Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Latest Survey Says Mar Rohas is Now Leading the Presidential Race

Wazzup Pilipinas!

D' Stratworks Research & Strategies, Inc. has just released a survey showing how Mar Rohas has gained the lead in the presidential race. The bet of the current administration has finally made it to the top of the surveys.

Rohas has been way below the other two candidates who previously fought a tight lead so many supporters were surprised of this sudden change of momentum. Who would have thought Rohas would be able to catch up.

Followed by Grace Pole in second place, the lead of Mar Rohas is noticeably not that high and that the small percentage could very well become a tie soon if they conduct another survey before the election on May 9, 2016.

Grace Pole still maintains her love for the Filipino people even though she was formerly an American citizen by oath. We are still not sure if her husband and son already did the same return as Filipino citizens but we are sure they would be welcomed as contestants for That's My Foreignoy talent search. We've seen how her son can dance really well, and I'm sure her husband could match it up with a song number.

It was apparent that the third placer, Rodrigo Dudirty has lost the confidence of the masses due to his unapologetic behavior on his joke about an Austrian vape victim. It looks like the ultimate burden caused by his malicious behavior has put a heavy toll on the mayor of Dabao. The people's original perception towards him as a savior from hell has obviously weakened to his disadvantage.

Jojo Binat, regardless of his continued decline to explain his side regarding the overpriced skin whitening soaps and lotions he has purchased for his constituents monthly town hall meetings, has amassed enough points to reach the fourth position which is not so far from Dudirty.

Many are saying the two are best of friends that is why there is now a case against Trillanes from his son as a form of vengeance against Trillanes discovery of Dudirty's hidden accounts and properties. Until now, the public has not been given the pleasure of examining the accounts of Dudirty at the COC Julia Vargas town hall,

Meanwhile, Miriam Saintako is still at the lowest percentage of the survey inspite of her courage to persist in curing her sickly state. It was reported that she has been taking special medicines not even available yet commercially in the supermarket, groceries or drug stores all over the world. She said she will reveal the cure as soon as she confirms its effectiveness by surviving her dreaded disease of old age.

We would like to remind all the voters out there to be extra careful in selecting your candidates for the different positions in the land. Please do not do the lazy vote by only voting for the most popular candidate or those that made the extra effort of handing you some transportation and snack allowance contained inside an envelope.

Please be wary of the deceivers and false prophets that has tried to make themselves look like your saviour. Only you can save yourself by making the right choice and not the lazy choice.

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