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8 Ways You Can Write Conclusion for Your Essay

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Conclusion is an important part of the essay. To present your write-up in a cohesive and polished manner, follow our tips of writing a powerful conclusion.

What are the top 8 ways you can write conclusion for your essay?

A conclusion is the crucial component of an essay which restates the vital points of a write-up by using words and phrases distinct from what you penned own in your thesis statement. Brevity is the key to leaving an impression in the reader’s mind. Avoid using unnecessary words such as ‘in conclusion’ or ‘in short’ as they distract the mind. Summarize the vital points of a write-up in an attractive and logical manner, but do not rephrase each and every word and write the conclusion. A conclusion cannot be more than 5-7 lines and must be crisp, short and interesting. Do not use uncertain words and be authoritative. Try and highlight in the section how your essay is helpful for the readers. Use powerful emotions, some irony here and there to excite the readers. Well, let us check out the 8 ways to come up with an impressive conclusion.

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The 8 essential steps of writing the best conclusion

If you wrote essays in the past, you know that the conclusion has to be convincing and solid. Its main job is to bring together the entire piece and the relevant points that were discussed earlier. Follow the below steps closely:

    Composition of a memorable conclusion is indispensably connected with brainstorming for ideas that came throughout your essay. As soon as the stage of writing a conclusion comes, you may feel unable to wrap it all up, while in fact, all the information lies on the surface. So relax and think over what your essay is actually about. What have you learned when writing it, and what lessons should your readers learn? Pen down the important themes you stated in your opening section of your essay. Consider linking the composition argument to some different context.
     Start writing your conclusion with a bit of transition so that your readers pay attention. Readers must get to know that you are concluding the essay. Stay away from words that are overused like ‘in conclusion’ as it might make the section dull.
     Write the entire content in just 5-6 sentences. It will remind the readers what you were discussing all through the write-up. The discussion must be simple and sweet.
     Your conclusion must clearly state what you wish to communicate in the essay or through the thesis. Use a different language and rework your write-up.
  Always write the last sentence in an elegant, impressive manner. It must be playful, ironic and provocative.
     Avoid the common pitfalls in the conclusion. Do not just restate the entire essay in the conclusion. Take your readers to the next level.
    There is no need to use flowery quotation in the conclusion. Avoid this urge. There should not be any fluffy language. The tone must be terse, direct and authoritative.
      Never write something new in the concluding section.

By following the above steps, you will be able to write an imposing conclusion. It will leave a very positive impression on the minds of the readers. Use these tips and tricks from our professional writers to make your essays truly great, and to embrace the mastery of professional writing. 

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