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4 Spooky Places In the Philippines That Travellers Must Know Of

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1. The Clark Air Base Hospital

Haven't we all heard our share of ghost stories in every hospital? Hospital in Angeles City too has its own. Now and abandoned hospital but surely it has enough stories that can give one sleepless nights. If you aren't convinced yet, then may be the fact that Ghost hunters International had declared it to be "one of the most haunted places in the world” will send shivers down your spine. This hospital has the maximum number of ghost spotting documented. People have experienced violent spirit voices among other things.

If we go back in History, we can trace the hospital back to the days of World War two. The hospital was home to the dying young soldiers, hence this place is believed to be haunted by restless spirits. Owing to its reputation, the National Geographic Channel started a documentary series on it, titled "I Wouldn’t Go In There.”

2. MalacaƱang Palace

How much would the ghost of President Manuel L.Quezon intrigue you? Well this is one among the many spooky stories of the historic MalacaƱang Palace that has been a silent witness to the glorious days that speak for our history today.

It was first reported that Imee Marcos saw Quezon in the study room. The then President Marcos then sought the help of spiritualists to get some clarity on the subject. The issue developed further when the employees and residents also reported visions of President Ramon Magsaysay along with several other mysterious personalities including the ghost of American chaplain named Father Brown,  black lady of Mabini Hall and even a kapre near the entrance of the Palace’s state.

3. The Diplomat Hotel
If we are talking about spooky places in Philippine, the list would be incomplete without Baguio City’s Diplomat Hotel. For all those who love ghost stories for the thrill the achieve out of it, the Diplomat hotel is definitely a favourite for all those who seek spooky stories. Lets talk about how a hotel ended up becoming a haunted place:

This was a building that was supposed to work as a monastery, school as well as a summer retreat house. It was built by the Dominicans in the early 20th century. Then at the peak of the Second World War, the Hotel was badly attacked by the Japanese. It is said the the Japanese attacked several priests on the ground and second floor of the hotel. The whole episode was so brutal that the Japanese did not even spare little kids who were killed near the fountain area. People have had visions of headless priests and heard infants crying.

The building was renovated two years back and given a new name: The Baguio Dominican Heritage Hill and Nature Park. Though no one's really sure whether the place remains haunted or not, we are yet to discover that.

 4.  Manila Film Center

Who doesn't know about the country's largest tomb that was built in 1981. Manila Film Center was declared as a haunted site soon after its top most floor collapsed at the time of its construction. Many deaths   took place and lot of people got injured badly. Since this project had an impending deadline, it is said that the in charge called of the rescue operation and some of trapped workers were buried alive.

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  1. Wow I didn't know that these places are haunted. While i was reading this, I was a little freaked out and shocked! It's amazing to know this information thanks! Better tell this to my friends:))

  2. Wow I didn't know that these places are haunted. While i was reading this, I was a little freaked out and shocked! It's amazing to know this information thanks! Better tell this to my friends:))

  3. Thanks for that very spooky information. I will never go there because Im afraid of ghost.


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