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5 Great Tips for Improving Your Creative Writing Ability

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Those writers that want to improve their creative writing ability, will definitely find some very important and interesting tips in our article.

The main goal of creative writing is to express something using your mind creativity. According to Wikipedia –, it can be poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction writing, etc., where the author express their emotions, thoughts or feelings instead of just to convey information. 

Whether you are an experienced writer or just a beginner, we have gathered some useful tips for improving your creative writing and making your essays more interesting and exciting for your readers. 

1. Think about your audience

You need to figure our an audience to whom you are writing, so you will be able to understand what kind of things make people interested in your essay or book. That's why it's better to:

- keep your work easy to read and well understood, without badly written places or many repetitions that could make your essay sound boring and uninterested to read;

- catch the readers' attention with a surprise from a very beginning and keep them excited about your story till the end. 

2. Use a right structure

In most movies and telenovelas they use the 3-act structure where these three parts are connected between each other so the audience can't see where the one part ended and another began. Here how this structure looks like:

- set-up – this short part introduces the characters to readers and how they related. Then the author should make a “turning point” of the story that grabs the audience's attention and motivates people to read the whole essay. This part is your story's introduction;

- confrontation – here you represent to readers the central problem of your essay, developing the argument with strong evidence. This is the longest part of your story that logically goes to the conclusion;

- resolution – the final section of your essay, where you summarize facts shortly and tie up ends, writing your conclusions about the problem you have viewed. 

3. Use extended metaphors

Creative writing allows using metaphors to give your readers drawing comparisons, that are easy to understand for most people. A metaphor is an analogy, when you just complain one thing with another to explain something to your readers. Such comparisons can be very interesting for the audience, giving people something new to understand. Needless to say that metaphors help to make your essay extraordinary and original. 

4. Include illustrations, photographs and charts into your work

Adding some photo and charts into your essay will help to give originality to your work. Of course when you are including such elements into your story, make sure they don't distract the readers' attention from your text. Such elements as charts, graphs, tables, pictures, diagrams, illustrations, etc. can be a great thing to make your essay more creative and interesting. 

5. Include interesting details

Add some pepper to your dry story and make it more exciting and creative with some interesting details about location and setting, just like creative writers do often. Of course this thing might not work out good with a scientific work, but this is a great idea to make your history or literature essay more creative and interesting to read.

Tips for beginners 

When you want to keep your body in a good shape, you usually go to the gym to stretch your muscles. The same is with your writing muscles – just stretch them with daily exercises. Even just ten minutes in day will help you to get into the writing habit. Just don't stop and write about anything that comes to your head. 

A good idea is to carry a notebook in your pocket with you. This is a good and simple way to keep all your ideas saved, you won't forget anything. Who knows what another day will bring to you, so you are always ready to keep everything in the notebook, because we know our memory is not a reliable source when it comes to saving many creative ideas. 

Try to work at that time of day when you are most creative. Some people mostly like to work in morning hours, others enjoy writing in the middle of the night. Choose your own time for creating your masterpieces when you mostly active to do it! 

Proofread your work when it's done. But don't rush into it, better to take a break from writing and distract yourself with something else. When you come back to your story with refreshed eyes, you'd be able to find and correct all grammar, logical and punctuation mistakes.

We hope our short guide will be helpful to you to create interesting and creative stories that will impress your readers. You can find more tips for improving writing on our website Have fun with starting new projects and surprise your audience with fresh and professional essays, stories, poems, or some other unique masterpiece.

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