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Paper Documentation Still on the Rise — ePDS

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Despite the prevalence of digitization today, consumers still prefer holding physical copies of their documents, specifically account statements, as compared to having a digital copy, according to ePDS, Inc., a local leader in Document Management Services (DMS) and Customer Communication Management Solutions.

“The demand for data printing continues to be strong despite the growing presence of digital media,” said Minetta Tangco, EVP and General Manager of ePDS. “This is particularly true for financial institutions, banks, and credit companies, as well as utility companies handling telecommunications, power, and water where majority of their clients expect to receive statements of their accounts via physical documents. Additionally, when it comes to bills, consumers value physical mail as a record-keeping tool, thereby serving as payment reminders,” said Tangco.

“Nevertheless, more and more companies are switching to the digital dimension driven by the increasing trends of big data, cloud technology, end user focus, social sharing information, and security. More and more companies are now targeting and working on achieving a workspace that depends less on paper,” added Tangco.

In today’s digitally connected world, the expectation that information will be available on demand and accessible on any device is likely to be the norm for companies to boost their efficiency. A digital Document Management System addresses the issues of traditional filing systems head on, helping to create more efficient and secure solutions to improve document workflows.

This shouldn’t be a surprise as electronic conversion eliminates the need for manual paper processes which may be prone to errors. It also does away with the need for the retrieval of physical files from filing cabinets or off-site storage. Document management software can transform the management and flow of information, making it possible to turn cluttered and sometimes confusing filing into structured, easy-to-access systems.

Tangco clarifies however that security is still a huge concern for companies contemplating on moving to a paperless environment. “Though most Filipinos appreciate the benefits and advantages of shifting to digital storage of their documents, obviously to save on physical storage space and amount of time accessing these in its physical form, including the convenience of mobile accessibility anytime, anywhere, the thought of jeopardizing the security of sensitive and confidential information over digital access and making it vulnerable to hacking is still a factor.”

This, according to Tangco, is why companies should strive to strike a balance between convenience and effective control in limiting access of use to the system. Achieving this would ensure increase in efficiency and productivity resulting to happier workforce and work environment.

Advising that companies should never forget to practice proper documentation management, Tangco clarifies that data can get out of order if not managed properly and can be lost permanently due to internal and external factors. “Documentation management, both through physical and digital means, should be a top priority in any business.”

Management and maintenance ensures that institutional records of vital historical, fiscal, and legal value are identified and preserved, and that non-essential records are discarded in a timely manner according to established guidelines and identified legislation. When properly enforced, records managements provide institutional accountability and timely access to information.

With proper document and records management, worries about data security also disappear. In a company setting, most document management systems have security restrictions that can control which employees have access to which files. This ensures that employees are seeing only the documents they should. In times of disaster, documentation enables an instant contingency plan as backups are made and can be stored off-premises.

With ePDS Document Management Services (DMS), clients are provided the solutions that strike the right balance between physical and digital document storage as ePDS specializes in both traditional and digital management systems.

“With the consumer’s preference of physical documents and many companies making the digital shift, we are now seeing a convergence of both traditional and digital document management systems,” said Tangco. “Companies should consider this as an opportunity to develop both their physical and digital document management systems to boost efficiency and profitability.”

For 13 years, ePDS, a subsidiary of ePLDT (the digital enterprise enabler of PLDT), has been supporting its clients in reaching out to their customers, partners, associates, and even regulatory bodies by providing variable data printing and mail processing and document management solutions through a wide range of media and output, including physical, digital archives, e-mail, short message service (SMS) and online web pages. For more information about their services, visit

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