Friday, July 4, 2014

Business Tips for Young People

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Back then, the common scenario in the corporate industry is that the old people are wearing newly pressed suits while bringing their suitcases and walking briskly on their way to board meetings. This is the typical face of the business industry for a long time. Not until young risk-takers started to join the field and made way to their own adventures in business. Whether you are still a student or just a fresh graduate, here are some of the things you need to remember if you want to start a business:

Find where you are good at

Not only where you are good at but also something that you love doing. Doing things without passion can be suicidal for your business. You’ll easily get tired of it and chances are, you’ll quit even before your business takes off. Aside from that, it’s more convenient to start a business wherein you’re already an expert.

Look for connections

Your connections can be your market since you are still starting. Asking for your friends and relatives may help you widen your network. Once you finally got these people who buy from you, you must learn about customer retention.

Suit yourself

You can have fun while doing your business but make sure you are disciplined and responsible enough. Your mindset should always be on the right track, otherwise all the effort, time, and money you spent on this will just be for nothing.

If you think you can’t possibly start your own business just because you are young and you don’t have enough capital, well, forget those lame excuses. That apple with a bite? It started on a garage. Jollibee? It started as an ice cream parlor. SM? Just a small shoe store before. But look where these brands are right now. They are on the top-of-the mind of the people. You, too, can turn your dream business into reality. Who knows? Maybe your product is the next Apple.

Contributed by Rasha C. Tiozon 

Rasha firmly believes that she is born to write. She may not be the best writer in the whole world but she will still continue to do so. She will continue to write everything she has in mind, every emotion, every thought, every idea and concept, because only when she writes can her literary soul be at peace. She’s a damsel existing in this world for nineteen years, a voluntary slave of music, arts, business, and literature, and still searching for her sweet spot. Once a lost soul but was rescued by her Savior. Now, she lets all that she does be done with love and courage.

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  1. Cool article! I'm 20 and I'm planning to start a business, even without enough capital. This article has motivated me to push my plan. Thanks! :D

    1. Glad to know that, Mark. Good luck on your business venture! God bless! :)


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