaki ba ang rewards sa career, sa financial gains, etc

======= BREAK AFTER 20 MINUTES =======

Muli po ay nagbabalik tayo sa ating Pambansang Programa sa Radyo tuwing LInggo ng umaga ang - WAZZUP PILIPINAS RADIO. Ito po muli ang inyong Pambansang Blogger, Ross Del Rosario.

Balikan po nating muli ang ating nabiting tanong sa ating mga guests:

Cliffhanger question: - Why would you want to expose yourselves to all the hurt and pain and possible death? Malaki ba ang rewards sa career, sa financial gains, etc.

Ask the role of Gus Queens as CFO of MWF.

Ask more questions if time permits.

======== LAST 5 MINUTES ===========

Nasa huli na po tayong bahagi ng ating programa. Kaya nais po nating hingan ng kanilang mga final comments and messages ang ating mga kasama.

======= SUMMARY =======

Ang wrestling man ay maaksyon ay mapusok na larangan dahil panay bakbakan ang makikita, pero nagbibigay din ito ng inspirasyon para tayo ay maging disiplinado na alagaan ang ating pangangatawan.

Alam natin na bawat larangan na ating mapuntahan ay may kaakibat sigurong dahilan kung bakit tayo nandito so nasa atin na rin kung paano natin pag-bubutihin at magiging the best dito.
Kahanga-hangang mga taong nagpursigi para iangat ang kanilang sarili sa kanilang napiling larangan, lalo na ang mga umangat na walang tinapakan para marating ang kanilang mga pangarap.

Sa larangan ng wrestling ay nagkakasakitan man sila sa ring sa harapan ng mga nanonood para sila ay aliwin, pero ito po ay sadyang trabaho lamang at ang higit na importante ay ang kanilang matibay na samahan at pakikitungo sa isa’tisa sa labas ng wrestling arena.


Enjoy diba? Muli, sa ngalan po ng aming founder at producer, ang nag-iisang VoiceMaster ng Pilipinas, Pocholo de Leon Gonzales, at ni Master Pogi, David D’Angelo, na naroon pa rin sa Nueva Vizcaya para sa isang camp, magkarinigan muli tayo sa susunod na Linggo.

Ito po ang inyong host, Pambansang Blogger ng Pilipinas Ross Del Rosario, at ang mga bisita natin mula sa Manila Wrestling Federation, magkita-kita ulit tayo next Sunday para sa isang oras ng inspiration, motivation at empowerment, (prompt the guests to be ready to shout) dito lang sa..........

 Wazzup Pilipinas!!!

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