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Chef Laudico's Feast is Now Open at SM Clark in Angeles, Pampanga

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"#FeastAllYouCan with our wide spread of dishes, from all time Pinoy favorites to amazing fusion dishes, each recipe is made from the freshest ingredients with all natural spices and flavoring."

Chef Laudico's Feast - a festival of food just as how we Filipinos love to celebrate every occasion with a festive feast. Their newest buffet restaurant located at SM Clark in Angeles, Pampanga may not be as big as some of the other brands out there in Manila, but aside from the flavorful select dishes, the restaurant has a big heart to offer only the best for your health - like no MSGs or artificial and instant seasonings, just like their other restaurants carrying the Laudico brand.

They use only natural spices and flavoring and never the branded ones which offer instant flavorings that contain unwanted and unnecessary ingredients that would eventually only cause more harm than good.

What I love about the Laudicos is that they serve only what's best for you. Like in our interview earlier, though I was encouraging everyone to come visit the restaurant daily, Chef Roland immediately said that's not advisable because we might get a heart attack if we abuse our food intake. Lol!

This is probably why my cover photo is the sushi and not the "meaty" dishes, I am for a bountiful feast but as what Chef Roland implied, we don't need to abuse our health by pampering ourselves with a buffet meals occasionally only. But just how can you resist coming back to a smorgasbord of gastronomic delights? Well, some people say we only live once, so our lifetime should be spent experiencing everything possible before regrets come in to haunt us. However, we also need to live a good, productive and fruitful life so we can leave a legacy worth remembering.

Filipino dishes will forever be the highlight of their restaurants. There are over 100 dishes served at Chef Laudico's Feast that it is impossible for a person to be able to try everything in just one visit. Chef Roland said that with the space restrictions, they are presenting their dishes on a layered style of which there will be several levels displaying the dishes. Their meat station offers several choices of our favorite slabs of meat displayed side by side.`12 They also introduce different dishes every now and then so that customers would always find something new at every visit. 

Each and every dish is prepared with your best benefit in mind. This is why the celebrity chef couple is most probably blessed with good fortunes and a happy family. May they continue to advocate pure ingredients on their every recipe - from starters, salads, soups ... to main entrees and side dishes....and lastly to the desserts. May they continue to raise the level of being a true "chef" that won't be tempted to do short-cuts in preparing their meals.

Chef Roland Laudico would primarily recommend his favorite "Kare-Kare" which is made from peanuts they grind themselves and not just using ready-made peanut butter. I've actually been to all their restaurants and all have been very satisfactory for me. Their buffet restaurant in San Juan is exceptional but specializes in only Filipino cuisine, while this Pampanga restaurant offers international cuisines like Japanese, Korean, American and probably many more soon.

Of course, Chef Jacqui's pastry specialties are always the sweet and memorable endings for every dining experience. You'll never get tired of the Pinoy "kakanin" but would also indulge on the other treats that every sweet tooth will love. Many would say "Hindi nakakasaw or nakakaumay ang kanilang dessert" which I would definitely agree. Aside from the Chocolate Fondue, they have four flavors of soft-serve ice cream - vanilla, cheese, chocolate and ube - that you can top with colorful sprinkles or other stuff that's available there. I combined all four on my bowl but one of my friends added vanilla ice cream on her coffee, which of course you are allowed to do. It also made me think that there's really nothing stopping us from being imaginative or creative and trying out dish combinations as well. Talk about taking "fusion" to the next level!

Better if I just show you photos and videos of some of the mouth-watering dishes served at Chef Laudico's Feast. You can see more of the photos at our official Facebook page at and videos at our official video channel at

Our foodie adventure at Chef Laudico's Feast of Chefs Roland and Jacqui Laudico

Aside from the video coverage of the entire talk of Chefs Roland and Jacqui Laudico, we also have an exclusive interview with them where they share their other recommended dishes that you should put on the top of your list on your first visit. Come back again to try the others soon.

Complementing the dishes are the festive decors. You would notice their ceilings designed to have seemingly banderitas-looking images. Capiz-made chandelier-like ornaments hanging from above. Their walls are adorned with the familiar traditional Filipino weaves from leaves you can find in the Philippines. They also allocated space for future collaborations with Filipino artists by providing a portion of their walls where artists can post their paintings or artworks.

It's not all about the sumptuous food but also the excellent service.

Expect to be greeted with warm smiles from Chef Laudico's Feast Kampampangan crew who are all ready to serve and please you. Even though it's a self-service buffet restaurant, there are helpful servers around that will look after you when you need something like an extra spoon or a glass of water. They would always attend to you with the most sincerest smiles.

Since the people of Pampanga are also well-known as experts in cooking, it is not surprising that the kitchen crew will always come out with superbly done dishes especially that they are led by celebrity couple Chefs Roland and Jacqui Laudico.

Congratulations again to the Laudicos for another restaurant venture that will surely be a big hit. I'm sure they would branch out to other locations soon, so I will always be among the first ones to try them out too. If not, I would have to take extra effort to go there but there would always be enough reasons to persuade me tovisit especially when attending events that only Pampanga offers - like the annual hot air balloon festivals which happens twice, one at Clark and another one at Lubao. Those events, happening every February and April, are great to look forward to, and immediately after the balloon launch at early in the morning, people can come and visit Chef Laudico's Feast for lunch or dinner. Now, that's a great way to end another day of our Pampanga adventure.

Chef Laudico's Feast is located at the Ground Level, BPO 1 of SM City Clark just right across Radisson Inn Clark. They are also infront of the huge parking space so you have more chances of finding a space for your vehicle, whether motorbike or car.


Monday-Friday: Php 499.00
Kids (3ft-4.5ft): Php 249.00

Monday-Friday : Php599.00
Kids (3ft-4.5ft): Php 299.00

Weekends and Holidays
Adults: Php699.00
Kids (3ft-4.5ft): Php 349.00

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