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Wazzup Pilipinas Original Short Stories Series: If Only

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The owner, a woman, lives in a house all by herself including her dog which acts as her body guard. The reason as to why the robber chose to rob her house in particular had something to do with the fact that she was a female. Because she was a female and lived alone, the robber thought that it would be easier to break in the house and subdue the victim if ever he was caught.

Although not mentioned in the story, the line ‘Her clothes were forcefully ripped off and barely covered her torso.’ Indicated that the thief may have done something sinister and sexually-immoral to the woman but stopped when the woman was struggling too much so he just decided to kill the woman quickly and take what he came for.

In fact, it has been proven in studies that women are mostly the targets of criminals especially when it involves robbery, breaking-and-entering, and rape. This is because women are physically weaker than men so they are easy to overpower. The robber in the story had been watching the woman’s house for a while to calculate whether it’ll be an easy target or not.

Below is our short story for the day.

I never met my real parents. But I never needed to since I had Mom.

Mom said she took me ever since I was a baby. She was still fairly young back then but she still took up the responsibility of taking care of me. I really love Mom.

She lives alone so I'm the only one who keeps her company. Because of this, I decided that because Mom always takes care so much, I'll be the one to protect her.

Every time Mom comes home, I run up to her and hug her really tight. She does the same and we always end up in tickling fights.

"Are you hungry too? Come on, let's eat together." She always says before we eat dinner.

Since it's just the two of us, we always eat at the sofa while we watch TV. Even though I make a mess sometimes, she doesn't get mad and just ruffles up my hair.

After we eat dinner and clean up, she tells me it's time for bed. I groan in protest because I still want to stay up but she tells me that good boys always go to bed early. I race back to the bed and jump on it while I wait for her.

"Oh, you! C'mere and give me a hug." She says as she beckons to me with her hand.

We both sink into the bed and lie there for a while. Mom goes to sleep first and I fall asleep too a little while after. Suddenly, I hear a faint scratching noise that seemed to come from the front door. I slip out of bed quietly so I wouldn't wake up Mom.

I went and checked downstairs. I didn't see anyone. Suddenly, I hear a loud, crash on the other end of the house, followed by loud, rushing footsteps up the stairs.


I ran around, yelling, screaming, making as much noise as I could to wake up the neighbors. I suddenly remembered that Mom was still upstairs. I went up the stairs as fast as I could but something stopped me: the overwhelming smell of blood.

When I got to the bedroom, I couldn't open the door because it was locked so I just kept on scratching and scratching. Suddenly, the door opened and out came a man wearing a black mask. And behind his back, I saw something that I wish I hadn't seen.

It was Mom, wide-eyed and bloodied. Her clothes were forcefully ripped off and barely covered her torso. She had multiple stab wounds on her chest and her face was frozen in terror. She had a huge slash on her throat and blood was gushing from endlessly. The man in black had a huge bag with him and he was putting Mom's belongings in it; Her laptop, all her jewelery, her phone, and everything else valuable.


The man turns around and puts a finger to his mouth and tells me to be quiet.

"Be a good boy and stay quiet, alright?" The man says in a hushed tone.

But I know I shouldn't stay quiet. So I kept making as much noise as I can. The man seemed to notice so he quickly gathered up everything and ran downstairs. I followed him until he reached the door.

"Why did you kill Mom?" I whimpered as he steps outside the door.

But the only thing he does is put his hand on my head and ruffle my hair.

"Good boy." He mutters as he goes out and locks the door.

I was left there whimpering, not knowing what to do. I could chase after the man but he locked the door. I look around for anything I could use. I look down at my paws. If only I could open the doors...

Contributed by Ruth Antonette Raganit

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  1. I love ur story!! This story tells what's going on a dog's mind whenever they see a stranger. nice work!

  2. This is actually heartbreaking. I felt helpless for the dog and it is honestly really sad. I have always had a soft spot for dogs and this situation isn't any different. But I must say, even though this story is really short, it didn't fail to make me feel different emotions. You could say I'm a really sensitive person when it comes to books or movies but darn this story moved me in a way...

  3. This story really moved me since I have a pet dog and I love him very much. Even though this is a short story it has a lot of content in it. The fact that the dog's 'mom' was robbed and maybe sexually assaulted because the robber might have known she was living alone. It just shows that the world isn't really a safe place and having a guard dog or any dog that may protect you wouldn't really work, it's sad that although the dog really loved his owner he can't do anything to save his mom. I really like this story, keep up the good work! :D

  4. I have read this exact story before and I observed that you reduced the number of characters into two. Try adding more plot twists or other events next time so it would not look like as if it has been copied. But all in all, this story pulled my heartstrings and it made me remember my dog who just died recently. Nice choice of words! Good job. :)

  5. It was a very tragic story for me. If ever i became the dog, i would've bite the thief until he screams. Its very painful to see that the only one you loved and cared for died right before your eyes. All in all, it was a really good story. I just hope that the ending was different. Good work though :]

  6. This is one of the best short stories I have ever read and I really liked the way it was written. I didn't expect the ending of the story and I felt incredibly sad after I finished reading it. It's too bad that the pet dog wasn't able to save his master/owner. Reading this story makes me want to buy my own pet because of the love and affection that pets have towards their owners. They are always willing to fight for their loved ones, just like humans, but it's too bad they are given limited ability to provide full security for their owners.

  7. An excellent story that made me very sad. I am not a lover of any animals but I do feel bad for them when they are being abused." Humans....why are humans more savage than animals are? In fact, we cannot even call animals savage because that dirty act of theirs are they way of their living..but us..." is what this story engraved in my head.

    -Shanthy Garcia

  8. It was a heart breaking story :( I hope that the author will continue to inspire more people with his stories. Nice! :)

  9. Awwww... I wish I could read my pet's mind like Seto in Kagepro! The story is great and actually when I read the story I immediately thought of my dogs.

  10. Great story! While I was reading this story, I thought of our pet dog and felt sad. Overall, the author did a great job! Keep it up! :)

  11. The author was able to break my heart through this story. It is very well written and have a nice plot. The ending also shows how the dog really loves his mom yet he can't even help because he's just a dog. Well this story gives the readers a lot of what if's, it gave me something to think through. Two thumbs up for the author!


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