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What People Say About PNP Chief Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa's Sponsored Trip at Manny Pacquiao's Fight

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"Strictly legal input: public officials are prohibited under the law from accepting gifts of ANY kind (including donations, even during vacation leave). RA 3019 and the Revised Penal Code provisions on Qualified Bribery and Bribery are some of the applicable laws. 3019 is a special law so it's malum in se, the mere commission of the act is a violation. Lack of intention or malice is NOT a defense. In addition, there are various Codes of Conduct depending on the branch of government. The ratio is clear: to remove actual and APPEARANCE of conflict of interest. It's a protection for the public official, i. E., precisely to avoid situations such as this where the public official's character is questioned, regardless of "clean" intentions. But hey, that's just the lawyer talking." - Agatha De Jesus

Sometimes, you can get in trouble by being honest. Kasalanan din yung tatanga-tanga. This is in reference to Philippine National Chief Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa's sponsored trip to watch Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao's fight against Jessie Vargas in Las Vegas, and is now the subject of an Omby=udsman probe.

Public officials are not allowed to accept any gifts, money, etc. but tell me how many politicians go on junket trips paid by tax payers money. Is it an excuse if the person(s) in question puts in more days and hours of work compared to many people in government. He used time. to watch the fight If he filed for a leave then, maybe it's a little less of a sin. At least di nya ginamit ang pera ng bayan para makapanood noon? Nevertheless, no matter what is his reasoning, it does not wash off the bigger mistake.

Pacquiao spend his own money to allow his friends to enjoy his fight live (But who's saying he is not also taking advantage of his salary as a government official? After all, he is obviously frequently absent at "work" to attend to his training and fight. There is the question of taxpayer's money spent unwisely since he is expected to come out with less output compared to being 100% at the Senate, or in complying to his previous position). This is a luxury that would have been not possible for honest government employees.

I doubt that anything will come out of it. It's just painful to see such a high-ranking and very visible official claiming that he wasn't aware that there's anything irregular about accepting gifts. That goes for the senator too. I spent two years in government and was briefed about this during my on boarding. How could these officials have gone through the years of service without knowing this?

But people are saying Morales will find any fault with the Duterte government but its obvious she protects the many sins of Aquino and his people. It would be good to see the ombudsman probing SAF44, Yolanda funds, DAF, PDAF scam, hotel in bilibid, proliferation of drugs by DE5, MRT crisis, overprice police jeeps, laglag bala, etc.. first before this bribery issue of Bato.

"I think Bato and his family deserved this once-in-a-lifetime treat. Honest, hard-working man that he is, he has arrived at that point in his life where he is receiving great blessings. I wouldn't doubt he has prayed many-a-time that God grant him an opportunity such as this if only to reward him for his rough journey through life. That would be my perspective if I were in his shoes. Heck, I didn't even have the chance to watch the fight. Anyway.. I could easily say to a certain you-know-who to stop accepting invitations to be part of the Summer & Winter Olympic Games at the expense of the POC while our precious athletes do not even receive enough compensation for their life-long commitments to sports and the glory that it brings to the country; or I could suggest to avoid attending major events like the NY Marathon (for whose glory I'm unsure) while certain children's sports activities are being greatly neglected. BATO has admitted that if it were truly unlawful, he is willing to be jailed for his actions. Of course, if it were not for the sheer amount of money spent (I have friends who can and do afford this!), and okay maybe also the time taken away from his job (because, hey Bato, we need you here!) this would naturally have gone unnoticed. But as it is, he is an important public official who will always be under scrutiny right down to his choice of watch or something. But please, let's pick our fights well and focus on those who have been abusing their place in society for decades. Can't we give the guy a break? " - Suzanne Fc

Vice President Leni Robredo allegedly used a private jet for a speaking engagement. I believe Rotary Club of Naga paid for the private jet rent so that Leni could attend. If this was the case, the Ombudsman should put Leni on the hot seat as well for taking the offer. Just saying....... If the Ombudsman is very particular on these petty stuff, file a case to everyone who violates the law and not just for a selected few.

The same standard applies almost anywhere so I'm irked that some people choose to try to justify these actions or skirt around the issue because, among others (1) one was allegedly on leave, (2) it's not public funds (in this case it is,Pacquiao is a senator so it's possible that a portion of the fund spent came from our taxes), (3) there are others who are more guilty, and, the worst, (4) the OMB should investigate Yolanda, etc. Rule of law was invoked very recently for the LNMB issue. I'm also invoking the rule of law for this one.

Looks like this is the promised change - I am in power so I can choose what laws to follow. The law is the law. Bato is not exempt and so are all government officials. Leadership by example, please.

*Credits to all who made the statements

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