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Top Takeaways I Brought Home from the 16th Achievers & Leaders Summit

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Here are the top takeaways I got from the 16th Achievers & Leaders Summit which was recently held at the EDSA Shangri-La Hotel on November 9, 2016.

The summit had Etiquette Expert, Author and Speaker Jacqueline Whitmore as its featured speaker for the day along with a few more speakers like Gerry Plana, Carlo Mata, David Sutherland, Luigi Mapa and Bo Sanchez. However, I was only able to attend the morning session which had only three speakers. So that's supposedly half of the entire summit but maybe not because I feel that the bulk of the enlightening topics were discussed in the afternoon.

So instead of telling the entire story, which I could not really do since I was half-present, lol, I will just echo the most memorable sayings or statements during the morning talks composed of Gerry Plana, Carlo Mata and Jacqueline Whitmore.

A speaker emphasized on the art of 'listening" of which I also believe was greatly important if you really want to understand others. Most of the time we are deaf to what others want to tell us because we insist on making our own ideas stick out and is seldom open to accept our own mistakes. The root of understanding is the ability to listen and "absorb" like a sponge what other people are saying. It is a very important personal leadership brand that we should never take for granted.

Another one shared so many words of wisdom for his topic on Personal Branding Value Proposition like "Be ourselves because everyone else is taken," "Always be a first-rate version of ourselves and not a second-rate version of someone else" and "Don't fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others."

Our passion must match with our strength because passion alone will not take us far. But then again, our attitude determines our altitude. There is such a case of being determined and finally getting what we want. However, we would have a better chance of succeeding if we consider taking advantage of our current skill set where our strong points lies.

We are better off becoming somewhat like a thermostat instead of a thermometer. Like a thermostat, we should change the environment instead of just reporting what's happening around us. He explained that it would be better if we work on ways to make a change instead of just complaining or stating the problem. It's like saying we should be part of the solution, and not just the instigator of trouble.

Remember that we cannot please everybody. Some people will gravitate towards us, and some will hate us. If noone hates us, then we are probably a clown. But then again, clowns can be very scary for some people. A speaker advised that we should surround ourselves with people who are not like us. Sadly, the road to integrity is painful and lonely, but it pays dividends. At the end of the day, it is all about making a difference.

We are also reminded to keep an open mind like parachutes which function only when they're open. It was advised that we surround ourselves with talented / positive people, and to continuously learn so we can continue to earn bigger. Be a life-long learner.

In dealing with people, what we see outside may not be what is really inside.Like an onion, we need to peel away the layers of the skin and get to know the real person. We should go the extra mile and invest on relationships because success is brought to us by not only what we know but also who we know. Other people can help propel us further forward. In being a leader, we should also learn how to delegate and/or ask for help.

Deal with failures and setbacks, and use them as a launching pad to become bigger and better than we were before. Clear the path, reinvent ourselves when necessary, and move forward to get nearer to our goals - get rid of unwanted stuff or excess baggage to be free-er and do anything we put our mind into regardless of our status, age, etc.

Become an inspiration to others. Learn how to give back and reach a point in our lives when we seem to want to give it all away. What it probably means is to consider giving back to the community for being thankful of a prosperous or bountiful life.

Jacqueline Whitmore introduced us also to a child who wanted to make people happy after he himself encountered a traumatic experience. He makes an effort to request for donations of small toys which he eventually gives away to anybody he meets on the streets with the ultimate goal of making them happy.

Thus, at the end of the story projected on screen which touched our emotions and made most of us feel like crying, she also gave each and everyone of us in the room a small yellow rubber ducky toy that squeaks. Making all that noise together makes us realize that even something simple can make us smile, or for some, teary-eyed.

She also gave as a bonus session on table manners by sharing with us some dining etiquette. Just like most everyone else who never frequents fine dining restaurants, I could never really understand which spoon or fork to use on my dishes. I know there are table manners to follow but this is the first time I've attended an event that teaches the basics.

I would have loved to stay the whole day but I had other errands to do that day so it was very unfortunate for me to miss the afternoon session. I'm sure there were plenty more learning that would be beneficial for me in dealing with my friends, colleagues, peers, superiors, and even family and relatives. Getting some pointers on personal branding allows us to realize our shortcomings and continue to capitalize on our confirmed strengths.

Thank you to Salt & Light Ventures, a division of Breakthrough Leadership Management Consultancy and Flair Image Consultancy for the opportunity to attend the 16th Achievers & Leaders Summit. Hope to see them again on their 17th run.

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