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Calle Crisologo of Vigan, Ilocos Sur : Travel Back to the 18th Century

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It is with no doubt that Calle Crisologo or Mena Crisologo street is a major attraction of Vigan because of the Spanish houses were the rich people lived during the Spanish era. It is probably the highlight of any trip to Vigan because it takes you back in time to an era that is of interest to many because of the sophistication and elegance of many century old houses of stunning architecture that were now transformed into commercial shops, hotels and restaurants for local and foreign tourists.

Postcard pretty Calle Crisologo is a street made out of a layer of cobblestones with ancestral homes all over. Imagine it as the area where the affluent and rich among the society used to live. It is hailed as the most beautiful street in Vigan, Ilocos Sur for you will surely be at amazed with its many intricate historical attractions and the photo ops moments especially at night time. Your jaw will literally drop at the sight of a truly picturesque Mestizo District where some of the rich Chinese-Filipinos built their houses and are still intact today preserved as a Heritage village for the world to see and appreciate. It exudes an experience brimming with nostalgia and an enchanting old-world charm.

Calle Crisologo was named after Mena Pecson Crisologo, an Ilocano writer and politician, also known as the Ilocano's Shakespeare. It is a must to experience walking all throughout the streets of Calle Crisologo or better rent a calesa to complete the experience.

Special thanks to our host, former Governor Chavit Singson for inviting us to tour around Vigan and get an opportunity to dine at one of the restaurants at Calle Crisologo.

More stories about Vigan, Ilocos Sur here at Wazzup Pilipinas soon.

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  1. Danielle Manalo

    This article shows a proud Filipino sharing to other people his one of a kind experience in his motherland. And he is not that selfish to keep to himself this adventure. He wants other people to explore this part of the Philippines. The nostalgic atmosphere can really give you the chills in this place (Calle Crisologo), it's like you are living in the Spanish era. You can really tell in the above photos that it really is a beautiful place, but staring at these photos is not enough to feel those chills- it's better to be there in person.

    Well, we not only have a tourist spot in Ilocos but they can be found anywhere. It could be in Luzon, Visayas, or Mindanao. Wherever you are in the Philippines, I am sure there is a tourist spot near you.

    This is one good way of promoting our country. It is a big help increasing tourism.

    1. Ella Mae Leonida

      I think this place is preserved so that the new generation of Pilipinos will have an idea or window to view the lifestyle of pilipinos during spanish period.

  2. Ella Mae Leonida

    I think this place is preserved so that the new generation of Pilipinos will have an idea or window to view the lifestyle of pilipinos during spanish period.

  3. PAGAUISAN Auvrey Stephanie B.

    This article show the bitter sweet past during spanish era, the writer showed how beautiful Vigan is. For me its an indication that we Filipinos of the present century should help to preserve not only Calle Crisologo but also the other evidences of our past and try to find more tourist spots or ancient remains for the next generation.

  4. This article helps us to know more tourist spots because a man was not limited to visit various spots. The also signifies that philippines has many tourist spots that was not recognized yet. As we can see, we can develop Spanish lifestyle and ways in building their houses. Thanks for sharing your article. :)

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