Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Venture Capital Cafe: Eat, Drink, Play, Meet, Collaborate and Get Funded

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Otherwise known as VC Cafe, the establishment has more than just coffee or pastries because it offers potential entrepreneurs (with great ideas) to be funded by the "venture capitalists" from the company that owns the cafe.

The place is actually dedicated for those who want to hang out, play video games, watch cartoons from the 80s, admire the toys or posters on display, while enjoying good food, and at the same time could present their ingenious ideas that are worth hearing out.

Who knows? You may have the next Google, or Facebook, or Uber, AirBnB or whatever idea. It doesn't even have to be an app or anything online. Just as long as you think you ideas have potential and sustainable, it may warrant a look from the people behind Venture Capital Cafe.

We will also focus our attention on the food available in their menu which is not limited to coffee or pastries. They have full meals with presentations that would beat those served at fine dining restaurants and hotels.

 We asked the Chef to bring out one food item per category so we could show you how their food looks like. We also had a short interview with the Chef so he could explain more about the food.

Below is the video interview we had with the Chef and the Managing Director, as well as another video showcasing the food. Also featured here are photos of the dishes from starter to pasta, salad, main entree, and drinks. We also had some dessert for sharing but it was not included on the video since it was just an additional order after everything else was done.

There are many videos from our coverage during the grand opening celebrations that you can check out on our YouTube channel at   while photos are available at our Facebook fan page at

I apologize if I was not able to edit most videos due to lack of time.This article is actually too late already for my standards. This is usually my struggle for being very in demand. I get to attend to many events but my output suffers because I could not release the stories on a timely manner.

At the grand opening which includes the ribbon cutting, mascots dressed up as robots (or were they Gundams?) quickly gives guests and passersby the feel of the 80s cartoons when giant robots ruled the televisions as both children and adults watch the likes of Mazinger Z , Daimos and Voltes V.

Venture Capital Cafe is huge for just a coffee shop as it allocates enough space to give a more comfortable and spacious aura rather than maximize their seating capacity with so many tables and chairs. 

Their counter for customers is unobtrusively placed at one corner since the moment you come in, you'll see instead the comfy seats from left to right while those huge framed cartoon images hang on their walls, while toys like Goku from Dragonball or robots from those early years, are displayed on the shelves, plus a giant Rubics cube prominently displayed opposite a huge LED monitor where you could watch cartoons or probably play console games.

At the back is a huge space that can be partitioned, and all the way further at the back is a function room that can be used for private events or meetings. The rest rooms are also located nearby. Another huge LED monitor is placed nearby where you could play computer games or watch animated movies too.

The table mats are either designed with cartoon characters or puzzle games that would keep you busy until your orders arrive.

As I mentioned, the food at Venture Capital Cafe offers sumptuous food plated like how they do at fine-dining restaurants and hotels. A marvelous array of mouth-watering dishes from drinks to desserts, starters to all-day breakfast, burgers and pastas, up to the main entrees are just waiting for you to discover.

The best part is the affordable prices that will make you want to come back for more since they are truly value for your money.

Your Pambansang Blogger is very much willing to partake of every meal available coming from their kitchen, but sharing with others makes the food a lot more appetizing especially when you see others enjoying their food.

After eating, or before, or even during if you could multi-task, you may want to try out the gaming opportunities at the cafe. They have a gaming PC tat will soon be installed with games. I was there while they were trying out a certain game but they hinted that they will soon install even online games for the entertainment of their customers.

The total offerings of the Venture Capital Cafe is very impressive. I would want to hang-out here especially when they get their high-speed Internet working well. The ambiance is pretty much conducive to dining, with a little bit of playing, as well as collaborating and learning with like-minded individuals who may just be the next Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg.... or Ross Del Rosario, for that matter.

That's more than enough reasons why Venture Capital Cafe should be your preferred place to Eat, Drink, Play, Meet, Collaborate and Get Funded.

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