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The Circle Hostel: One Big Happy Family, There Are No Strangers Here

Wazzup Pilipinas!

It's always so damn difficult to write about something so sweet and good in fear of shortchanging the write up. The experience couldn't really be expressed by simple words alone, yet I seem to have a mental block on highfaluting words whenever I try to remember the great times. Every word seems not enough to fully relate the sensation.

The place may not be luxurious if you're looking for total leisure and entertainment. It may not be your kind of enjoyment if you're used to 5-star accommodations and fine dining. It may also not be your dream weekend if you prefer indoor activities.

The Circle Hostel is a bonding with the elements. It allows you to be at peace with your environment and become one with your fellow travelers, transients or backpackers. In the Circle Hostel, there are no strangers!

It's more fun in the Circle Hostel,  where you get to gain friends - it's just up to you to sustain the relationship and keep the friendship with constant communication.

But what can I say about the place - besides from the colorful expressive shout-outs and thoughts to ponder painted or scribbled in the floors, walls, stairs, posts and all over the place? Wherever you look its like an explosion of emotions - each one very meaningful to the creator, and likewise to the reader.

I can say that I can relate to the feelings - it was mutual - it was harmonious - it was euphoric!!!


You get to sleep in open air quarters with humble beddings complete with mosquito nets. There are fans on the ceilings to relieve you from the heat. But the cool fresh air circulated by the fan was more pleasing than the usual airconditioning. Fresh, natural and more relaxing.

You leave your shit and slippers here - funny indeed - since the quarters need to be kept clean, and when they say "shit" it actually means to be good and stay away from bad habits - no drugs or any hanky-panky?

 These actually was the first things that caught my eye upon arriving at the hostel - hammocks!!!

I could sleep all day in these.

The common area is where everyone can do activities and bond with the group. We had lots of fun here - plenty of laughter, a few liquors mixed with four seasons and cola, random games-random games, and a lot more that have become great memories to cherish forever.

Today was good, today was fun, tomorrow is another one - and so I am hoping the experience at the Circle Hostel gets a second run. I will be extremely glad to be back in the Circle.

It was definitely more fun in the Circle!!! Located in San Juan, La Union where we set forth to try out the waters nearby and try to surf the waves. But I guess the waves were not that high and mighty those days.

It's probably not surfing season - the more reason to be back sometime November?

The Circle is one with the elements - breathe in and out when you're there and you'll know what I mean.

It also allows you to keep in touch with your inner self as there would be plenty of time and space to ecome one with yourself.

But if you are with a large group like us, it was the strengthening of ties of friendship that will forever be inculcated in our hearts.


So there's two swings and a tree top ledge to climb.

Brings back the days when we were still kids playing with our "kababata" neighbors. Somehow it got me thinking back of my past when we were carefree and passionate about playing all day under the shades of the trees at our backyard. I remembered my days with my "kabarkadas" and the crazy things we did back then.

It was fun to have some "siesta" at the common area, snuggled in pillows while exercising our fingers thru texting via keypad or touch screen. Lol.


No drugs please...just love coz this is your home!!!

Pure love for a lasting friendship - makes me wanna open up intimately to a buddy and share my inner feelings. Close na lahat kami when we were here. :)
 The The Circle Hostel is home to fantastic stretches during yoga morning (sayang di ako sumali - nahiya ako kasi puro girls), lots of laughter during drinking games chanting "Random games, random games..." whiule formed in a circle, the unexpected star-gazing while lying flat on the sand after a sudden blackout (wow! I almost slept under the stars!), our fantabulous sponsored meals (lunch at UbizTondo Grill, buffet dinner at Thunderbird Resorts at Poro Point, and brunch at Kahuna Beach Resort & Spa), quick snack at Happy Tummy,... I'm going to write separate blogs about each location soon so please come back to this blog site.

....and while we never got to enjoy much of the surfing due to the lack of waves, I appreciated the camaraderie among new-found friends. I got to meet some of my favorite travel bloggers Solitary Wanderer Nomadic Experiences Travel Up We Are Sole Sisters Filipina in Flip Flops and many more! It was the best reason why I would be coming back in the Circle Hostel.

Over-all, it was admittedly a different adventure in the Circle Hostel. I was used to the first class hotels and sumptuous buffets but I also experienced tough traveling times where we had to sleep in tents amidst the cold - My Mount Pulag climb - however, there were many factors to this La Union trip that made it somewhat special.

It was a totally unique experience to be part of this group. I can say that the time spent with each other was more meaningful and fruitful and hope that it flourishes as we stay connected in social media and our future travels together. I sure wish the others that I met from this group would communicate and stay connected with everyone else. Stay in the Circle!

Keep the friendship going and make it stronger. Once you were part of the Circle, you will never be a stranger to us again.

Get to know more of the circle hostel thru their Facebook page:

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  1. It was a fun weekend. Great writeup Ross.

    I like the individual shots.

  2. Fun fun weekend! There were no strangers, indeed. :)


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