Thursday, March 2, 2017

Ash Wednesday Rituals Causing Traffic Congestion? Blame the Christians!

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"When it's Iglesia ni Cristo causing traffic jams, social media is flooded with shame campaigns against that religion. How about when it's the Catholic Church? Hardly a word." - Bo Reus

We've read on our Facebook timeline that a traffic congestion along Commonwealth resulted because of the Ash Wednesday rituals happening at many Christian churches on the first day of March 2017. There was an issue raised that hardly news about the struggle comes out when it's the Catholic church that cause the congestion. However, when the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) holds an event, all media outfits, including social media, are all furious with the INC that they could literally strangle the church leaders and members when given the opportunity.

We all know that the majority could easily be manipulated or brainwashed by sensationalized news aggravated by certain groups who have vested interests in mind - there are the "fake news" and the pro or anti political or religious parties who will connect the issue with other issues, and come up with absurd analysis or interpretations.

In any case, we believe the time has come when we should no longer be expressing our thoughts out on the streets where clarity of purpose could never be found.

Regardless of always being able to submit to the authorities your plans to hold strikes or rallies, it is unfair to let the local government provide for the rerouting and contingency plans just to accommodate you. We all know our roads are not enough for all our vehicles that every disruption causes further chaos for all.

The reason why people complain is because they do not clearly understand why you are out there, when we could very well use other means like online networks to reach out to more people, and then personally meet them where both of you will be comfortable and in the best of condition.

Reach out to only a few at certain times to gain more positive results. Going out in the streets could just be perceived as a publicity stunt to get attention. It could be seen only as a show of force to either taunt or ridicule the public of your supremacy.

This suggestion goes out to all religions. We believe the higher form of beings out there would agree with us.

When you're stuck in traffic, and tired, hungry, stressed, and needed to pee, the mind has no room for logical thinking. We would readily curse the ones causing the congestion regardless how noble their cause or intentions are.

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