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B&B Burgers & Brewskies: Definitely Big in Taste Even Without Beer

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As usual, I'm the early bird to come to the restaurant since I really hate to be late for a food tasting event. Just as how I hate people coming in late since if its this kind of event, the food is usually served ahead for photo (and video) before finally eating them all for tasting. So if you come in late, you'll end up eating left-overs, and worst is that you won't be having any good photos (and videos) of the food.

However, my experience at this restaurant is somewhat different because it let us order our own choice of burger (from between two selections only) and it just served what we normally call as the starters. Drinks could be cola, beer, or any liquor, but I chose a healthier drink of mango smoothie or shake since it was too early for alcoholic drinks.

I couldn't recall anymore how I got invited to this food tasting event but something tells me it must have been from a long-time sign-up opportunity looking for bloggers to try out restaurants. It's either my memory has defeated me or it was from a long time ago, and it is only now that they opted to invite us.

We were greeted by the organizer, Paulo, together with the owner and Chef who could be clearly known by the uniform he was wearing having the name tag of Marc. Chef Marc said they had a former branch at Capitol Commons but it had to close down. Right now he is concentrating on this only branch located at BGC which is now about to offer new menus for the restaurant.

We were told to bring in a plus one to join us for lunch but I completely forgot about it. Thus, I came there alone, while most of the attendees were with someone. But no worries since I left the resto smiling because of their delightful food.

We were all seated on the 2nd floor of the restaurant. They have a few seats downstairs where the bar and kitchen is located but they also have seats outdoors infront of the restaurant which are mostly good only during night time or when the weather is fine for al fresco.

Brown tables,  black chairs, American pop culture decors on the walls, chandeliers made from beer bottles,a and a framed word of "I heart beer" using bottle caps can be seen. Reminds me of another restaurant with similar decors but Burgers & Brewskies could be called a Minimalist if compared to the restaurant I'm referring to.

Chef Marc was accommodating enough to answer all our questions. But it was obvious that it is their first time to invite people in for food tasting. By the way, not all of us are bloggers since some are friends of the organizers Paulo.

Burgers & Brewskies advertises itself as the "Not your ordinary burger joint. It's where awesome, creative burgers meet craft beers!" Fro  the name itself, I expected "burgers" plus beers and its kin.

Heisenberg 2.0
The Heisenberg Burger 2.0 is 1/3 pound US Angus Beef, Bleu Cheese Sauce, Shiitake Mushrooms Sauteed with garlic & onions, Bacon bits. You cannot deny how good this is compared with others. If I had a bigger tummy, I could have eaten this in one seating only. However, there's the other burger that competed with the storage capacity.

Double Cheeseburger
Not to discount their creativity, but eventhough the restaurant's burger don't look that intimidating, they do offer quality tasting burgers complemented by your choice of beers.

I am not entirely sure about the creativity as I've seen a lot more restos that offer more creative burgers. Now, you may say that it would depend entirely on how you define "creativity" and if you'll compare their burgers side-by-side with others. Still, in my definition of creativity, their burgers would be a bit off the level of the big guys whose burgers are either colorful, humongous, or both.

I've even seen one were they call their burgers the Big Boss, or one that calls their the Monster, because their towering in height with all the different ingredients put on it. I've seen one with burgers whose buns could match all the colors of a box of crayons, but though I'm not sure if it's still healthy or if it adds to the flavor of their burgers. Still, their creativity is beyond normal.

But Burgers & Brewskies may be referring to their creativity in the way that they choose their ingredients. Undoubtedly, I am impressed with the taste of both burgers that I ordered.

The Double Cheeseburger ( 2 USDA Angus Quarter pound patties, 2 American cheddar, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, pickles on a brioche bun) is good, but my choice would be the Heisenberg 2.0 mainly because of its extraordinary taste. 

True enough, their burgers may not be as monster-looking like those at other restaurants, but theirs taste a lot better - meaning BIG in taste is more important for me. After all, quality is more preferred than quantity.

Sweet Potato Fries
My favorite was their Sweet Potato Fries had some mixed spices on it offering slight sweetness and saltiness with additional spices that are said to be secret. One of the blogger's companion tried to guess but the chef would not confirm or deny if his guesses were right.

Angus Taco Stick
The Angus Taco Stick offered a different flavor than expected. They taste better when dipped but still good on its own. This is definitely way better that spring rolls since it Angus we have here folks.

Steak Elote Nachos
There's not too much on the cheese on their Steak Elote Nachos but they said it was intentional so we could appreciate the other ingredients. Still I wanted my Nachos with extra cheese for a more sumptuous flavor. Besides, it felt weird eating Nachos with very little cheese.

Krispy Bacon Cheese
Something new for me is their Krispy Bacon Cheese which will remind you of something familiar too. There's bacon in between these rice crispies but only enough to tease you and make you want more.

They do have several choices for drinks but most of us opted for the iced teas and fruit smoothies since it was still daytime. I'm betting they are full of beer drinkers during the night time especially after office hours. I'm not sure about weekends since BGC area is more on office workers so the crowd would probably be more during Friday nights.

Enjoyed every bite of the nachos, but still I want more cheese, please!
This is best when dipped, but still good on its own.

Surprisingly, Chef Marc's lunch was a vegetable salad that is also available at their restaurant. Obviously the chef is health-conscious and is concerned of his fitness. This is probably why he did not joined us during the food tasting.

However, that felt like he was letting us get fat instead. Seriously, that's all that was served during the food tasting so as you can see, they served only starters plus a snack and let us choose a burger as main entrees. Fortunately, half of us ordered two burgers so we could taste more than one. Since it was too much for one seating, we had half of both burgers for take-out instead.

You have to commend the server for creatively packing our take-outs. Those simple brown paper bags became a lot more attractive. There's no branding yet on the packaging so the design sort of gave it a little character.

That's about all of us in the group that day. A good mix of both sexes trying out the food at B&B Burgers & Brewskies. Though I must admit I was expecting to taste more dishes based on my experience from other food tasting events. 

In short, "medyo bitin" for a special feature since we didn't get to showcase many of the restaurant's dishes.

Burgers & Brewskies is located at Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City (BGC) in Taguig city.

You can find out more about them at their Facebook fan page

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