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Sharon Cuneta Rants About Slow Wi-Fi (Internet), Netizens React Harshly

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Sharon Cuneta, like most everyone else, posted on Facebook her frustration about the slow "Wi-Fi" of which she is most probably referring to her Internet connection.

She is not alone on that particular fact since it is actually a nationwide dilemma where people have been complaining to the telco companies providing Internet services that are rather slow compared to the rest of the world. Several studies have shown that we have relatively one of the slowest, if not the slowest, Internet aside from being very expensive.

But netizens reacted to Sharon Cuneta's post and proceeded to blame mostly her husband, Kiko Pangilinan whom they say had several years as a Senator but was powerless to do anything about it.

"I cannot believe (or take) how super SLOW wi-fi still is in the Philippines. How can I expect my country to progress a little faster if it doesn't even have the very basics necessary in this new techie world we move in? So beyond frustrating. Imagine if something like a document was very, very urgent, bound to affect a whole bunch of people, and you couldn't get it across because e-mail (or something as simple as a video upload) just wouldn't fly? Oh, please Lord, let them fix this never-ending problem. It's bad enough that we have to deal with the traffic situation and would rather stay home. Now we can't even expect to get things done ASAP sitting on our butts. Grrrrr!" - Sharon Cuneta

"Your hubby is a lawmaker why not pass a bill for urgent changes or his just sit his butt as well together with the other LP . Sometimes think what should be published in social media because it will (be) thrown back to you.." - Lea Gaitano Greene

"Why complain now? You should have made ur husband do that long long long long time ago when he himself has been the "so called" law maker." - Anj Lin

"how many years is your hubby in the government position? Why only now you`re complaining shawie?Pres. duterte is not a magician na lahat ng problemang iniwan ng mga kaalyado ninyo ay magagawa kaagad niya.. It´s always priority comes first ,thou the Pres. promised to fix that thing.kung maka demand kayo ASAP kaagad?..sabihin mo sa asawa mo tumulong siya sa programa ng presidente hindi yong puro against nalang sila. sa Senate..Give the president the chance to finish his term para makikita natin ang resulta ng pagsusumikap niya para sa bayan.. Sorry.. I`m also your avid fan mula nong bata kapa but this time i must have to say m something against your opinion.." - Merli Fuchs

"I'm your avid fan Ms Sharon but I won't be in your page in this case. I was once had idolised ur hubby but not now. It's obvious he never did his part for d good of his countrymen. He never moved his butt neither utilise his role to contribute goodness for our country. Unfortunately your married to him. But yeah! Your closer to him why not whisper to him your desperations? May you as well loved Mega star can help our country instead of those politician. I still love you personally." - Neth Balacuit

"You are a good talker like your husband ,but not a doer of a good will for suffering people. Both of you are blessed with monies and power ,but both of you NEVER help the suffering people in the Philippines....Sympathy doesn't count, compassion in action does....Tell your husband to go to work and make a difference on people lives. Stop being evil paranoid control freaks wasting people taxes on doing nothing ,but to go against loving hard working President Duterte. Your husband done nothing ,but to received his paycheck monthly. Do something good for the suffering people.." - Imelda Basilo Sevilleja

" true shawie i am your avid fan but its obvious your hubby is pulling you down .this time..he has been in the governmnt service for long enough with the Pinoy side pa maski trafik wala slang nagawa...din isisi nnyo kay pres. duterte ngayon.? less than a year pa cya? mskupad kumilos yang hubby mo...ngayon lang namin na realize kay may benchmark na kami...ang action ng pres. duterte" - Grace Garciano Guinares Gantuangco
"Wow! Some comments on my last post about how slow Wi-Fi is in this country are funny or from those who are incredibly...uninformed or misinformed (I'm being kind here.)!
Okay, since I think it is a fact that people know that I am...lemme just say not "unsmart," and even if I do not have all day to type out detail after detail of how "it" works --- here's a little explanation for those who have no idea what they are wrongly complaining about.
There are 104 million Pinoys and we have, from both TelCos (a "duopoly," sadly, in our country) a mere 15,000 cell sites, as compared to, say, Malaysia which has a population of about 29 million AND 25,000 CELL SITES, talagang kulelat at kawawa naman tayo.
Now, what the President and legislators and other politicians can do in our country to attempt to fix this wi-fi problem is to perhaps try to PUSH the TelCos to invest more in their infrastructure (build more cellsites) and improve their services. I dunno what they are thinking but if I were a businessman with almost no competition at dalawa lang kami, baka tamarin na akong gumastos pa sa pagpapagawa ng dagdag na cellsites. If there were more TelCo players, kahit 2 or 3 more, that would allow for greater competition and subsequently, better services for us Filipinos. 
AND MATAGAL KO NA PONG NIREREKLAMO ITONG PROBLEMANG ITO, HINDI LANG PO NGAYON. Pati si Inday Sara, Mayor Duterte of Davao City, inireklamo din ito nung minsan syang nag-live sa FB. (Hi, Inday!) 
Alangan naman sabihin ng Pangulo o kahit asawa ko at ibang Senador: "Telcos, magdagdag kayo ng cellsites o ipapakulong namin kayo!" Or "Pengeng 1 billion pesos, kasi gusto lang namin!" It doesn't work that way. 
I am sure the President is doing what he promised about having the country's wi-fi improved. For all we know, may meetings na sila ng TelCos para sa ikabubuti nating lahat. After all, they know the solution lies with them and fast wi-fi is urgently needed by all of us. As for all other public servants, kung ano lang po ang kaya at nasa batas na gawin, yun lang ang magagawa nila. Public servants po sila, hindi sila si Lord o mga "genie-in-a-bottle." 
Yun lang ang gusto ko sabihin. Andami ko pang alam sa kakareklamo ko sa asawa ko noon pa at sinasagot niya, pero ayoko na ito ang maging "SONA" ko sa araw po na ito.
Being on FB makes me so happy because it is a way for me to keep in touch with my fans, to be more reachable to them than ever before. Now, it is a given that there will always be trolls, and sometimes, like now, it just makes me feel good that I am helping to "enlighten" those who apparently were not, as one said, "careful about what you post on social media because it might thrown back to you," or something almost as incomprehensible as that. Hahaha!
Please, having said all that, this is a happy page. I do not seek to make enemies. Pero may mag bagay na minsan kailangan linawin. Name-calling is so childish and says more about the troll than it does me, so I am not bothered by that. Busy ako being productive.
Suggestion: Do one good deed a day kahit trolls kayo. Kung puede naman magrequest, respect begets respect and I am always respectful unless am provoked into rudeness, which is not on the surface of my character. So sana, kasi wala namang masama sa pag-disagree, pero magrespetuhan tayo. There are ways of disagreeing without being rude. Unless of course iba ang agenda talaga ng pagiging trolls ninyo eh alam na namin yun.
Lumalabas daw sa mukha ng tao ang asal. Ako laging masayahin at nakangiti. Hala, baka nakakusot ang mukha niyo kung pure negative ang saloobin!
Peace! Have a great day everyone! 
God bless and lots of love." - Sharon Cuneta
However, some people continue to bash her for the slow Wi-Fi, of her being a spoiled brat and born with a silver spoon, and his husband's alleged inability to do something about it even though he is seated in the Senate. This led Sharon to say :
"Funny it seems like you didn't read my last post at all or refuse to understand it or didn't understand it! Wi-fi ang problema ko kasi kailangan ko to keep in touch with my fans here sa FB yon and for business. Sorry - whatever you say my reputation precedes your opinion. Never have been a spoiled brat. In fact, I think the whole country knows I am generous to a fault. I hate even having to say that. I hate politics so don't treat me like a politician please."
Some of them were accused as trolls because they seem to be saying the same thing, or are they just in unison to what is really happening around us?
"Ay oo marami sila more than 50,000 fake accounts yan kaya bilis mag-bash! Off pa nag karamihan pag weekends! Buti sana kung kabash-bash and sinulat ko eh page ko ito opinion ko yun and it's totally my right! Intindihin ang di makaintindi sabi nga ni Mama!" - Sharon Cuneta
We can't deny that there could really be "call center" groups where each person in that group could have several accounts. But that would be hard to prove as the online world is simply to hard to track and monitor. There have been several instances when the posts of different people seem to be very similar and some even like "copy-paste" comments. It is not surprising since it is so easy to create an account on social media. But this could also mean that those so called "fans" or followers of certain celebrities may also be likewise "trolls" paid to be diligent and industrious enough to post on social media so they could "misinform" or deceive people.

What we have to remember is that anything and everything is possible nowadays. You should no longer be surprised when you learn about government designated or elected officials being accused of criminal offenses. There are people that are just too weak to resist the temptation to sin.

Likewise, there are also people who are gullible enough to believe easily what they read online.

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