Friday, March 31, 2017

The 700 Club Asia Unveils 5 Truths about Nuno sa Punso

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“Tabi, tabi po!” “Huwag kang turo nang turo baka ka manuno.” (Excuse me, I’m going to pass by your territory. Don’t point your fingers, you might offend a dwarf.)

These phrases are commonly uttered among Filipinos upon crossing a pile of soil or when passing through the woods, fields, or unfamiliar places. It is coming out of fear that one might disturb, offend, step on, or provoke tiny beings that dwell and roam around the area.

According to an article on the top 10 scariest monster creepers and creatures in the Philippines, Nuno (goblin/elf/dwarf) is one of the scariest mystical creatures in the Philippines. Nunos are believed to have the power to endow wealth, give warnings about future events, and can also bring misfortune and harm on someone who provokes them to anger.

This coming Holy Week, your perspective toward nuno will never be the same as The 700 Club Asia presents, Nuno, a true to life story about a boy named Armand (played by BJ Forbes), who did not believe in the existence of nuno until series of stupendous events happened in his life.

The truths about these mystical creatures were proven by those who experienced them like Armand, and here are 5 of the truths about who they really are and what they can do.

1. Nuno really exist.
They are territorial spirits that have taken root in certain places where people believed in their presence and availed their power. 1 Timothy 4:1 calls them the “deceitful spirits” that will cause others to depart from God’s truth and ways. Nuno Co-Director Micah Basco said in vernacular, “You may not believe that there are elements like these but when you believe in God there are always enemies who will lead you astray by coercing you to live your life based on wrong beliefs and trusting mysterious entities.”

2. Nuno can give you fortune.
They will entice you by giving you the things that you want in order to deceive you and lead you astray from the Truth.

3. Nuno is harmful. When you get into an agreement with these creepy entities like Armand did and then decide to turn from them, they will cause you pain and suffering until you lose all that you have. They want you to share the curse God has placed upon them, which is death. This is why the Lord commanded us in 1 Corinthians 10:20 to never participate in their works.

4. Nuno is not a friend. Like Armand, people believed that there are white (friendly) and black (dangerous) dwarves. But the truth is, they are all from the darkness for they are from the devil. Nuno Executive Producer Jocelyn Rayton reiterated in vernacular, “They are all the same. They are not our friends.”

5. Nuno can possess and demonize a person. They are very opportunistic. After catching somebody in deception, they will seize the chance to take authority over one’s life.

The devil’s scheme could be as deceptive as that of the nuno’s power to bring good fortune and also cause harm. But then, the Truth is always available to us - God will drive away all lies, deceptions, and fears caused by these territorial spirits. The all-powerful God is able to redeem and restore your life. As Rayton said, “The story [of Nuno] is really about deliverance from evil spirit.”

Witness how God can deliver a person from this kind of bondage in The 700 Club Asia Presents Nuno on Good Friday, April 14, 6pm to 6:30 pm, at GMA.

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