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What's Up with All the Wazzup?: When Brands Claim Rightful Ownership, or Not!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

I don't really get it why someone will make a fuzz out of something so obviously insignificant. When you're really a great brand, people will find you no matter how many other brands try to imitate you. When there's an almost identical branding, people might make a mistake at first, but eventually they'll recognize their mistake and bounce back towards their preferred brands.

When we don't really have an exclusive ownership of a brand name, we can never restrict anybody else to use it (regardless of how closely similar it is). Just as how so many brands have used "Green" as part of their names, they will only stand out differently or above the rest if they are the "Green" people really want or need.

Branding is the tricky part when almost all forms of promotions have been used. Most people are wise enough against gimmicks and other marketing tactics but there are still the masses who are often brainwashed subconsciously when they are offered something they can easily relate to.

Tapping into the inner most desires of the people is everyone's intention to make a name for themselves. It takes the better brand to come up with a product that would really instigate an improved society and eventually change the world.

With regards to the blogger who is complaining about why there's another domain name similar to his blog, well I could ask him to reminisce to the good old days when he was a member of the Wazzup Pilipinas Facebook group where he also attends events we organize. 

When I created my blog, I was unaware of his blog's existence.

Neither one of us was first to use WAZZUP and we are not the only ones using it so whatever confusion exists was already there even before we started with our own respective blogs. We have different leading content. I'm more known for events and media partnerships, and he is more popular with showbiz features. There's a big difference.

I already privately messaged him earlier. I told him to discuss this between ourselves. It's the right thing to do. Why does he have to make a show out of this? He wants me to explain on his thread and doesn't want to discuss it privately. He even gave me a deadline to bring down the other site. Out of delicadeza? Lol!

So if he wants to put this issue out into the open for all the bashers, negas, bullies, rumor mongerers and other online misfits to feast on, I will not hesitate to do the same. "Sabi nga nila kapag may katwiran, ipaglaban mo!"

I hate to look back at his previous offer but since he refuses to discuss the issue privately, and intends to involves others who are unaware of the real reasons, then I have no choice but to post the convo when he once offered to setup a new blog for himself if only I would give him something in exchange.
I've never even promoted the other site so as not to further add to the so called "confusion." My site has proven itself so many times already. It has its own significant place among the many equally exceptional blogs out there. I don't really need to compete with or steal any other blog's popularity or fame. My blog can stand upright on its own.

Whatever the reason the other site exists is a private matter and I am not obligated to explain since like he said on his FB wall post, he does not have the patent to exclusively use the word WAZZUP. Not everyone knows there's another site whose name is similar to mine....and anybody can use it whenever and wherever they like.

If he still remembers, his original site was previously spelled with a single Z, and he even told me he bought the new domain to make it double Z (since that is the most appropriate and common spelling of the word), even though he knows very well that it will make our sites nearly almost similar. He said he could benefit from the "confusion." Whether it was just a joke, a half-truth, or totally means nothing, it doesn't really matter since I never really cared about my views. Blogging was never my bread and butter. It's just an advocacy that I enjoy so much.

He only bought the PH domain when my site got into a controversy. When my site was the talk of the town due to some issues being thrown at us, his choice was to rebrand his blog to avoid association with our blog. But did he really make it an effective re-branding by still using WAZZUP?

I beg to differ.

What should the better man do now?

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