Thursday, March 2, 2017

Is Manny Pacquiao the Jar Jar Binks of Our Reality?

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I've read somewhere that Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao is the Jar Jar Binks of our reality. Unfortunately, many also thinks he is not that naive.

Jar Jar did end up wasting his days as a "clown" in Theed, performing tricks for the children who'd pay him any attention...away from their parents who never forgave him for the suffering he'd caused.

Actually quite fitting, seeing as how "children" are now cheering on his antics, while more "mature" folk can only facepalm.

"Manny Pacquiao should stop opening his mouth for he has become a self-righteous, all-knowing faith-fool. Someone needs to remind him that he is no prophet and he's not running a blind gag show.

According to Ezekiel 13:3, New International Version, "This is what the Sovereign Lord says: Woe to the foolish prophets who follow their own spirit and have seen nothing!" - Prim Paypon

Regardless, the jabber will still be a jabber because he has nothing to lose. He's already a billionaire and an established artist, maybe not as an experienced political figure (for he sucks big time) but he's already up there which others could only dream in their lifetime.

Pacquiao just showed the entire Philippines his unbecoming of a Christian. Removing a performer as chairman of a committee for the sake of politics is an example. He is a sick soul who is always in the church for absolution. Sadly, he is never healed.

Pacquiao's penchant for speaking out his mind without observing tact and the absence of etiquette will wreak havoc to a once decent hall of senate. Well, with the sitting president who is worst than a "kanto boy" without a trace of delicadeza. Rudeness is now an acceptable alternative behavior to decency.

But is it true he is just there for the show? A neophyte senator calling the shots? “May awa din naman ako." he says. Is it true that he was merely manipulated by his colleagues to seemingly lead the "rigodon" because they know the people (followers blinded by fame) will back up this famous boxer turned politician? "Binks was convinced by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine to propose that the chancellor receive emergency executive powers to raise a Grand Army of the Republic."

I admired him too as a boxer but that changes everything when he started to run for politics. He might not be greedy for money, but he is greedy for power. And when the time comes when he runs for presidency, I hope he doesn't win because he is not fit to run or govern the Philippines. He doesn't have the ability and right mind to do it.

When this entire bullshit with the current administration reaches critical mass, that's the only time most people will finally see it for the evil it really is. Political personalities like Pacquiao further encourages an administration that never had the people in their best interest.

"I've been trying my hardest to stay away from current events and all things political on social media because I am tired.

This country exhausts me: blind and illogical political fanaticism, thoughtless thought leaders who so callously spread misinformation and lies, government officials who neither have the country's interest in mind nor the very people they sought to serve and protect, blatant and utter disregard to human lives and human rights, the list goes on.

But though all this, I remember that it is apathy which brought us here and it is how this will continue - unless we do something.

So, I'm speaking out. When something isn't right, we must stand up for those who are incapable of speaking up for themselves, no matter how small our own voice is.

Ours is that once great nation whose masses accomplished a peaceful revolution to oust decades of dictatorship and oppression. We, of all people, should know what strength lie in our convictions."- Isa Rodriguez

What is happening is a question of his intellectual independence and integrity. Much of his effectivity as a legislator. He's not naive. Jack of all trade. Master of boxing and not of everything, including being a senator. I am now even questioning his faith. I couldn't fathom his weird ideals. It's clashing.

Pacquiao was with President Arroyo.then joined Binay when Binay was making waves for Presidential election and now senatorial hatchet man of Duterte. He must be an opportunist.

Pacquiao does not have the capability to recognize right from wrong, just or unjust. He is being used as a decoy by someone or some others to do what he did. He is the "pamain" or bait. I hope he will pray for enlightenment and listen what really GOD wants him to do and not just a gullible "uto-uto."

You know what will happen? He is going to be a multiple term senator, then a VP to BBM, then a Presidential Candidate. And he will have the people who got Duterte into the president's office running his campaign. There's your nightmare. He isn't a fictional character like Binks whose actions don't burden people in real life. Poor Philippines will remain poor because "trapos" like Manny want poor, uneducated, easy to manipulate people as supporters.

Comparing to Star Wars, Pacquiao will be the next Sith Lord! Which is bad, very very bad. 

We already have DU-Palpatine as our biggest problem. 

Now, I wonder who's the Darth Vader out there. 

The force is not strong in this country. Tsk tsk tsk.

The rebels must ready their X-wings.

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