Friday, January 29, 2016

Netizens React When American Poll Speaker Compares Duterte to Trump

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"The drive of the media should be to tell the story, not to shape the story. One of the problems when covering polls excessively is that you’re declaring winners and losers well before the voters have had the chance to chime in."

Professor Alan Schroeder of the School of Journalism at the Northeastern University in Boston has noted similarities between the Philippines and the United States polls in terms of candidates and coverage for the May 9 elections. He compares Rodrigo Duterte to Donald Trump, and Grace Poe to Ted Cruz.

I could see why: they're two popular, influential political figures backed up by a big horde of [insert adjective]. Trump is much like Duterte in campaign style and ability to dish out provocative one liners.

Schroeder is in the country to talk about covering the elections and its role in educating the public for a more informed vote. But as Qui-Gonn Jinn of Star Wars has said, "the ability to speak, does not make you intelligent."

What an idiotic thing to say and compare! Shame on him to compare Duterte to trump, Trump is nothing but an egotistical self centered son of a beach! All he cares about is money! They're both very vocal but you cant compare them at all. Duterte has a good track record as a government official but Trump has no record at all. Duterte apparently has no money and loves his country so much so that he is willing to die for it because the Philippines is still worth dying for! Unlike Trump, Duterte isn't a homophobic and Islamophobic. Clearly, this "journalist" doesn't understand what he is saying.

I agree with Mr. Shroeder in one thing, journslists and media shall tell the story not shape it. Unfortunately, in the Philippines it's more on shaping for their own agenda. So biased that only candidates that they can benefit from are usually given credits on their stories, blinding the people of just and truth.

Schroeder stressed the vital role of journalists in aiding the voters ability to see through the candidates' "consistencies, stands, and attempts to manipulate." He pointed out the candidates that only jokes around like clowns and have no concrete proposals.

You have to read articles from real journalist/writers/bloggers who are balanced and not biased. Be very careful in reading because not all articles are true. Don't judge and comment immediately, try to research more!

Hopefully voters will be informed adequately via other means so we can elect a better leader in the coming election.Change will eventually come if the Philippines becomes descent and public servants are disciplined. Unfortunately, this country would need Fidel Castro or Kim Jong-Il just to get the whole country straight.

Trump versus Duterte? Two very opposing personalities, except they are both expressive. They both like to say anything to no exception, whether you are an ordinary person or a high-high-ranking one. But I still haven't seen anything of Duterte embarrassing a protester though, unlike Trump.

But those were idiots protesting during Trump rallies. Some even were set up by news organizations like the Muslim woman. Besides, nobody protested during any of Duterte's rallies, so there is no basis for comparison. Of course, everybody is afraid of Duterte, the self-confessed murderer.

For many, there i no comparison with Duterte n Trump. Duterte has experience running government. He is not afraid of debates! Ask Duterte a question and he will answer straightforward, unlike Trump who can't answer questions about how he will he handle issues the government is facing!

Duterte and Cayetano were the only ones present in the La Salle debates, if you will call it one. He won't join the Comelec-sponsored debates unless the DQ cases filed against him are resolved first by the poll body. What's the use for Duterte joining the debate if he is disqualified.

Running a business empire worth billions is far more complicated than running government. Why do you think Trump is leading in all the polls by a mile? Though Duterte is a 7 term mayor of Davao which is one of the safest cities in the world.

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