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Eight & Co. Restaurant: The New and Re-branded Cookbook Kitchen

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My interview with Chef Gen Capati was impromptu just like my visit at the restaurant was unannounced. But I am impressed on how everything went.

The Eight & Co Restaurant was not what I expected when I decided to drop by on a whim but they managed to do well. I had too much waiting time for a next event so instead of waiting at the venue for several hours, I went out of my normal routine and headed to this fairly new restaurant located in Socorro Fernandez street of Addition Hills. I literally made an effort to track down the re-branded restaurant.

The restaurant was themed with a cool black, white and brown combination making it stand out amazingly different from the rest of the neighborhood. Though it's not an original concept, you'll grow fond of its appearance especially with the restaurant's interiors where they've even customized some of the seats for a more comfy dining experience.

Their signage say their are open everyday except Monday from 11 am until 2 pm, and then 6 pm to 10 pm. I think I arrived sometime in between 2 pm to 6 pm so it was nice that they still attended to me.

Since the restaurant is within a residential area, it was understandable that they have some closing time. The owner's son also handles a gym at another part of the huge house that the restaurant was a part of. It's sort of funny but convenient because after a workout at the gym, their customers can transfer to the restaurant to gain back some of the pounds they lost. Lol!

My interview with Chef Gen of Eight & Co. Restaurant

At first, I was never really intended to inform them that I was a blogger, and had a 1K gift certificate (GC) to use for my meals, but I had to tell it when Chef Gen was wondering why I was taking photos and approached me to ask.

I couldn't even remember where I got the GC but soon we remembered it was a raffle prize from one of the events I attended last year. I have so many GCs back at home that I haven't even used and some of them even expired already.

Previously known as Cookbook Kitchen, the Eight & Co restaurant is a business that has been passed on by Chef Gen to his children who are now managing the restaurant with friends. I met some of them after my lunch there where I enjoyed feasting on their very famous and bestselling dish - the Parmesan Crusted White Fish.

Baked Corn Fish (P 360)
I am not exaggerating when I say that the Parmesan crusted Baked Corn Fish is heavenly. Aside form the citrus slices design on top, it looked so moderately flat and simple from the outside but once you get a bite of that creamy sauce inside, you'll be swooning in delight. That is a guarantee for sure. You will thank me so much for recommending this dish.

Garlic Butter Shrimps (P 220)
Also check out their Garlic Butter Shrimps, a starter that's teeming with real butter and garlic combo goodness that will hook you right from the very start. Not everyone is able to perfectly mix these with the shrimps at just the right amount that will please even the grumpy you. Cross my heart, you won't be disappointed.

Pasta Ala Gen (P 220)
They also recommended the Pasta Ala Gen and I'm glad I listened because it was a sensationally good pasta dish with chunks of pork adobo and a fried egg on top. Everyone in the Philippines loves adobo so this pasta will never go wrong for Filipinos. I think they forgot to serve the Garlic Buttered Bread as it said in the menu that all pasta dishes comes with it.

Sweet Iced Tea (P 50)
My only disappointment was that they only had one drink available that I prefer. The only choice for iced tea was the Sweet Iced Tea while the rest were out of stock. Chef Gen explains that it's because they use fresh batches and do not stock on too many since they spoil fast. They assure their customers that they only get the freshest to maintain quality. 

The sweet iced tea is truly special in taste unlike powdered varieties and can be made into bottomless or refillable by simply adding P 90 to the original price.

Turmeric rice
For those dishes that does not come with rice, they can be ordered separately and they recommend trying the turmeric-enhanced variety making it golden in color and a lot healthier than the plain ones.

Cake Slice (P  150)
Their shortcoming was quickly forgotten for a while when I tasted one of their desserts, the Cake Slice. However, I ordered this because from out of the two desserts they offer, this was the only one available at the moment. Again, it's probably because they do not want to stock on so much extra offerings.

Though they have someone else supplying the cake, it is absolutely one of the best desserts I've tasted so far. So soft, creamy and lingers in the mouth. It's a great way to end my lunch.

Below are some more photos from the restaurant visit. More photos were uploaded on our Facebook page at

Eight & Co. Menu

That's me with Chef Gen and the other owners of Eight & Co.

Me with Chef Gen of Eight & Co.

Thanks, bro for the superb recommendations!

The way to something different
There's a bonus experience after all that dining when you decide to use the restroom. You'll be blown away by the effort they made to make this portion as uniquely different as possible as you walk into a hallway towards their restrooms. I wouldn't want to spoil the fun so I've just leaving you with this one photo above.

Thank you Eight & Co. Restaurant for another satisfying meal. I'll be sure to come back when I'm somewhere near the vicinity.

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