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Choosing the Lesser Evil Among the Presidential Candidates

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Only a few days to go before the national election in the Philippines, and yet many of us are still undecided on who to vote for on May 9.

Why, because we find no one among the presidential candidates worthy of the highest position in the country. Please do not call us perfectionists since you can hardly find anyone without any fault. But we believe it is because we are left to choose among the lesser evil.

The choices we have are quite unappealing which leads us to ask "Isn't there a more decent Filipino that could run for President?'

And when we say decent, it does not mean the "decent" that the Mar Roxas camp brands itself. We have our own meaning of the word decent and it does not reflect him at all.

The 2016 elections, just like every election before that, might turn out to be just another popularity campaign. Those candidates whose names are more actively proliferated throughout the many corners of the country, or highly grandstanded on a nationwide level, are those that win the vote of the masses. After all, not everyone is concerned of the nitty-gritty details about a candidate and just vote for the one who they originally favor in the very beginning. No more research since which of these information can you really trust nowadays. The Internet can be filled with so many propaganda stories especially if you have the funds to sell yourself online via release of so many positive news about you. It's usually the less talked about who really does the hard work, but he or she could not advertise their accomplishments that abundantly.

Overall, the world could be full of shit but many have the capacity to brainwash the people to believe those shit are good for us.

Below are some of our insights about the presidential candidates. Please read on and hope these information helps you vote wisely.

The Mar Roxas Tragedy (MRT) would be this man's political demise. Add traffic congestion everywhere you look in the metro. Nowadays, you'll always be delayed on the road even during the middle of the day.

It is very unfortunate of him to be at the wrong time and at the wrong department. Though he excelled academically, he never really excelled in mass appeal because the department he leads were succumbed to a lot of negativity, controversies and failures under his leadership.

Let us try to believe that it was not their original sin but only was passed on to them by the previous administration. However, he had 6 years to resolve the issues which should be enough time to build a better reputation by making it good at other tasks. The effort to convince the people that he is worthy of their votes continues to be weak.

He is obviously hot-headed based on the three presidential debates, and from his interviews with media. He was always glaringly furious of her opponents or detractors, and was always eager to challenge them to the point of bad-mouthing.

Regardless if he is telling the truth, we could never really afford to let him handle the highest position in the land. He is not fit to be as president because it should be reserved to the open-minded who believes in transparency.

The president should never condone the failure of his cabinet members and officials at every department or agency. All tasks that they fail to accomplish should be given a corresponding penalty.

Corruption begins when you believe teamwork traits should be applied within the government. Everyone should be kicking butts in the government to assure everyone will do his job appropriately, judiciously and completely. They should never give favors to each other or their friends and relatives, and they should never believe that moderating or letting the greed find home within their ranks is the only solution to maintain a harmonious relationship with their peers.

The government culture must change, but not in the ways of a tyrant who's ready to slain everyone he sees unfit to his society, or a deceiver like a wolf masquerading as a sheep.

Grace Poe once gave up her rights as a Filipino, and swore commitment to the United States and its constitution. Then she abandoned her US rights again, because she was encouraged to seat as President in Malacanang Palace.

We do not condemn her for becoming a US Citizen, as we have every right to seek greener pastures for us and our family. I would do the same if given the chance. There is no denying that the opportunities on foreign land are more rewarding. This is why many have decided to permanently live in other countries and legally become their citizens as accorded by law.

However, when we intend to hold a position in government, wouldn't it be better if our heart is purely for own country and its citizens. We cannot simply drop our citizenship so we could qualify for the race.

There is no such thing as loyalty when you join two teams because your heart, and mind, will be divided into two. I'm sure she already has friends and alliances in the US and would always give in to requests when called to assist or mediate.

Poe should know this as her slogan is for a government with a heart, but how could she ever say her heart only beats for the Philippines when she has once set it aside because remaining a Filipino citizen couldn't give her the best future.

Also, let's say there is no doubt she will try to do her best. However, her best isn't good enough to catapult the country into a more formidable position since she does not have the excellence in any field of expertise.

We know years of experience or academic superiority should not be the gauge to judge a person's sincerity to lead, but her capacity to put the country in its rightful place would be below average. It would be difficult for her to make the country lean towards progress since she would rely mostly on her advisers and consultants in making critical decisions.

Some people have forgotten, chose to forget, or not aware at all (depending on age and circumstances), about what Miriam Defensor-Santiago did during the past years. Now, they only look at her credentials, her angst towards erring politicians, and the seriousness she evokes.

It was not long ago when she used to be called "insane" or "mentally unbalanced" because of her crazy remarks, irregular outbursts, and obnoxious anxiety towards people, may they be her fellow senators, government officials or audience during senate hearings.

She even made a challenge that she will jump off a plane only to say "I lied" when she ended up at the losing end.

Overall, she was a wild and uncontrollable "bitch" back then who never cared or respected anybody else but herself and only those allied to her, and perhaps it was old age and sickly condition that are the reasons why she has mellowed down to become low-profile and more reasonable.

This is based on historical facts and news so there's no denying the accuracy of these statements.

But do we really judge a person based on what she was, or how she is at the present? Will we count those years of rage as minus points to her credibility as a person?

Miriam die-hard fans are only voting for her regardless of the past because she's the only one among the five who would be the more qualified to have the knowledge and expertise to level up the Philippines. However, when those nasty "personalities" of her kicks back in, we may be getting more than just one president but an erratic leader with multiple identities.

Rodrigo Duterte is now the butt of every joke due to the latest revelations about the apparent discoveries of secret or hidden properties and bank accounts. Still, fanatic supporters would rather contradict and curse the "keeper of the expose" without doing their own personal investigations themselves. 

They would rather find fault in the circumstantial involvement of other parties rather than digging for the truth. Talk about collateral damage. 

Please do not shoot the messenger, or the people they include in the accusation, unless you want to force through our throats what you only believe in and purposely ignore the facts. 

May it be true or false, it is still our responsibility to seek the truth rather than condemning those who go against our beliefs. Otherwise, if you remain stubborn and at the offensive, you are destined to suffer a worst fate if ever the accusations were true.

How could one believe a man who promises to get rid of crime which has been around since before I was born? Does this guy have superpowers that only he is capable of taking us to shangri-la or is it utopia? But just as the mentioned two are fictional places, except for their counterpart hotels and TV show, his goal seems to be just a gimmick to attract the gullible.

Aside from the statements that he would willingly kill even his own family when found involved with drugs, he has been rumored as the man behind the Davao death squad who has been killing the lowly criminals of his city. But have you ever heard of any big name he has put down from all this killing spree?

He would do the dirty finger even infront of media, he would curse and swear against political assailants or detractors, he would tell rude jokes without any ounce of respect to the victims, and the list goes on on how crude he is as a person. Would you want your kids to listen to a president like this?

We are wasting our time with Jojo Binay. He would never dare explain his side of the issue, with regards to the anomalous overpricing of developments within his governance, if there's still hope for them to easily bend the law with their top lawyers that are always ready to depend him by using loopholes that our law has so much of.

If they can't bend the law, it would be easier to bend the will of the ones playing on the law. He is enjoying his authority, entitlement and immunity so much that his whole family seems to be all working in, or on, the government.

Who cares about his accomplishment as Mayor of Makati when he could not even boast of any accomplishment as Vice president of the Philippines."

He would often represent himself as a man of the masses, but contrary to what others have said, he was never poor.

He is also not pro-poor as what he wants us to believe in.,,and he was never clean as Mayor of Makati based from what some trusted people have opened up to us. Makati would have lost all the shanties and dilapidated homes belonging to informal settlers if Makati was really progressive. Contrary to what he is saying, he was not the one responsible in making Makati the busiest business district or progressive communities for some areas. Makati owes that to the Ayala-Zobel clan and the rest who made Makati the center of global commerce.

I could say he is the worst presidential candidate among the five for mostly keeping us in the dark, not because of his complexion but because of his continuous denial even when the "shining, shimmering, splendid" facts places him more on the guilty side.

Friends don't hate me if I criticize your bets...Undecided pa rin ako pero I will never hesitate to share my beliefs and opinions about each May 9, I will decide who to vote for but this will be the hardest election for me since wala talaga akong napupusuan sa kanila...Like I said, kapag walang choice, choose the lesser evil.

And I would choose only among those who would not give up on humanity. Ang patayin ang mga kalaban ay never sa aking vocabulary..kahit pa sabihin na napakasama nila. Ang sabi nga ni Chiz Escudero, patayin ang kahirapan, hindi ang mahirap. - But that doesn't mean I am voting for Chiz kahit he has the "Heart" Evangelista.

Doon tayo sa may "puso" for the Filipino. Not really referring to Grace Poe, not because she was once an American citizen, but to the candidate who could really get rid of the "trapos" who have been plaguing our country with their incessant corruption while masquerading as honorable and clean members of society.

If you were to ask me, I would vote for the "newbies," but not the ones who are backed up by the oldies or from a clan or dynasty of politicians, because it's about time we really let change to come....and that could only come if we vote for the new faces.

It doesn't matter if they do not have the experience or expertise, as long as they have the sincerity and determination to do their duties.

Pero ang tanong ay meron nga bang ganoon na kandidato na tumatakbo ngayon?

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