Monday, March 25, 2013

Enchanted Kingdom : The Magic Really Stays With You

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A visit at the Enchanted Kingdom brought back childhood memories when my friends and I used to frequent carnivals and "peryahans" during town fiestas. My friends would always know when and where there's going to be a fiesta where a "perya" would always be present.

From the Ferris Wheel to the Merry-Go-Round or Carousel, to the Octopus, the Roller Coaster and the Train Rides, we would ride them all - over and over again - until everyone's too tired to lift a foot or their ass from where they're seated.

As a child, I really loved the adrenaline rush while riding in the colorful attractions of the carnivals. Even up today I still long for the excitement that every ride brings.

After you give them your ticket, they would put on a red strap to indicate you're a paid customer....and so I think that was how it was.

We got to the Enchanted Kingdom a tad earlier than the usual crowd that usually flocks the place during the weekend so we had plenty of opportunity to roam around the place while its less populated. We even got the complimentary map that they give to the customers. I've learned from another guest that they immediately ran out of it a few hours later. It seems they only give it out to the early birds....or I may be mistaken.

Even with a map, I really do not know where to begin and so when the organizer of the trip told us that we could all separate and just meet at the bus after a few hours, I decided to do it on a "first-see first-ride basis" of which the first ride visible was the Carousel. It was just across our view from the entrance pass the lake with fountains.

Then we went towards Boulderville where the rides are made to look like prehistoric, with boulders and dinosaurs and other creatures.

Honestly, everywhere you look was like so very colorful and attractive for both the young and the young at heart. I was with my son so we went to where he wanted to. Meaning, all over the place, back and forth, circling around and trying out the rides where there was less people in queue, and the only time we rested was when it was about 30 minutes to go before our agreed meet-up back where the bus parked.

So for now I will let the photos tell the story. If you see them all mixed up its because we did go back to the same rides over and over again and spent the entire afternoon going around in circles inside Enchanted Kingdom. 

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