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Wazzup Pilipinas Original Short Stories Series: Rain

Wazzup Pilipinas!

You'll love the part of the story when Ana treated Rain to a meal. She was so confused that time because whenever she's near Rain, her heart couldn't stop fluttering and the butterflies in her stomach wouldn’t stop. She even kissed Rain that day.

When Ana and Jacob went on a date, she has felt the same confusion towards her feelings for both Jacob and Rain. She always thought of Rain even when it's Jacob she's with. Thus, she broke up with Jacob.

But the part when Ana realizes that her feelings towards Rain was a big mistake, she realized she wants to get back with Jacob. However, when she decided to meet Jacob at the park, she found out the truth that broke her heart.

Here is our short story for the day. Please read and enjoy.
“Let’s do some research.” Rain said and I nodded. We both turned our heads into our laptop and did our tasks.

Rain is my research partner, seatmate, and best friend. At first, we didn’t have a good relationship. One reason is that I thought that he was a snobbish arrogant person back then and he thought I was just like those girls who want to flirt with him. Turned out, we were both wrong about each other. Another reason is that back then, my boyfriend Jacob is kind of hostile around him. They pretty much don’t get along. Jacob explained to me that it was because of jealousy -- he was supposedly my partner for this project but he was moved into another section because he is a player in our school’s varsity. He also said that he was envious of Rain spend most of my time with Rain rather than him. But right now, they’re best friends.

What ended their conflict was that: one day, I was heading to Brewlette Café and saw Jacob on the way; I told him that he should tag along with me to prove that there is nothing to get jealous about. He agreed and when we both got there, Rain was already there. I let the two of them talk and surprisingly, they became close for a matter of hours. Who would have thought that they have a lot in common? Since then, the three of us would bond together and have fun. My daydreaming was interrupted when someone covered my eyes from behind.

“Guess who?” a familiar baritone voice asked. Of course I know who it was but I wanted to tease him so I said, “Is this Luke?” He removed his hand from my eyes and stared at me incredulously and asked “And who the hell is Luke?” jealousy evident in his voice. I laughed out loud and so do Rain. Rain always laughs at Jacob for being overly- possessive. When I saw the rage in Jacob’s eyes, I immediately said, “I’m just teasing you! You never get used to it.” His stance relaxed and he sat next to me. The day ended and we all went home together. Jacob and Rain lives next to each other while I live one street away from them. They always would walk me home even though my place is farther than theirs.

“Bye,” I said “See you tomorrow guys!” and then hugged the both of them. When I hugged Rain, I felt something familiar in my stomach—nowadays, with Rain, I was always having those butterflies in my stomach and heart leaping moments but like most of the time, I just ignored it.

Jacob told me that he won’t be going to school today which meant that it will only be Rain and I this day. It’s been a while that it’s only the two of us together. As we walked our way towards the Brewlette Café, we kept on teasing and pushing each other. Suddenly, I got out of balance because I didn’t notice that a bike was approaching. I almost fell but Rain caught me in his arms. I was mesmerized by the blueness of his eyes, I felt like I was floating in the ocean. Compared to Jacob’s chocolate brown eyes, Rain’s eyes are much more enchanting.

Gosh Ana! Why are you comparing Rain to Jacob? That brought me back to reality; I stood up.

“Jeez, Ana. Can’t you be more careful?” Rain said, worry and irritation evident in his voice. Instead of feeling guilty, I felt something different. I felt those butterflies in my stomach again. I shook my head, this can’t happen.

“Ana, what?” he asked.

“Let’s not do our research today. I think I’m not feeling well.” I said and ran towards the park.

“Hey Ana! Hey!” Rain called after me. Even though I heard him very well, I didn’t look back at him. I ran even faster. I don’t want to feel his presence any longer. I want to be alone right now to think straight.

When I reached the park, I went straight to the swing and sat there. I immediately dialed Jacob’s number and called him. It rang three times before he answered.

“Hello” he said. His voice was hoarse. He was probably sleeping when I called him.

“Did I wake you up?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said “but it’s okay. I’ve been waiting for you to call me. I thought you forgot about me.” He teased.

“Silly. How do you feel? Do you want me to come over there?” I asked, hoping that he would say yes. So that I could see him and that I could verify my feelings.

But then, he said “No. Don’t. You might get infected.”

Then I heard something in the background, it was a voice of someone. It was muffled so I couldn’t identify who it was.

“Are you with somebody?” I asked.

“N-no, I’m alone. Why?” he answered. He’s stuttering.

“Nothing. Just asking.”

“Uhmm, Ana, I’ll call you later. Bye.”

“Bye. I l-love you.” Why is it so hard for me to say it?”

“I love you too.”

I got the feeling that it wasn’t only me who’s hiding something. Maybe he’s hiding something from me too. Maybe I wasn’t the only one who has a problem. Or maybe not.

I think I’m only suspecting Jacob because I’m guilty and I don’t want to blame myself. This isn’t good.

I couldn’t think of anything left to do so I just stayed at the park till 10 pm. Rain didn’t follow me and Jacob didn’t call me back. But it’s a good thing. I don’t think it’s a good idea to talk to either one of them. I’ve had enough stress for one day.

The following day, Jacob attended school. He said that he was already fine and he was sorry for not being able to call again. He also told me that he missed me. I reciprocated his statements.

After school, Rain and I went to Brewlette Café and continued our research. Of course, Jacob was there. That’s what has been happening for the past few days. I’ve been a little too quiet those days but fortunately, they didn’t seem to mind. The three of us were so inseparable that the only alone time that we have is when we get home.

One day, Rain was excused for the whole day. Being the genius that he is, he’s our school representative for the upcoming quiz bee competition. Jacob and I were eating silently. It was never like this for the both us. It was always noisy when the two of us were together. When I couldn’t bear the silence any longer, I spoke.

“Is there something wrong?” I asked, trying hard not to make my voice quiver. He looked up to me and smiled.

“That’s what I was about to ask. We really think the same.” He answered.

After that, we laughed. The atmosphere lightened. We kept on accusing Rain for the awkwardness. He said,” Rain is the main reason for this. We don’t get to have our alone time because of him. Maybe we should date. Saturday?” and of course, I agreed. Why wouldn’t I?

So this Saturday, the two of us would go on a date in an amusement park. I’m so excited because it was always my dream to go to an amusement park with him but we never had a chance to do it. For mw, the date will serve two purposes: our date for our 11th month celebration and our alone time—if we had some, maybe we could bring back the spark between the two of us.

The following day, Rain was already present. If our adviser didn’t announce it, we would have never known that he was the champion. He simply shrugged when our classmates congratulated him. Girls might think it’s cool and guys might think he’s snob. But if all I know, he’s just being shy. He’s not really vocal when it comes to other persons. I think he only opens up either with Jacob or me. For today, it’s only Rain and I since Jacob have some errands to do. As we walked our way home, I turned to him and said, “I’m going to treat you a meal! Since you’re champion and since I’m soooo proud of you.”

He smiled and said, “You don’t have to bother.”

But being the persistent girl I was, I persuaded him and we stopped by at the nearest convenience store. I treated him ice cream, hotdog, siopao, and siomai. I know we have a big appetite.

“Thanks, Ana,” he said, “You’re the only girl that would do this for me.”

“Of course, it’s only me. I’m your only girl friend.”

“Yeah. It’s only you.” And then he smiled at me; a smile that could take hundreds of hearts away.

Dug-dug-dug. I could only hear my heartbeat getting faster.

“Hey Ana! Hurry up!” He shouted. That’s when I realized that I had stopped walking and he was now fifteen feet away from me. Oh really, what’s happening to me?

“Oh wait for me!” I shouted back. I ran into him and we both walked our way towards home. I tried not to show him that I was feeling awkward. Luckily, it worked.

When we reached my house, he turned to me and hugged me. Real hard. Dug-dug-dug here it goes again. ‘Gosh Rain! Will you stop doing that?’ I shouted at him in my mind.

“Thank you for treating me. You’re a really great friend.”’ Before I could even stop myself, I kissed him in the cheek. By the looks of his face, I knew he was surprised. To cover my actions, I laughed and said, “Don’t be silly. That’s just a friendly kiss. And also, welcome.” I waved at him and hastily ran towards the door leaving him dumbfounded. When I got inside, I lean on the door and collapsed. ‘What have you done, Ana? Are you crazy!? ’ I thought to myself.

Today is Saturday and I am getting ready for our date. I couldn’t sleep for the past few nights – not because I was excited but because I was having a really hard time chastening myself for what I have done. On those past few days, Rain seems to have forgotten what I have done. It’s like it didn’t happen. I was pretty much awkward those past few days but the two of them didn’t seem to mind. They were having their own world. I was startled by the sudden knock on my door.

“Anastasia, Jacob is waiting downstairs for you.” My mom called. I hurried up and saw Jacob sitting on the sofa.

I was having a great time until we rode the Ferris wheel. Inside were only the two us. He kissed me on the lips. I closed my eyes but instead of savoring the moment, Rain came into my mind. My eyes fluttered open. I felt so guilty. I pulled away; Jacob was shocked on what I did. When he asked me what was wrong; without making eye contact I said, “Maybe we should give each other space and time. I’m so sorry Jacob”. He was shocked and so was I for saying that. He agreed and we went home without saying a word. When we reached my doorstep, I hugged him and said “This is for the both of us. I’m so sorry”. He just smiled at me and walked away. Tears escaped into my eyes while watching him walk away.

It’s been months since Jacob and I broke up. We didn’t tell Rain about it but he noticed it. Back then, Jacob and I weren’t talking much anymore and he wasn’t accompanying us anymore but there were times he did; only to smile at mine at talk to Rain. Who wouldn’t notice, anyway?

Rain has asked me if he was the reason for our sudden break up. I wanted to shout yes at him but of course, I lied. Since when did I become such a liar? I chastised myself. These past few months, Rain’s time were divided into two: one for Jacob, the other for me. They became really, really close. If they were like best friends before; now, they’re like one. On the other hand, Rain and I are almost done with our research. Also, he has this someone he likes, he wouldn’t say her name but I think he’s madly in love with her – of course I’m helping him like giving him tips and cheering for him. He always talks about that person, I even told him to confess. And also, my feelings for him are already fading away. My feelings for him were nothing but infatuation.

On the other hand, my feelings for Jacob are becoming much clearer to me. I was really missing him but I was waiting for the right time to say it to him and to get back together with him. Our relationship became okay for as time passed by we still didn’t get back together. It was like starting over again.

Today is our D-day. Rain is going to confess to that person he likes and then I will also confess to Jacob and get back with him. I didn’t tell Rain because I plan on surprising him. I texted Jacob to meet at the park at 9 pm. It was only 8:30 pm but I was already heading at the park. I was way too anxious to stay at my house any longer. I noticed that it was really dark and most likely to Rain. I didn’t bother to get an umbrella because I thought that confessing while raining is really romantic and it’s also like getting Rain’s blessing. When I reached the park, I saw some familiar silhouettes. I couldn’t see their faces because it was way too dark. I have an idea of who they were but I hope I was wrong because what I heard and saw shattered my life.

“…I really like you. No, I think I already love you. Right from the start even though I knew it was wrong.”


“I know I shouldn’t feel this way. This isn’t right but whenever I see you, I think I’m in cloud in nine. I forget what’s right or wrong. All I could think of is that I like you, I need you and I love you.”


“Answer me, Jacob. Please.”

“I love you too, Rain. I also feel the same.” And then they hugged each other.

As if on cue, the rain poured; washing away my tears and hopes.

Contributed by Joey Nailes

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  1. The plot twist was great. I didn't expected it. It was not an ordinary love story that we read. The story shows that sometimes unexpected things happen. The story also shows that not all love story has a happy ending. Such a great story. :)

  2. Very nice story! Unpredictable and not boring. It's untypical and the funny twist was great. :)

  3. It was way too awesome I just couldn't help but comment on this story. It's very unique and really had something that other stories doesn't have. I like this kind of stories.

  4. The story is great! I love the twist of this story. Great Job!

  5. I like how the story took a turn at the end. To be honest, I kinda expect the ending. Also, I think the story could improve like adding more description for the characters and the story itself but either way it was great. :))

  6. I was about to think that this story is one of those heartbreakers wherein the girl lets go of her guy and regrets it and comes back. But what made this story different is the ending. I admittedly did not expect the ending to be like this. You made the hairs on my neck stand up in anticipation. Nicely done! :)

  7. The depth of the story itself was amazing. Honestly, I kind of expected cliché, but no, that plot twist at the end made it, somehow, different from other short stories I've read. Hands down to the author!

  8. I was entertained by your story but it could have been different. Like some people who read this, I also predicted the story. But nevertheless, good! :)

  9. I loved the plot twist at the ending! :) It was going to be one of those cliche stories until I read the last part. Thumbs up to your story for that! :)


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