Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Coworking Makes Sense at Impact Hub Manila with KMC Solutions

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Any freelancer, home-based employee, and entrepreneur know what it’s like to have an idea, but fail to execute. As your own boss, you’re awarded with the appearance of freedom, but find yourself swamped with more tasks today from failing to finish the tasks of yesterday. As the day goes by, you’re finding it harder to focus on your daily goals.

Working from the comfort of your own home isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and there are several reasons why – the distractions, isolation, lack of collaboration can all build up to one thing, failure.

Firstly, your home provides too much stimulus for you to focus on one single thing. Getting caught in one distraction will lead to procrastination, and then pulling an all-nighter over a deadline that’s coming up. This scenario leads to two possible outcomes; First, you miss the deadline, your client is disappointed, and you stress over it. Second, you meet the deadline, fail to produce quality outcome, your client is disappointed, and you stress over it.

Second, the isolation can drive you nuts. One of the best things about working in an office is seeing people working hard, which in turn, motivates you to do your best as well. There’s always a sense of synergy when you work alongside others, even if you’re not working with them.

Third, you have this great idea that you know is going to be a big hit, but you can’t seem to bridge idea to prototype. What you lack is collaboration, as well as the network, or community to share your idea with. Never be afraid of sharing your idea for fear of having it stolen. In a network of similarly-minded entrepreneurs or possible consumers, sharing your idea could pave way for better user interface, user experience, and pricing, thus a better prototype.

These are the exact reasons why Impact Hub Manila collaborated with KMC Solutions to present you with four coworking spaces around Manila that will cater to your needs as a creative entrepreneur. There’s a vibrant learning community waiting for you at Impact Hub Manila today to collaborate, create, and make a global impact. Join them and network with the world’s most innovative professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders.

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