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Sip Milk Tea: Ultra-Premium Steeped Tea

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"We make milk tea. We do it proper. We use only ultra-premium tea, steeped like it should (not brewed or through an espresso machine or treated like coffee but treated like tea), so its ultra-premium milk tea. We just basically make milk tea, well we shake the milk tea cold too. That's it. "

Yes! That's it. I guess that's already their secret. They steep and do not brew their teas.They make ultra-premium milk teas using only the best whole leaf tea, nothing powdered nothing fake.

They also only give your freshly cooked sago. Made several times throughout the day at all their stores.

They were also the first in the world to introduce MESTEAZO. It's green milk tea on top, and black flavored tea on the bottom. Its two (2) teas in one drink. You've never had milk tea like it before!

My friends and I were treated in this small branch located somewhere in Ortigas Center. I forgot where it was because we walked a short distance all the way from the Lopez Museum inside the Benpres building. I think it was the Pearl Plaza branch based from what I've read somewhere at their Facebook page.

A friend had several GCs after winning a contest sponsored by Sip Milk Tea so he generously gave us all a Sip. Oh not just a sip, I meant the whole Sip Milk Tea that a 100 pesos gift check can buy. But since I opted to buy one of those new flavors of Cheesecake, I had to add an additional 20 pesos to the bill. Not bad!

Its a cute gift certificate with the Philippines national hero Jose Rizal  sipping a Sip Milk Tea. If only Rizal was alive today, he might yell out an say " I want endorser fees!"

Apparently, you'll find more than just milk tea in this tea shop. The poster says there's also Chicken Chop - their version of Pork Chop?

"We have more than just drinks. We have chicken chop as well. It's not like the chicken chop of others (where they abuse them until all the flavor and juiciness is gone) but is actually delicious. Listen to the birdies guys."

When we came in the shop all the tables were occupied even though many were no longer dining or sipping any milk tea. That's the disadvantage of having free wi-fi - people tend to stay longer and the restaurant owners somehow lose customers. But you could also say its the wi-fi that also attracted customers to come in.

It's a good thing some of the patrons realized we were all waiting to get a chance to be seated, so they voluntarily stood up to let us sit.

No more sipping, but still sitting. School or office work. The people inside more too young to be working already so i guess they were students from a nearby school.

Can you see the impressive wall art too? It reminds me of the Gorillaz band.

And as suspected, it was the wi-fi access that's keeping them glued to their chairs. Everyone on this table had their own laptops and busy working on something.

We all lined up to order a drink, while our generous sponsor also bought one of those Honeycomb Waffles.

Grabbed a brochure so I could read more about Sip Milk Tea. However, I lost it already even before I got the chance to read it.

The friendly staff were all smiles to the camera. But alas, we never got anything for free. hu hu hu.

Pearls galore. So there's ten choices? But I only chose the traditional and taste-tested black pearls.

Cheesecake Tea,  made from real cream cheese, not cheese from a packet (like everyone else). Nothing fake, only real good stuff

The Sip Milk Tea busy bee merchandize are cute. They had this image of a bee as their mascot or symbol.

Honeycomb Waffle. My friend allowed us to have a bite. More like we pinched a portion of the waffle and had a taste. But I think I had too little to give a sound  judgement.

There were also some packed goodies displayed and for sale to customers like this pack of Corn Pops. I'll make sure to try some of them when I get the opportunity to visit any of teh Sip Milk Tea shops again.

Sip Apparel shirts of different colors are also available. Some bearing the Sip bee mascot while others also have the statements "50% Sweet, 100%  Awesome". The limited edition shirts on display are also limited in number and sizes. So better send them a direct message on Facebook for any orders and let them know which store it is most convenient for you to pick it up.They'll get back to you with the rest of the details.

Almost finished sipping all those Sip Milk Tea!

A friendly word of advice: Life is too short for bad milk tea, so better drop by any of the Sip Milk Tea branches and try one now before its too late.

Learn more about Sip Milk Tea from their Facebook page :

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