Thursday, January 16, 2014

Social Media Networks: Are You Online Everyday?

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What's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Do you fix your bed first? Do you even pray first before leaving the bed? Or is it right to say that the first thing that you do in the morning is to check your phone and see if there are notifications from your friends through Facebook and Twitter? Am I guessing it right?

People get used to entertainments and daily stuffs that we spend our time on. There can be a lot of ways how to entertain yourself and have fun and people nowadays are so much into technologies and gadgets like it becomes a part of our daily routine, thus, distorting the appropriate and usual routine without these stuffs.

It's becoming a viral in our society to say "Are you online?" and everything about online stuffs. Why? Why do we go online? What do we get from going online? Because we know that we have a lot of stuffs to do when we go online specifically on Facebook. We go online to see our notifications from what?

From tagged photos of the recent funny events for the week, to check whether our friends left a message for us, to see whether our relatives sent something special, to see if our special someone said something sweet and romantic online. We even play games online and on social networking sites and even acknowledge business transactions online.

There are a lot of stuffs that we can do online and if you want to be updated on your favorite celebrity, athlete, Hollywood actors or even local actors and actresses, updates from companies and corporation can be simplified on Facebook and other social media sites and obviously one of your reasons why you go online was stated above.

Despite everything that the social media is providing all the goods to us, of course, we spend time and it can affect everything. Going online is one thing that can start PROCRASTINATION and therefore, it causes the delay of what we should do or it can eat the time that is really allocated for a more important task.

Procrastination and time management is not the only concern when we are using these technologies but also the negative effects that it can bring to our bodies. Gadgets produce radiations that can be transferred to our body and skin as we use and have contact with these gadgets and it can also irritate our eyes because of the radiation, as it stresses our eyes and dries it up and also it can damage your eyes and can lead you to having poor eyesight.

Instead of allotting most of your time on your gadgets, why not just get involved into physical activities like play basketball, volleyball, badminton and other activities that can even make you physically fit as you use your whole body moving and not just your fingers and eyes. Giving time to your friends and family can definitely make your life better instead of just sitting and clicking on your gadgets, why don't you exert an effort to have quality time with them?

At the end of the day, those gadgets would be meaningless as compared to yourself, your family or loved ones. Time management, balanced life, healthy and quality time with people is what can make you live your life at fullest! Enough, lessen and quit with those online activities and start living a contented placid life.

Contributed by: Kristine Mae Natividad

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