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What People Say About That Darn Rat Found in a Starbucks Frappuccino

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Starbucks is launching cans of coffee spiked with protein. They are also testing a drink called the Dark Barrel Latte that taste like Guinness minus the alcohol. But what is this I've heard of a frappucino that comes with a free baby rat?

Due diligence requires now that you need to inspect before you sip your coffee because of a recent news that flooded social media due to the exclusive report of a popular television network.

Many people said it was so "kadiri" or yucky to find a rat in a starbucks frappuccino coffee. If it was true, I would be doing a hell of a lot of crazy vomiting right now. Just the thought of it would make me want to puke all day indeed. 

But how come many netizens seem to be bashing this girl who claims to have found the mini Mickey Mouse in her Starbucks drink? Was it the fact that she already went out of the cafe so it gave her every opportunity to put a dead vermin inside the drink? 

Does it really count if the discovery happened outside the cafe?

By the way, did you know that there is really a rat named Starbuck?

Below are some of what people say about this rat incident. What do you notice from their statements? Do you find their information credible enough to be believable?

"As a Former and Proud Starbucks Partner/Barista, I can honestly say that this is just a shameless ploy to make money off STARBUCKS. The blenders Starbucks uses are expensive top of the line Vitamix or BlendTec mixers. If there really was a rat in that woman's blended beverage, it would have been reduced to nothing but bits and pieces, in her case it was still whole.  
The blended Mickey would have bled too turning the drink a nice Christmas Red. Any Barista would have been able to spot that because we manually place whipped cream and syrup on the drink and place a dome lid on the drink. After which we pick the cup up and READ the most likely misspelled name hence any Barista would be able to see something is wrong with the drink. This complainant is shameless and I hope karma gets her back big time." - Drew Wiegel - Sarmiento

"I really think this is full of bull. Why?1. How could the rat be in her Starbucks drink when all their cups are turned upside down before being used to serve the drink?

2. Why is the rat still intact? It should've been shredded in the blender because she ordered a frap. And to think she claims she discovered therat halfway through her drink.

3. Only the baristas are allowed inside the bar. The maintenance person is not allowed to stay there for a prolonged period of time. And, Starbucks don't cook meals in their stores, all of their sandwiches, pastries & cakes are delivered as is.

4. Why did she ask to blur her face for the news interview? Because she doesn't look the part of a regular Starbucks customer. HAHAHAHAHA!!!" - Toshi Koshimizu

"As an avid Starbucks fan, i'll go in defense of Starbucks against the alleged dead rat in a frappucino cup at one of the Starbucks branches in Mandaluyong, Philippines.

I am now in Starbucks confirming my defense. First off, how can a deadrat possibly come out of these little tubes (shown on the photos) which a Starbucks staff uses to pour milk on the cup? They make use of like 2 or 3 of these then the cup goes straight to the blender. The alleged rat was shown intact in the claim. It would have been battered to pieces. But no, it was hard and in one piece. That was a frappucino order! Yes, BLENDED. And all done in front of YOU! 
Secondly, one doesn't just sip. You kinda like stir your drink with that famous green straw after the 1st or 3rd sip. The dead rat was claimed to only have been discovered after the cup is half full, right after they left the store! If only the dead rat can sing. So from which side street were you picked up little thing?

Third and last, oh i can feel this girl! She's full of baloney! She was like close to 'alright case is closed they said they will call me' during the interview! Felt like she's running out of L-I-E-S ooops i forgot the N. I mean LINES. She's running out of LINES(?) talking to the reporter. I'd be raising both hell and heaven if i even taste a mouse on my effin drink!!! 
This is a BIG JOKE and it has gotten way out of hand and is even a bigger joke that ABSCBN would believe this sh*t!

Yeah girl, puke all you want! I'd throw up just being you too!!!" - Makin Komi

"I've worked with Starbucks for more than 3 years and this is my opinion Re: the issue,
(Tataglish-in ko na lang para madaling intindihin, at Pinoy naman ako, I believe kayo ding makakabasa nito).
Unang-una, Ate, WALA KAMING KUSINA, ginagawa namin yung drinks nyo sa harap ninyo ng may sinusunod na beverage quality standards. Kahit subukan kong maglasing para mas dibdibin yung hinanaing mo eh hindi ko maintindihan kung saan ka kumuha ng apog para ipagpilitan yang katangahang pakulo mo. 
Ang malaking tanong: Paano, PAANO mapupunta yung bubwit na yun doon?? Mas malabo pa sa sabaw ng pusit na sa process ng pag gawa ng drink sya mapupunta — Oh sige, isipin nalang natin na na blend yun ate tulad ng kathang isip na pakulo mo. 
HELLO?! High-powered yung mga Blenders namin (Vitamix / BlendTec ) sa store, at kahit cellphone mo, oh kamay mo eh kayang durugin no'n kaya wag kang ano dyan!
Sabihin nating na blend yung bubwit, Sana nagmistulang Red Velvet Frappuccino yung drink mo sa dugo nun! Eh hindi naman sya durog, so ibig sabihin, tapos na syang gawin, bago sya napasok dun. 
So na-pour na yung drink sa cup at dun palang sya pumasok, ANO HINDI LALANGOY PATAY AGAD?!? Nag Diving lesson yung bubwit kaya smooth ung pagdive nya sa drink? Walang talsik-tubig effect pra hindi mapansin ng finishing partner? Eh isali sa Olympics yan! Gets mo?! 
So eto nga, umalis na pala kayo ng store bago mo nakita yung bubwit, pano mo kame mapapaniwalang Starbucks pa din ang may kasalanan dyan eh wala na kayo sa premises bago mo nakita, AT NAPAKALAHATI MO YUNG DRINK HA!! UHAW LANG?!! 
Nagpacheck-up ka, may Dx ka ng Gastroenteritis (kase pinipilit mong sumula kaya namaga sikmura mo) at may traces agad ng Leptospirosis (in fairness ang bilis!) sige, we dare you, magpacheck-up ka ulit, but this time, sasamahan ka ng isa sa mga partner / support partner ng Starbucks / Rustan Coffee. Baka mabuko ka teh! 
At hindi mag aapologize ang manager? Ate isang malaking kalokohan yan, sa tinagal-tagal kong nagtrabaho, madami akong naging kaibigan, nakaduty, at kilalang managers / management, AND WE FOLLOW A SPECIFIC SERVICE RECOVERY STEPS pag dating sa mga ganyang issue! 
Ate, kung gagawa ka ng storya, yung kapani-paniwala at yung madaling i-analyze. Hindi nagpabaril si Rizal sa Luneta para sa ganyang ugali ng Pilipino. Facepalm ka ate! Nakakapang init ka ng anit! 
Hindi ka na bago sa amin ate, madami kayong ganyan, iba-iba lang style nyo para abusuhin yung kabaitan ng Starbucks Partners. Alam na namin pakay nyo, mga alien!
Kahit yung spokesperson ng Sanitation Mgt. ramdam ko na kahit sya hindi naniniwala sa mga pinagsasabi mo dahil ang dami nyang hinihinging proof sayo, SAD NO?! 
Wag kangmag alala ate, may karamay ka, may humabol pang reklamo. Si kuya naman eh may langaw daw yung drink nya, baka daw mamatay sya! Mangiyak ngiyak pa si koya! PERSTAYM HO?? 
Nagpost ng picture kalahati na din yung drink at kakadapo lang nung langaw. SIR NAMAN! Nakaupo ka ba naman sa labas ng store, EH BAKA NASA PILIPINAS KA AT HINDI LINGID SA KAALAMAN MONG MAY LANGAW DITO SA BANSA NATIN! 
Gawa kayo ng Group ni Ate Bubwit, mag recruit kayo, NGAYON na! 
I STRONGLY SUPPORT STARBUCKS AGAINST THIS STUPID ISSUE. I was a partner before, and forever will be partner, at heart!" - Marco Carlo Calibara

I don't give a rat's turd about this issue since I've been going to Starbucks for several years now, from her in Manila to provinces like Cebu, and other places where there's one, but I haven't even experienced any problem with them except for no Wi-Fi access provisions. 

My advise to the girl if I was a bully: Are. You. Fucking. Kidding. Me. With. This. Shit? You should pull your wadded panties out of your asshole and consider what you're pissing and moaning about for a minute.

My advise to the online bullies: As humans we have lost the reason why we are called the most intelligent being in this world. We really do not know how the rat got there in the first place, and are unsure if it was intentionally put, or there was a stupid mistake , or accident, done at the Starbucks counter where they prepared the drink. Do not feel butthurt if you think this is just a scam to make Starbucks shell out some dough to the complainant. I don't think that Starbucks gives a rat's ass about what's happening now because they are so damn rich that they can easily do some damage reputation to quickly recover, while the victim may still remain almost as poor as a rat.

Let us not bash. A rat was murdered in a Starbucks cup for Christ sake! What kind world are we living in? Calling the attention of Pam Anderson, Bill Maher, Alicia Silverstone, Cindy Crawford and all of those animal-lovers from PETA!

Be kind. Don't be an ignorant twatsicle. Pick your battles. Try not to be a cunt. Pull your heads out of your asses. Want to be a child of God? Act like it. And get over your first world bullshit. I've learn that Starbucks uses Monsanto - milk from cows that eat GMOs which have not been proven safe for human consumption.yet many companies like Starbucks continue to use GMO-fed dairy milk. 

Tell Starbucks you’re not a lab rat. 

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  1. Do not feel butthurt if you think this is just a scam to make Starbucks shell out some dough to the complainant. I don't think that Starbucks gives a rat's ass about what's happening now because they are so damn rich that they can easily do some damage reputation to quickly recover, while the victim may still remain almost as poor as a rat. Rat Control in Southall

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