Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Evolution of a Blogger: The Top Blogger of the Philippines

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There should be no exceptions! Yes! Except for press releases? Nah! Except for very technical topics? Nah! Except for events or products that were not worthy of any praises? Nah! To blog or not to blog? That is the question! But please don't min my ramblings as I am purely talking to myself. In the end it is still all up to me. I chose to put whatever I want in my blog. My blog, my rules! Like it or hate it, you don't dictate to me what I want to put in my blog, so accept it as the only truth, for I am the only one liable to its contents.

The blogger has evolved. That's for sure! Modern day professional bloggers now exist because the needs and demands call for it.  Only a few remain that are truly keeping to the original intention of what a blog is all about. Bloggers have adapted to the times, and the technology.

Some would even be identified as "top" bloggers - forming themselves into groups and calling themselves elite, authorities, and A-list... laughable but merely a branding strategy to uplift themselves in the eyes of potential clients. Yey! We're above and beyond the rest of the indies out there! We're an exclusive batch of self-declared prominent bloggers backed by years of experience and maturity - in other words, we are old and desperate for some attention.

It is good to create a union, but it is bad to close the opportunities to newbies because we all know that the new generation may also have fresh innovative ideas that even experienced bloggers may be unable to realize. The rookies were newly-trained and are most probably backed by more advanced learning that could be better appreciated by majority of their readers.

We all know that a blogger should not be judged by how long he has been in the field of blogging, how many hits or views he has been getting, how many followers or Likes he has in social media networks, and how many event invites he has received. Everything can be manipulated (and even orchestrated) given the right amount of friends, opportunities, timing and financial capabilities.

Issues and controversies may arise for many of the talk-of-the-town bloggers because these are the bloggers who are willing to make a stand and take sides, and not among those that remain neutral amidst situations. I would prefer to become friends with those that are transparent with their thoughts rather than those that keep to themselves. Bloggers were meant to be vocal and true to their feelings. No amount of loot bags, tokens, complimentary GCs, food, or free services can persuade him to go against his principles.

If you are really in search of a top blogger, explore the content of his blogs, read his works, understand his point of views, experience the world through his eyes.... The top blogger is not the guy with the blog that contains a lot of press releases, travels, food reviews, controversies, issues, and events. He's all of us hat were willing to share our thoughts, emotions, rants, frustrations, - in other words, he's the guy who also blogs  about himself and not just the products and establishments he wants to promote.

The top blogger of the Philippines is the guy that talks more about himself rather than just others.

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